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8 perfect songs for Road Trip

 I guess there’s no need some kinda explanation for the title. Everybody loves road trippin’. And music should be a huge part of it. Because lets face it, traveling without music is like eating french fries without ketchup.

Sheryl Crow – Soak up the Sun

Actually almost every single cherish Sheryl Crow song is a road trip material(and because she always talk about road and trip). Songs like Everyday is winding road, or All I wanna do will works too. But Soak up the sun definitely the best in telling our expectations bout what our trip should be. The song is cheerful, windy, and really could make you want to soak up all the sun.


Phil Collins – Take Me Home

I can use In the air tonight,  or Home by the Sea too because of how atmospheric and hypnotic those two songs felt. But the lyrics of those two is too dark and dangerous to listened at a road trip where usually people mind goes blank in the middle of the nowhere.  Take Me Home is different. Take me home felt good and safe. The beat and drums felt like an extension version of Toto’s Africa(which is a very good road trip song too, but too cliche for me to pick)


Eagle Eye Cherry – To Love Somebody

There’s a light indeed every time the intro of this song hitting. The first time I heard this very great acoustic version of a very popular Bee Gees track, is from Y Tu Mama Tambien, my favorite Road Trip movie of all time. So, I guess that explained why this song goes in this list.


Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen the Rain 

I heard a lot of people said, that CCR is the greatest band in terms of producing road trippin songs. In fact, you can road tripping the whole world using the any CCR greatest hits album. Well, yeah, if you like country rock. CCR is a great band, but listening to their whole record while in road trip will introducing you to the same extreme boredom when you listen to other southern influenced rock band too much. Almost all of their music sound the same, from Stevie ray Vaughan to ZZ Top. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great bands and awesome musician, but putting every track in a road trip play list to their kind of music is absolutely stupid.  And I love have you ever seen the rain, the song is always exist in my road trip, wherever I’m going to, which is why I put it in this list.



The Rolling Stones – You cant always get what you want 

After the first peace chorus, there’s something breezy about when the music break apart and goes in to another part of the song. That’s the perfect moment that came from this song. The part that easily could make me remember all the beautiful sunset that I’ve seen. The part that easily could make me feel all the beaches that I’ve been. You can always get what you want probably is not the greatest Rolling stone track for me, but it’s the most memorable, because you cant always get what you want, just like all the trip.


College feat Electric Youth – A Real Hero 

This is the song to hear when the first time a white pristine sandy beach shooting up in your eyes. This is the song to hear when you car is passing a mega huge desert with emptiness laying all over the place. This is the song to hear when you see the sun is coming up from the sea, and make you feel throwing out the sentence, “IM ALIVE” to yourself. This song is born to be a road trip song. This song is born to accompany you driving no matter where you are. One of the greatest thing ever created by humankind.


Queens of the Stone Age – Make it with Chu 

 There’s a reason why almost every Queens of the Stone Age song is good for driving and sex….. Its because their song is felt like a driving and sex! Especially this song. Not that I expecting all the road tripper to having sex while driving.



Summer of Space – With You 

Every time this song is playing, i just want to grab my car keys and driving all night long while letting this song keep playing. It feels like an angel whispering to you to get the hell out from the city and do some road trip.


Honorable mention : All Saints – Pure Shores, Moby – In This World, Led Zeppelin – Whole lotta love, Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, Elton John – Tiny Dancer, U2 – Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For, etc





















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The Savage Garden Way to “Ruin” the Image of Pop Music

As quoted by Anne Rice, The Savage Garden is a vision of earth in which the natural laws of the world govern over anything aesthetic or civil, and that’s exactly what Savage Garden music sounded like. Jam Packed with Dark and Beauty on top of each other, or sometimes in the same level.  The most obvious example of this is SANTA MONICA, the last track from their first album.


Unlike the name Santa Monica which often connected to the words beach, and bikini girls in roller skate, Savage Garden’s Santa Monica is deep and mysterious. And even though, the song is an ode to the city itself and partly talks of Darren Hayes’ experiences and observations, for me Santa Monica is about anonymity and being alone in spite of loneliness in the city full of people. And then it grows itself into some discovery of being able to be someone or anything that we want to be in there, and nobody will ever realize it, like a fake escapism. The melody and simplicity of this song says it all. See the video below, and you’ll know that even in a live performance, the song meaning and image doesn’t fade away. You can feel the complexity and ambiguous form from Hayes soft voice.



Just like most people in my age, I know Savage Garden from their first international single, “I Want You”, but at that time, I don’t really feel for Savage Garden. Don’t get me wrong, I love “I Want You”, but if feels to disconnected for me. Just like a chicken cherry cola. But their 2nd single, To the Moon and Back is a different story. If someone doesn’t relate in anyway to this song, then that person must be the most happiest human in this earth. To The Moon and Back is sad and depressing, and in a twisted kinda way it shows every human real feeling of being rejected, messed up and feels like really want to dig a hole to stay underground forever.


