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8 perfect songs for Road Trip

 I guess there’s no need some kinda explanation for the title. Everybody loves road trippin’. And music should be a huge part of it. Because lets face it, traveling without music is like eating french fries without ketchup.

Sheryl Crow – Soak up the Sun

Actually almost every single cherish Sheryl Crow song is a road trip material(and because she always talk about road and trip). Songs like Everyday is winding road, or All I wanna do will works too. But Soak up the sun definitely the best in telling our expectations bout what our trip should be. The song is cheerful, windy, and really could make you want to soak up all the sun.


Phil Collins – Take Me Home

I can use In the air tonight,  or Home by the Sea too because of how atmospheric and hypnotic those two songs felt. But the lyrics of those two is too dark and dangerous to listened at a road trip where usually people mind goes blank in the middle of the nowhere.  Take Me Home is different. Take me home felt good and safe. The beat and drums felt like an extension version of Toto’s Africa(which is a very good road trip song too, but too cliche for me to pick)


Eagle Eye Cherry – To Love Somebody

There’s a light indeed every time the intro of this song hitting. The first time I heard this very great acoustic version of a very popular Bee Gees track, is from Y Tu Mama Tambien, my favorite Road Trip movie of all time. So, I guess that explained why this song goes in this list.


Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen the Rain 

I heard a lot of people said, that CCR is the greatest band in terms of producing road trippin songs. In fact, you can road tripping the whole world using the any CCR greatest hits album. Well, yeah, if you like country rock. CCR is a great band, but listening to their whole record while in road trip will introducing you to the same extreme boredom when you listen to other southern influenced rock band too much. Almost all of their music sound the same, from Stevie ray Vaughan to ZZ Top. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great bands and awesome musician, but putting every track in a road trip play list to their kind of music is absolutely stupid.  And I love have you ever seen the rain, the song is always exist in my road trip, wherever I’m going to, which is why I put it in this list.



The Rolling Stones – You cant always get what you want 

After the first peace chorus, there’s something breezy about when the music break apart and goes in to another part of the song. That’s the perfect moment that came from this song. The part that easily could make me remember all the beautiful sunset that I’ve seen. The part that easily could make me feel all the beaches that I’ve been. You can always get what you want probably is not the greatest Rolling stone track for me, but it’s the most memorable, because you cant always get what you want, just like all the trip.


College feat Electric Youth – A Real Hero 

This is the song to hear when the first time a white pristine sandy beach shooting up in your eyes. This is the song to hear when you car is passing a mega huge desert with emptiness laying all over the place. This is the song to hear when you see the sun is coming up from the sea, and make you feel throwing out the sentence, “IM ALIVE” to yourself. This song is born to be a road trip song. This song is born to accompany you driving no matter where you are. One of the greatest thing ever created by humankind.


Queens of the Stone Age – Make it with Chu 

 There’s a reason why almost every Queens of the Stone Age song is good for driving and sex….. Its because their song is felt like a driving and sex! Especially this song. Not that I expecting all the road tripper to having sex while driving.



Summer of Space – With You 

Every time this song is playing, i just want to grab my car keys and driving all night long while letting this song keep playing. It feels like an angel whispering to you to get the hell out from the city and do some road trip.


Honorable mention : All Saints – Pure Shores, Moby – In This World, Led Zeppelin – Whole lotta love, Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, Elton John – Tiny Dancer, U2 – Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For, etc





















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Another Blog

I just want to tell you guys who speak Indonesian, I just wrote a new blog in Indonesian

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Why Do I Love Pro Wrestling?

A lot of my friends always keep asking me the same question since 2002 when they catch me watching wrestling. “Why in the blue hell do you love wrestling? You’re such a snob in terms of entertainment, some people even consider you as an elitist. But why do you love the heck out of something which was a pointless act of scripted fake fighting with stilted, insipid dialog, boring story lines and awful, straight to DVD, porn movie level acting?” To answer that question, you have to know what wrestling is all about first. Because trust me, I used to have an ignorant view of pro wrestling as a garbage bin of entertainment . But now, I’m officially proclaiming myself as a Smark, since 2002.  A Smark is a wrestling fans who knows what goes on behind the scenes and all the shits around it, but still enjoys watching all the events.