Talking about sad and depressing, it wouldn’t be complete without mention “I don’t know you anymore”. This song is very eerie and at the same time, beautiful. I love when Hayes singing “I’ve paid the price, I’m still paying for it every day” and “The snow is more lonely than cold if you know what I mean” parts. At first, I thought the song is about Hayes feels about his ex-wives, but as time goes by, the song meaning is changing. Its about Savage Garden and their breaking up. Its about Hayes feeling about his partner, Daniel, who becoming more and more hateful to their rising popularity. Its sad when the person who usually close to us, suddenly changing into someone that we don’t know at all.  If you see the way Hayes singing it in live, you can feel his pain and gloomy heart.


 Break me Shake me is Savage Garden’s only hard hitting song. Its basically saying “Go Ahead,  Fuck me, Use me, Break Me, and do whatever you please to me”. What I loved about this song is the clearness of it. Its like looking at the mirror and become conscious about what people always do to another human being just to fulfilled their needs, including yourself. I never get bored of this song. I love the semi-mashed new wave-funk guitar in the middle of the song. You can hear The Cure, The Police and Heart Influence evidently in it.


“Hold Me”, probably Savage Garden’s most cherish song and definitely my favorite Savage Garden song. The song is always useful to calm the storm in my heart even though the words wasn’t cherish at all. Its about relationship and how frickin’ hard it is. Relationship is when two people trying to live one life. That two people is love each other but still kept on hurting themselves with arguments and pointless debate.  There’s nothing extraordinary about the song technical composition, but that’s the beauty of it.


Its really a tragedy Savage Garden breaking up prematurely after only making 2 albums. Even though the second album wasn’t as emotional and great as the first one, I think Savage Garden definitely reach what they’re trying to say to people who listened to their music because they always know how to describe emotions. They always know how to describe despair and love. And that’s the reason why Savage Garden matured me. They teach me the lesson, that not every pop music is as crap as Britney Spears. And in a way, they’re “ruining” my taste of pop music by creating a very high standard of pop music in my mind. Probably that’s why I hate almost everything that came from pop music scene in the last decade.

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The Soundtrack of Your Life

I’m Back!

Have you ever had a very special moment or clarity in your life and hopefully that there’s soundtrack/songs accompanies you in that significant moment like in some movies? Guess what, everybody does! So, this is the top eight list of the  most glorified moment and the perfect popular song to be used in that occasion.


The Situation : You’re going to your best friend’s funeral and all this time you’re falling in love with his girlfriend. A real life blessing in disguise

The Perfect Song : Queen – We Are the Champion

The most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time :  “No times for Losers, Cause we are the champions of the world”

Thanks for everything, now I'm taking her.


The Situation : You’re swimming alone in the sea. The closest beach line is like 60 meters from you. You’re discover a huge fin belong to 15 foot great white shark swimming towards you

The Perfect Song : Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are

The most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “When I see Your face, there’s not a thing that I would change. Cause You’re amazing. Just the Way You Are”


 The Situation : When You are hanging out alone in some random mall(or cemetery), and getting stupidly jealous over all other people who going out with their loved one

  The Perfect Song : Richard Cheese – Down with the Sickness

The most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Why Cant You just fuck up and die and get down with the sickness!



 The Situation : After breaking up with your boyfriend and finally admitted to yourself that you are indeed a lesbian in a moment of Clarity.

The Perfect Song : The Gypsy King – Bamboleo

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : Babele, Bembele, bembele(????)

Welcome to the Club


The Situation : You just had a traffic accident. You’re waking up in the bed of some random hospital filled with random hot and slutty nurse and then finding out that both of your hands and feet is still there. But your junk is gone like the wind, and replaced by a tasteless random pipe.

The Perfect Song  : Jamiroquai – Canned Heat

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Dance! Nothing Left for me to do but dance” and “I used to buy my faith in worship. But then my chance to get to heaven slipped

This pipe is your "little" brother


 The Situation : After getting fired from your work and finding out that you don’t have any saving at all and also knowing that from here and now out, your future is bleak at best.

The Perfect Song : Kool and the Gang – Celebration

  The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Celebrate Good time Come on!!!


The Situation : You’re probably depressed over the end of twilight franchise. You’re missing Robert Pattinson so damn much and You’re sitting alone in your apartment. Gun in your right hand. Deathly toxic made from the combination of Blackmamba+Sidewinder+King Cobra
poison in your left hand. You’re looking over the balcony and suddenly recognize something. That you’re living in the 48th floor.

The Perfect Song : Van Halen – Jump 

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Go Ahead and Jump!

I Love Edward Cullen!!!


 The Situation : You just decapitated somebody’s head because some pointless debate over the use of Condom. Is it against god rules or not?

The Perfect Song : U2 – Stuck in the Moment

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “I’m not afraid of anything in this world!”



The Situation : You’re currently writing a very promising novel. A lot of your friend already read the premise and think that it will be probably getting a Pullitzer award, movie adaptation and endless stupid sequel. The novel is around 200 pages, and when your reaching the pages of 198, your laptop battery is exploded and destroying the laptop. And there’s no such thing as a back up file. The file is gone. Oh, and to make things more easier,  you’re ignoring the warning that the laptop give you about heat a few minutes earlier.

The Perfect Song : Enya – Only Time

  The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Who can say where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only Time


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4 Contemporary Artist That Successfully “Defining and Re-invented” Their Genre

Below is the list of 6 current mainstream artist that make their respective genre more interesting, brilliant, and innovative than ever. Every new artist that born after these guys, sure got a big hell of shoes to fill in to, because nobody make music more relevant than these guys. Nobody pioneering Music like these guys. And hell, I can safely say, they are The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be.



He is the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album chart on the Billboard Hot 100. He’s winning Artist of the Year at the 2010 American Music Awards, and being nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards. His 3D biopic-concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never – had an opening weekend gross that nearly matched the record for the biggest opening weekend for a concert-film. He’s guest starring at CSI as “troubled teen who is faced with a difficult decision regarding his only brother”(Even though his character is killed, an inside rumor says that he will be resurrected twenty years later as a Nazi bounty Hunter, animal lover, Rapper and Superboy in CSI:Middle of Nowhere, the gazillionth spin off from CSI Franchise). He had mega superstar Oscar winning actresses like Kim Kardashian or multiple Grammy award winners Selena Gomez,  as his fuck Buddy. Nobody is bigger than this guy today. I don’t know why a lot of people(especially all the loser geek in the Internet) trash this kid. Probably because they’re jealous of him, but come on guys, listen carefully to all his songs and give him a break. Trust me you will change the meaning of the word Masterpiece to Justin Bieber. His most popular hits, BABY, is a million times better version than Duran Duran’s Hungry Like a Wolf. His version of Somebody to love is nothing like Queen’s Somebody to Love. If nothing means more beautiful, catchy, and more sparkling. And don’t forget his exceptional debut album. My World 2.0. What a brilliant matrix way to name an album.

Bieber in his CSI Cameo, 20 years from now



Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Aretha Franklin, Joan Jett, Tina Turner, Patti Smith is nothing compared Avril. Do you think I’m bullshiting? Avril voices a character in Over the Hedge animated film, Avril had her own brand of perfume called Black Star and Forbidden Rose, and check this, She’s Marriaged to the lead singer of greatest rock band in the World SUM 41, and making a baffling soundtrack for Tim Burton Greatest Movie, Alice in Wonderland. How’s that for a bullshit huh? But all those godly achievement is nothing compared to her musical talent. Complicated, arguably her most famous song, is amazing. Every time I hear and watch the Music Video, its like listening to Enter the Sandman and Stairway to Heaven in one Package. But Avril never gives up. She keep surpassing her previous magnificent songs. With songs like Girlfriend, Sk8ter B0i,My Happy Ending, she became Osama Bin Laden most favorite singer(The tatoo in Bin Laden right arm when his body being autopsy is Avril’s name). Especially after the single What the Hell is came out. Its the MAGNUM OPUS of Music Industry. There are even a few music critiques in the Ethiophia(The country where earliest homo sapiens remains found) comparing the single with The Last Judgement in Sistine Chapel. Say goodbye to Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, U2, Led Zeppelin. This is Avril Lavigne’s Era.

Avril's Tatoo on Bin Laden's right arm.


JAZZ SCENE, Michael Buble

He is the true Crooner of our planet. Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole should be proud  just to be standing in the same stage as this guy, the Legendary Michael Buble. “Why? All those guys wasn’t really a Jazz singer anyway”. Oh, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Glenn Miller should be ashamed too. Because Michael Buble will be the only name who can mix the most complicated/unorthodox/improvise/dazzling jazz tunes with easy peachy Jazz Lounge style. And instead living the years dangerously like all those maestro did, Buble making millions of dollar from his career. Someday, when people start associating jazz with Michael Buble is the day where rainbow is deficating unicorn.

Michael Buble in early careers


R&B/HIP HOP SCENE, Black Eye Peas

If I had to choose who’s the most talented god gifted songwriters ever grace this planet, Black Eye Peas is in the top of my list. Their song ” I Gotta A Feeling” is a true art. The repetition of the chorus ‘tonight’s gonna be a good night’ for roughly a minute and a half is amazingly creative. Auto-tune, rhyming the same word with itself (“Up” and “Up”), naming days of the week, all those Einstein stuff is also can be found in that song. And eventually, it became the first song in digital history to sell over 7 million digital copies in the United States, the most downloaded song on iTunes in Australia since 2006, and spent consecutive weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100, the longest-running number-one single of 2009. I’m happy to see that majority of people finally knows and acknowledged what real music is all about. Finally! Even lame artist like Radiohead, or Daft Punk is admitting that they’re stealing from Black Eye Peas.