A lot of dude in my generation started to love wrestling since the Attitude era in 1998-2001(some guys even love wrestling since Hogan and Savage era). It is the period where wrestling reach its peak popularity in the world. The era where Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock rules. At that time I’m in high school, but I hate wrestling so damn much. Wrestling is silly. Wrestling is fake. Wrestling is full with a bunch of moron love to asking audience to get ready for some ass kicking sucka, and a weirdo who love to raising his eyebrow all the time and saying pointless catchphrase like smell whatever the shit he was cooking. And to top it all, a lot people loves it. I try to love wrestling at that time, but I can’t. It’s too phony for me. There was this one morning which I still vaguely remember, I heard some of my friends talking about how The Rock being cheated in his match after hit by a chair. I was like, jezz guys. You do know that it was scripted right? But then, summer 2002 came along..

 In 2002, wrestling popularity is in decline for an unknown reason. In my country, the popularity goes from hero to zero. Nobody watching wrestling anymore, nobody talk about wrestling anymore. And then one night, I started to flipped over some local channel, and surprised that there’s one channel that still playing wrestling stuff.  Okay, so I think, why not watching it? Why don’t I try to enjoy myself and laugh at the fake sport that nobody want to watch anymore? But boy, that cheap thought really hit my candy ass. In television that night, there was this huge guy called Brock Lesnar. He was big, but not gigantic. He looks intense and powerful, but not crazy and insane. And he’s kicking Hulk Hogan’s ass, and even manage to make that old man bleeds. Who in the green hell is this guy? Why I never heard of him before? This Brock character felt so realistic. And it turns out, that guy is fighting towards the championship, against The Rock after that. Suddenly, I feel like a little boy again. I want to cheer anyone whose going fighting against Brock Lesnar. I want to see his ass getting kicked. And I really expect The Rock will do the job, but I’m wrong again. Brock Lesnar totally destroyed The Rock. Completely. I still don’t get it. Why the household important very famous VIP dude like The Rock let some green virtually unknown guy destroy him even though all of this is fake? In Movies you don’t let Tom Cruise being spitted in the face by Dakota Fanning right? Why?

And that’s the starting line. After that summer. My entertainment life never felt the same again.  I learned that they’re really bleeds in a match. I learned that there’s a real life persona, and there’s a ring persona, and sometimes the same wrestler, is the same person in the real life. I learned that when a billionaire, the owner of WWE, is sacrificing his head to be struck by a chair by his employee is a pure gold entertainment. I learned that the Rock really is the most electrifying guy in the whole entertainment( I’m not kidding you, I enjoyed the hell out of any Catherine Breillat’s movie, I’m a huge fan of Charlie Parker, Dave Brubeck, Dexter Gordon, and in the same time, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is my Idol and favorite person in the earth).

But wait a minute, all those rampant nonsense talk above doesn’t really answer the question about why do I love wrestling? Its just the way I explained to you guys what makes wrestling is GOLD and interesting in my mind. The Answer is, because I love being entertained, and I had a better respect to a wrestler, than to any other kind of profession in Entertainment World. Because these guys really is putting over everything in his life for the sake of entertaining the fans. They’re sacrificing their own family to be on road all the time(there’s no break or off season in wrestling universe, unlike any other seasoned sports). They’re sacrificing their own health and body just to get respect from the fans. How unselfish was that? Okay, sure, wrestling is faked and scripted, but so is virtually everything else on TV and silver screen, right? When you see Jurassic Park, you don’t think that the lawyers dude really get chewed by a T-rex while taking a dump right? In movies and any other acted shows, you can take a wrong scene, and retake it. But there’s no retake in pro-wrestling match. Once you make a mistake, it is done. And sometimes, the payment is a serious injury or even life. Even better than movies, sometimes the only thing that’s being scripted in the wrestling match is only the outcome or the result. The way to get to there, is purely improvisation, only it’s live, and dangerous, because 60 percent of all the moves itself was not fake and really connects. It’s a soap opera men can proudly watch without being embarrassed about it. It’s still a guilty pleasure trash Non-Cannes material entertainment, but still I’m getting entertain by it, and what’s wrong with that?