Their Greatest Dance



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Top 10 Greatest Female Vocalist That Soothes(or destroying, in a good way) Your Soul

I’m not a sexist, but I preferred male artist to my liking. I can make a list 50 of the greatest male vocalist of all time, and probably still have a bunch of them great guys laying around. There’s no doubt, that female had the highest vocal out of the two genre, but that’s it. Sometimes people just go nuts because of some chick reaching a new octave even though the singer failed to captured the soul behind the song itself(or in many case, barmy because of the breast juggling). So this is the list of my 10 greatest female vocalist in no particular order, measured by how they touch my soul by their voices, how they manage to stay in character and still producing great record from time to time without being sellout or branching to the ark of moron preferred as  marketing bullshit, and not by how high the level of octave can they reach or how crisp and clear their voices are.

Etta James 

This is the the real Queen of R&B and soul. She created a bridge between those two genre and Rock and Roll. Her voices is influenced many great artist that’s coming after her, including Diana Ross, Janis Joplin, Adele, or even Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones.  Her voice is deep. And what I meant by deep is like creating a subconscious hole in your heart when you heard she’s Crying in “All I Could Do Was Cry”.

Recommended Works : All the song in AT LAST ALBUM.


Dusty Springfield

Quentin Tarantino is the guy whose responsible for introduce me to her ultra gallant sexual magnitude of 9 scale richer earthquake voice in Pulp Fiction. Seriously, you cannot think that this is some white girl voices before you see her looks. She got the melancholy and soul vibe that usually only black female vocalist had. She invented the blue eyed soul genre by herself. Her voice is elegant and different by itself that each time I heard her voice even in a complete unknown song for me, I know that it is Dusty’s sweet campy tones. The true Diva.

Recommended Works : Son of the Preachers Man, I just don’t know what to do with myself(The white stripes covers this in a really great tribute for her), I don’t want to hear it anymore, Just one Smile, The Look of Love


Sarah McLachlan


The Owner of depressing, haunting and yet stunning voice. Combined that with emotional dark ballads songs. And that’s where Sarah McLachlan spend all of her career. Except for that  easy cash-in albums, Winter Song, I don’t remember that there’s any upbeat song of Sarah. EVER. A song with ICE CREAM as the title, and the lyrics in it is about someone tell their lover that their love is better than a chocolate should be sweet and gentle right? Sarah managed to turn the song into some dark echo walking under the black sky. Effortlessly.

Recommended Works : Ice Cream, Black or White, Adia, Building A Mystery.


  Sade ‘Adu

A major spoiler for people who already know SADE, that it is the name of a BAND. The erotic voice behind the band is belong to Sade ‘Adu, part Nigerian, part English. From that double ethnic gene flowing inside her, you can probably guess that this foxy lady voices is unique. And boy, how UNIQUE it is.  This is the modern equivalent of the raw sexual magnet that Dusty Springfield produces. Soft, mysterious, delicate and sometimes can really makes you fly to the Spanish castle magic. This is the girl that really could create ambient genre just by using her voice.

Recommended Works : Kiss of Life, Lovers Rock, Smooth Operator, Every Word, Love is stronger than a pride.


Shirley Manson 

This hot vocalist of Garbage belong in a fictional group that I’ve created. The group member is only three. The other two members is Debbie Harry and Dolores O’ Riordan. And the group is called “HOW ALL THE FEMALE VOCALE IN A MAINSTREAM ROCK BAND SHOULD BE!!”. Forget Hayley Williams, Amy Lee, Courtney Love or any other post PMS-ing recent female vocalist that only knows how to screaming on a band. They’re sucks! God, even in a article about something else, I’ve managed to trash someone.  She maybe didn’t had a lot of technique, high octave or suave persona but Manson voice is a distinctive and forthright by itself. She is the Terminator of female vocalist. Industrial, robotic, and electrifying without losing a soul as a human and sexy woman.

Recommended Works : Stupid Girl, Only Happy When it Rains, Push it, I think I’m Paranoid.


Lani Hall

The wife of Funk/Jazz Musician Herb Alpert is a possessor of incredibly heavy artsy infused voice. Listening to her voice is like gazing a beautiful crayon pastel painting, or in some tunes, put you in the front seat of time traveling machine on to medieval age. Probably and arguably, without her voice, even Sergio Mendez’s greatest music is not as popular as it is today.

Recommended Works : The Fool on the Hill, Mas Que Nada(original Version), Scarborough Fair, One Note Samba


Nina Simone

IMO, Nina Simone is the greatest Jazz female vocalist(with Fitzgerald and Holiday very closely second). This is the definite voice when I think of Jazz. Full of improvisation, harmonic beautiful doo woop style and soul train.  Even though her biggest hits(I Love You Forgy) its not her original songs, but its acceptable, because Jazz’s singer is always being associated with covers and rendition. Her voice is slightly aggressive, emotive, and powerful medium to translate Jazz complicated means to people who listened it.

Recommended Work : I Loves You Forgy, I Put a Spell On You, Sinnerman, All the tracks in Forbidden Fruit Albums.


Sophie Ellis Bextor

Although her works in her early band, theaudience, is good, her solo career is really what defining Sophie Ellis Bextor means. The Empress of Dance, Trance and electronic. For the genre which  usually doesn’t need any vocal to produce a great record, Sophie Ellis Bextor is a major force on her own. Her strong, princess-esque, extraordinary elegant as her looks voice is the one that soaring Vocal Trance. Perfecting one of the most popular genre in the clubs around the world.

 Recommended Works : Groove Jet, The First, Second, and Fourth Album. All of her works with Armin Van Burren.



As the only Asian in this list, Anggun, Arguably is one of the greatest female singer the biggest continent of this planet ever produce. Her voice is multi layered, exotic, and full of surprise. Her range is complicated and so goddamn wide. Even though ballad genre is cramming  her international career all over the place, Anggun is good in singing an upbeat groovy song too. There’s a lot of her works that’s being transformed into some formed of dance music, and her voices is, as expected, mashing really well. She is one of the reason why I’m so proud being an Indonesian.

Recommended Works : Still Reminds Me, Bayang-Bayang Ilusi, Summer In Paris, Open Your Heart, Want you to Want Me.


Annie Lennox


State of the Art Blue eyed Soul. The Greatest White Soul Singer Alive. That’s Annie Lennox. Enough Said. The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever was. Her music is reaching my essence deeper than any artist ever do(except Marvin Gaye)

Recommended Works : Why, Waiting in Vain, Wonderful, No More I Love You, Precious.

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Experienced the Jimi Hendrix Electric of Bold as Love

Jimi Hendrix is always going to be my number one favorite Guitarist of all time. This is the guy who responsible for creating the greatest guitar anthem of all time.  Hendrix and his electric guitar is like Rambo with guns. They can’t be separated and godly compliment each other. Some of the greatest guitarist after him probably outdoing his technical skill(like Eddie Van Halen) but nobody terraforming Rock like he did.  His work influenced and shaping the rock music Industry. Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Funk Rock, Acid Rock, you name all the genre in the Rock bucket, there’s nothing that this guy didn’t touch and put a little spin from himself and at the same time managed to convinced the whole world, that this is Rock at its Best! He’s goddamn right. He even do a heavy influenced with Rock Jazz track sometimes. Trying to explained his songs in words is like trying to translate something that was coming from a higher place from us mortal beings. Just open your ears wide, absorb the riff, feel the breath of life that he’s induced, the madness of his solo, and the psychedelic effect after that.

Its inevitably that I will posting something about this perfectionist Rock god someday or somewhere. Heck, even the name of this Blog is taken from one of his song, The Wind Cries Mary. So this is the 10 of his greatest work IMO, in particular order.

10. The Wind Cries Mary 

I really dig the Curtis Mayfield influenced in this track. It somehow feels like a semi Soul-Rock combustion. Some people consider Castle made of Sand is better, but i pick Wind Cries Mary. Why? Castle Made of Sand is too pretty for me.

9. Crosstown Traffic

Hendrix is cross referencing sexual arousal with traffic jam in the Lyrics. But the most powerful part is the solo. Its like groping your girlfriend in the red light. Nice.

8.  Purple Haze

The intro is so psychedelic to my ear sometimes I forget that this is only a song. My head always started to shaky and bouncy whenever or wherever this track is playing. The campy comedy that Hendrix put is funny too. Kinda make you guessing which lyric he’s gonna sing. Kiss the guy beside him? Kiss the guy upstairs in heaven? or Kiss the Sky?

7.  Hey Joe

This is an upgrade version of the Wind Cries Mary.

6. Spanish Castle Magic

 How to travel to Spanish Castle Magic? Using a Dragonfly. If you know what he meant, weed is the savior. Damn, I love this song. its like a Hardcore version of Carlos Santana’s Black Magic Woman.

5. Third Stone from the Sun

This Acid Rock-Jazz Instrumental song is immortal. I never felt that its a song that was made over 30 years ago. I’m a huge jazz guitarist fans. Lee Ritenour, Charlie Byrd, John Pizarelli, you name it. But for me, this track is the greatest instrumental guitar jazz track of all time, even though its really not a jazz tunes. Listened to the weird alien voice, its interesting.

4.  Izabella

Izabella is a hot-track-rod funk rock song. The rock guitar riff is crazily modified to be included in a funk song. But like usual, Hendrix goes in rampantly madness when his solo came up. Hot damn!

3. All Along the Watchtower

What can I say? Even Bob Dylan himself is saying this is Jimi Hendrix’s Track. Playing this song after Hendrix died weirdly like playing some kind of Tribute for him. The solo part is haunting.

2. Come On (Let the Good Time Roll)

I think a lot of artist is sampling this track whether they realized it or not.  from the Southern Rock, Jazz, or even Disco. This is one of the proof why Hendrix is a humble genius.