And what do I love in Wrestling?  The Atmosphere, The Athleticism, The Adrenaline, The crowd, the Respect, The Moves, The Match, The Risk, The Character. There’s nothing like watching 68 thousand people cheering The Rock and Hulk Hogan when they’re fight. There’s no feeling in the world that could match the excitement and fire when Shawn Michael kicking out of Undertaker’s Tombstone three years ago. As much as I love movies and video games, there’s no such thing like that in those two medias. And also, now I do smell what the The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, the best in the present, future and past, and if y’all don’t like me you can kiss the peoples ass is cooking…

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The Soundtrack of Your Life

I’m Back!

Have you ever had a very special moment or clarity in your life and hopefully that there’s soundtrack/songs accompanies you in that significant moment like in some movies? Guess what, everybody does! So, this is the top eight list of the  most glorified moment and the perfect popular song to be used in that occasion.


The Situation : You’re going to your best friend’s funeral and all this time you’re falling in love with his girlfriend. A real life blessing in disguise

The Perfect Song : Queen – We Are the Champion

The most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time :  “No times for Losers, Cause we are the champions of the world”

Thanks for everything, now I'm taking her.


The Situation : You’re swimming alone in the sea. The closest beach line is like 60 meters from you. You’re discover a huge fin belong to 15 foot great white shark swimming towards you

The Perfect Song : Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are

The most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “When I see Your face, there’s not a thing that I would change. Cause You’re amazing. Just the Way You Are”


 The Situation : When You are hanging out alone in some random mall(or cemetery), and getting stupidly jealous over all other people who going out with their loved one

  The Perfect Song : Richard Cheese – Down with the Sickness

The most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Why Cant You just fuck up and die and get down with the sickness!



 The Situation : After breaking up with your boyfriend and finally admitted to yourself that you are indeed a lesbian in a moment of Clarity.

The Perfect Song : The Gypsy King – Bamboleo

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : Babele, Bembele, bembele(????)

Welcome to the Club


The Situation : You just had a traffic accident. You’re waking up in the bed of some random hospital filled with random hot and slutty nurse and then finding out that both of your hands and feet is still there. But your junk is gone like the wind, and replaced by a tasteless random pipe.

The Perfect Song  : Jamiroquai – Canned Heat

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Dance! Nothing Left for me to do but dance” and “I used to buy my faith in worship. But then my chance to get to heaven slipped

This pipe is your "little" brother


 The Situation : After getting fired from your work and finding out that you don’t have any saving at all and also knowing that from here and now out, your future is bleak at best.

The Perfect Song : Kool and the Gang – Celebration

  The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Celebrate Good time Come on!!!


The Situation : You’re probably depressed over the end of twilight franchise. You’re missing Robert Pattinson so damn much and You’re sitting alone in your apartment. Gun in your right hand. Deathly toxic made from the combination of Blackmamba+Sidewinder+King Cobra
poison in your left hand. You’re looking over the balcony and suddenly recognize something. That you’re living in the 48th floor.

The Perfect Song : Van Halen – Jump 

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Go Ahead and Jump!

I Love Edward Cullen!!!


 The Situation : You just decapitated somebody’s head because some pointless debate over the use of Condom. Is it against god rules or not?

The Perfect Song : U2 – Stuck in the Moment

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “I’m not afraid of anything in this world!”