1. Voodoo Child(A Slight Return)

Masterpiece. From the Bad ass Intro, the mountain chop, the craziest/manliest/marvelous/elegant solo, until the end, this is the song that defined mankind greatest achievement in Rock music History. Enough Said. Just listen and enjoy. A lot of people says that Jesus will come back and save the world.  I believe that Jimi will come back and blow to the smithereens all those stupid kids/guys in puberty with eyeliner who pretend playing rock and redeem us by rockin’ his song again.

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Shittiest Musician/Song in 21st Century and How They Responsible for Fucking Up Music

The difference between shitty music and shittiest one is very obvious. The first one doesn’t pretend that the song that they’re produced is garbage, they admit it that it sucks, but come on, people got make a living right? The latter one is an abomination. The artist think its the greatest thing ever, the people around the world embracing it like it was the second coming of Sistine Chapel by buying it and making the artist responsible for the crap rich as hell and keep ruining music scene. All the song/musician that I will trashed below probably won’t covered every piece of shit that floating around us, but you’ll get the big picture. Oh and for the people who wondering why there’s no that Brat Bieber in here, its because I’m taking a shot at adult. Bieber fans mainly is teenage kids that didn’t realize yet that this world is already in a decaying state enough even when you’re not screaming that asshole name every 5 seconds. Every mature person in this whole world already hate Justin Bieber, I don’t need to put stronger emphasis in it again. If you’re love that stupid kid get the hell out of my blog. Daughtry? Nickelback?Finger Eleven? No doubt about it, they’re as shittiest as they could get too, but actually, they’re a product from the artist that I lashing below.

PS : I’m taking a few words and modifyin it from a few site in the net because they’re so hilariously creative.


The first Linkin Park album is the type of album that you’re trying so fucking hard to hate, but have moments that are simply too catchy. After Hybrid Theory, everything is downhill jam like some old lady Poontang. This is the group that responsible to introduced and bring out the sappy melancholic EMO(even though they don’t really meant it) to popular rock scene and literally fill my ear with giant enema and wedgies. Their music is so abrasive, pointless, rage rock meant for mindless fat guys and people who doesn’t really know what rock really means. Creed? They’re single-handedly took the balls out of rock ‘n’ roll the second they started pushing sentimental pop garbage down the throats.


Its not a typo. Its Black Eyed Piss. Why? Probably because they’re disposable stupid group with no observable talent, like most disposable other stupid musician, kinda like Tampon. But the numero uno reason is because they’re a stealing bastards. Yea yea yea, there’s no such thing as original in this day of age, but come on, at least admit it that you’re using other people track/sample. I don’t want to bragging everything, because if you’re still don’t realize it, then you’re just an ignorant fool. They’re RESPONSIBLE for re-branding the word plagiarism into a whole different level of asshole. They’re stealing from Daft Punk, J.J Pad, Radiohead, but mainly, they’re stealing from artist that doesn’t really had a big name in music industry! Proof? Don’t be a lazy bastard and try to googling your ass. I’m not finished. If they’re stealing and making a good record out of it at least its taste better, but what they’re doing is making the worst music ever imaginable even in my nightmare out of it, and freakishly people love it. Shame on you people. This group is the equivalent of the crap gooey that running in my anus. I gotta a feeling that this assclowns will be around civilization even longer. I weep for humanity…


People can argued that Spice Girls, or All Saints is in the same league as those 2 groups. But the truth is, they didn’t responsible for making slutty bitch with slutty outfit with slutty lip-sync with slutty performance a huge trend in contemporary pop scene. These bitch not an artist. They’re just a bunch of high class stripper with nothing to be proud of except for their body. Listening to these chicks singing really can make you dumber. Their voice is like trying to take a shit and singing at the same time. Geez.


How in the hell can you have so many tattoos, look like a punk band and play music for 12-year-old girls at the same time? It still doesn’t make sense, and probably will never will. This is the reason why there’s a lot of pretentious rebel-ground breakers wannabe around us that trying to squeeze a little more money that came from their momma’s wallet for drug and smoke is their most rebellious act ever. Pathetic. this is the worst thing ever happen to a fragile genre which just survived a sickening barrage of nu-metal or pretentious metal that nearly made it completely irrelevant.

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Michael Learns to Rock the top 10 of his songs.

Michael Learns to Rock(MLTR) is a danish pop-soft rock band. Actually, calling them a rock band is an error. They should change the name into Michael Does Not Rock. Their musical style is simple, straight forward, somewhat down-right cheesy, easy listening but have found favor with Asian music listeners. Almost 99% of all their song goes to something like this. Verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, instrumental solo, chorus. Cliche, but sure. Their genre is evolved into what came to be known as “adult contemporary” or “easy listening”, a categorization that bore less overt rock influence than its forebear. After 20 years of their existence, they never followed any trend. Their latest single is still in the same path as their first single. Why do you have to change the winning formula if people’s always buying your record? Am I right? This band is my guilty pleasure. I grow up with their song.  A great under appreciated band. And here’s their top 10 single in my mind. No particular order.

Out of the Blue, 1993(Colours)

From the sweet electronic pom pom intro, to the powerful bridge, I never get tired of this song. I Love when Jascha changed a word in the final chorus to make it more like some story with a climax. In fact, this is the only song that I never delete from my iphone playlist since i buy it 3 years ago. Their finest work? Probably not, but definitely my favorite.

Romantic Balcony, 1997(Nothing to Lose)

Beautiful haunting melody. Their darkest work yet. It feels like you’re really standing  in some romantic balcony, alone, watching your love one leave.


 Digging Your Love, 2001(Blue Night)

This is one of the greatest under appreciated MLTR’s work.. They managed to keep the sweet and romantic tones of their style in an upbeat pop-rock song. The Youtube doesn’t even have a video of it. What a shame people.

Breaking the Rules, 1996(Played on Pepper)

Jascha started this heavy influenced police sirene track with a soft and tender voice, but when he reach the first chorus, he screaming. Not angry. Not wild. but in a controllable pitch, trying to give the listener to understanding of breaking the law with a conscience. Ah, good old 90’s era. Where have you gone?

Final Destination, 2004(Michael Learns to Rock)

I’m a sucker for this kinda of music. The combination of overly catchy chorus and lyric and the warm electic keyboard effect all around the track.

Breaking my Heart, 1996(Paint my Love – Greatest Hits)

Listening to this song really wants to make you to grab the hands of your love one, dancing together in a very sweet tender sway, and whispering to them not to do what the song described in a light mood feeling.

The Actor, 1991(Michael Learns to Rock)

Their third single, and arguably their most famous song. Their finest work ever too. This is the song that defined MLTR.  Its aging very well. When I listened to this track today, I don’t get the feeling that this song is created in the same era as Jascha Richter hair style in the music video.

Stuck in the Heat, 2001(Blue Night)

This semi pop-new wave track is refreshing in term of MLTR’s song history. Sure, they got some upbeat soft- rock, lots of ballads, but theres none for a song like Stuck in the Heat.  The add lib at the end of the track is a nice touch too.

25 minutes, 1993(Colours)

There’s a reason why this song is a fan favorite in a concert, radio airplay until now. The tracks is a high escalating regret song. With a simple melody, sad lyrics, and angry chorus, MLTR created a depressed and yet a nice sing-a-long lullaby. I can imagine some parent singing this song to their child before sleep and teach them that love sucks and try don’t be late in your any important task, even 25 minutes can ruin a whole man’s life. Nobody make a song like this anymore.

I Wanna Dance, 1993(Colours)

This is the most romantic MLTR song, but even for a lot of their devoted fans, this song is largely unknown. A deep soul-pop heavy Motown influenced song is so sweet to listened to when you trying to hold someone in your arms and dancing, preparing for the most sweetest moment in your dearly love.

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7 Mainstream Japanese Artist That Everybody Who Loves Music Should “Give It a Try”

Did you know that Japanese Music Industry is the second biggest in the world behind United States? No, I’m not Kidding. The country with weird language, pervert infested, unorthodox strict tradition.

I learn to listened to Japanese music since 1998. Like most of the starters at JPOP/JROCK world, the quartet XJapan, Luna Sea, Glay and Larc en Ciel is the one who captured my attention. Time passed by, and 12 years later, I still love them. But my fondness of Japanese music doesn’t just stand there without growing. Japanese rock scene is nothing spectacular today. Filled with a bunch of filler crap, just like their current ANIME universe. But other scene, especially Jazz in particular is still amazing to moist your attention to.  No, I’m not going to blabbering again about 2011’s music, I’m just going to tell what I had in mind about 7 Mainstream Japanese Artist That Everybody Who Loves Music, especially the one who never even listened to Japanese music before, Should “Give It a Try”.

Mink, Pop/Soul

This Japanese-Korean mixed hottie is one of a kind artist. Her look is the Asian equivalent of Sophie Ellis Bextor, statue look alike. Her voice is deep and full of imagination. Why did I choose her over Misia whom more successful than her? Because many of her song is way more intriguing, complicated and mystifying than the predictable high octave Misia. Oh, and also, Mink got this in her arsenal, One of the best cover of Stevie Wonder’s Don’t You Worry about a Thing(TRY : Secret Garden, Moonburn, One Suitcase, Omajinai, IF, Blessing You, Innocent Blue).

The Brilliant Green, Pop/Rock

If I’m going to make the list of TOP 10 Band ever, The Brilliant Green will be the only Japanese band in that list. This is not the here today, gone tomorrow group. Even the TIME magazine chose The Brilliant Green as one of the top ten contemporary acts outside the U.S in 2001. Everything about this band is good. From the Harmony between the Bassist and Guitarist(Too bad Ryo already gone from the band now), the merit of all the songs and every album in a nice balanced and good level of perfection in complimenting each track, to Tomoko voice which is  so sterile, smooth and in a way a bit of Robotic, but very good in dead on-deliver (TRY the mesmerizing TSUMETAI HANA, the sweet and drumming ALWAYS and ALWAYS, the jumpy HOLIDAYS, the catchy IM JUST LOVING YOU, the Techno style THE NIGHT HAS PLEASANT TIME).

Yuko Yamaguchi, Pop

Virtually unknown even to a lot of Japanese music fans, Yuko Yamaguchi is one of the few Japanese artist that can really bring the distinctive and unique pop flavor of Japanese music Scene. Her fairly soft vocal really goes well with many of  her moderately slow-paced ballad laid back paced tempo songs. Its a shame that trying to find her record is as hard as trying to find Panzer Dragoon Saga from Sega Saturn. You can’t even Wikipedia her(TRY : FUTARI NARA, AGAIN, ITS NEVER THE END OF THE WORLD, HOTEL SCANDINAVIA).

Quasimode, Instrumental Jazz/Swing

 Japanese Jazz is always interesting for me. Their style is so different by itself we can even categorized it into the whole other genre. Quasimode is one of the forefront of the brilliantness of Japanese Jazz. Many of their arrangement full of free-spirited, unbiased, and beautifully choreographed Notes. I really meant that words (TRY : TAKE THE NEW FRONTIERS, ROPE A DOPE, SOUNDS OF PEACE, IN THE NAME OF LOVE).

Paris Match,  Jazz/Bossa/Acid/House/Soul/Funk

Look at all the genre. Reminds you of who? Jamiroquai? Incognito? Simply Red? Well, Paris Match is the lovechild when those three making love between the Moon and New York City. Fifteen album over the last 10 years doesn’t make their music goes static and boring. In fact, over the last couple of years, their music becoming more matured and focused(TRY : their cover on Christopher cross’s ARTHUR’S THEME, THE TIME AFTER SUNRISE(Beautifully crafted heavy sitar infused jazz track), KISS, SUNSHINE DAY, PASSION 8 GROOVE, LOUNGE OF RAPTURE, THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THIS).

The Gospellers, Pop/Acapella/Doo Woop

The Gospellers is the example when 6 human with amazing synchronized harmony meet and sings together in Japanese languange. Their rival is the trio of SKOOP OF SOMEBODY. I love both of them, and will goes berserk into someone who put these two group in the same basket as other cheesy and stupid boyband like Arashi or SMAP. No, I’m not a fanboy, just a snob whose trying to put different perspective at pop music(TRY: Their most powerful single HITORI, NO MORE TEARS, CALLING, YOU’LL BE MINE, TIGER RAG, TOKYO SWEET).

Spitz, Pop/Rock

Even though all the SPITZ member consider themselves as a Rock band, I don’t think that Spitz is a rock band. Their majority known success single is a conventional pop-ballad infused with soft rock and traditional Japanese style guitar rhythm and riff. Their sound is more simpler and sophisticated in a way that very hard to describe than just an ordinary pop/rock band. There’s not one band in the world with their kind of music.  (TRY : SCARLET, ROBINSON, AI NO KOTOBA, KAEDE, NAKAYOSHI)

Honorable Mention : Nujabes, MFlo, Misia, Skoop on Somebody, Kyoto Massive Jazz, Orange Pekoe, Dorlis, Jill Decoy and Association.

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Single Review : Not Giving Up On Love

This vocal trance collaboration between number one disc jockey in the world, Armin Van Buuren and oil painting babe comes to life look-alike, Sophie Ellis Bextor is damn good. This is vocal trance at its best. From the candy sweet piano melody opening, the upbeat drum into chorus inthe middle, to the magnificent final chorus this song figuratively blew my mind. The only minus point is the length. Its too short!

Armin didn’t go too far with his mixing and scratching. The composition that he made, making the already great track sounds even better. But Sophie’s voice is the angel tears that glued all of the particle and made this tunes brutally beautiful. Her voice is so frosty cold, elegant, and sophisticated. With that kinda voice, she really can’t go wrong in the dance track scene that she heavily induced since the first time she’s soloing in 1999. In the age of popular mainstream woman artist these day, Sophie look very old fashioned in a elegant and marvelous way compared to all the slut convention that Gaga, Kesha, or other meaningless pretentious women artist attends to. But trust me, if she keeps making single like this gold mine, she will never fall out of Vogue. Speaking about 1999, this track reminds me of her first single ever, her duet with Spiller. Groove Jet(this Ain’t Love).

If anyone even dared to compared this track to any song that Jlo, Black eyed peas, or any other sample stealing unimaginative so-called R&B slash hip hop artist, you’re better off and get something hard, shine it up real nice and stick it straight up your candy ass while thinking where the hell is your musical taste will be going, cos frankly, all the signs points up to the no good shit. Yea yea, people got their own taste, but what I’m blabbering about in the last paragraph is what people called opinion. and if you’re not down with that, Ive got two words for you, suck it!

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