The Situation : You’re currently writing a very promising novel. A lot of your friend already read the premise and think that it will be probably getting a Pullitzer award, movie adaptation and endless stupid sequel. The novel is around 200 pages, and when your reaching the pages of 198, your laptop battery is exploded and destroying the laptop. And there’s no such thing as a back up file. The file is gone. Oh, and to make things more easier,  you’re ignoring the warning that the laptop give you about heat a few minutes earlier.

The Perfect Song : Enya – Only Time

  The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Who can say where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only Time


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Jakarta is the Greatest City in the World

For people who didn’t know where the hell is Jakarta, get off from your lazy ass chair and brush your teeth. Even though the name sound very magical and Erotic, Jakarta isn’t in Middle Earth, Hogwartz, or even coming out from Kama Sutra guide line. Its actually the capital of Indonesia. You don’t know Indonesia too? Its Bali you idiot. Jakarta is the most populous city in South East Asia, and the tenth-largest city in the world. This is the real city that never sleep, The Grand Daddy of them all, and also the best place to have your summer vacation. Why? Because I fucking’ live in here since I was born. How was that for reason? No, that’s not the real reason, too bias. This is the 7 reason why Jakarta is the last place on earth you still could called, PARADISE.


1.  According to World Health Organization (WHO), Jakarta is the 3rd most polluted city in the world after Mexico City and Bangkok. That’s bullshit. Jakarta’s Air is clean as baby’s breath. In fact, because the air so clean, all the people who live in Jakarta decided WALKING bare naked everyday to their office or wherever else they work their asses off for minimum wage no matter how far the distance is. The picture below is the proof. There’s no other city in this planet having more sterile, sparkling and fresh air than Jakarta’s breeze. Go to Jalan Gajahmada, Jalan Tanah Abang, or Gunung Sahari every noon in workday. You’ll know what I meant.

Breath of Fresh air Indeed


2. New York, Los Angeles, London, Hongkong, and virtually every major cities on earth is having the same big fat fucking problem. Traffic Jam. In Jakarta, traffic jam is almost virtually non existed whatsoever. Imagine riding in your Ferrari at 250 km/h. No, not in video game. You can do it in Jakarta. Safely and calmly. Because the traffic is so relaxing, lighten, and friendly. Everybody is smiling to everybody on road. Even when you crash yourselves into someone else’s car/bike, Jakarta’s dude will nod and says its okay, people do make mistakes. The public transportation is amazing too. We called it bus Trans Jakarta. Their lines and corridor is very easy to understand, because there’s no repetition what so ever. If you want to go a little bit wilder, you can choose to using metro mini. Every single of their drivers is a stunt man. No Kidding. No place on earth like Jakarta.

Everyday sight of Jakarta's Traffic


 3. Once again, contrary to popular belief Jakarta’s WATER is clean. Speaking of water, Jakarta’s river is very swimmable, because its unpolluted and pristine condition. If you feel hot because of the humid temperature, all you have to do is buck naked, and crash those natural pools, even in the middle of city. All the trash and factory waste is already relocated into some dirty slum called Bandung hundred kilometers south of Jakarta. You don’t have to worry about hygiene. In fact, legend says, swimming in any other part of river in Jakarta bring you a nice good luck and sometimes a big yellow chunk of money. You can drink it too, right from the source! Don’t buy all those bottled water, especially if the brand is AQUA. Its fake. The good bottled water brand is Air Accu(Air means water in Indonesian). Its really good for your health.


Jakarta’s river


4. Beach. Not Bitch. Although we get to that topic later. Trust me, Jakarta’s one and only beach is the greatest beach in Indonesia. Its called Ancol. The Sand is white, the water is crystal blue clear. There’s no garbage. There’s no litter. Hot Chick everywhere. Its the Ibiza of South East Asia. Ancol.



5. Safety. Jakarta is the safest city on Earth.  You can walking around the city, alone, with Rolex in your wrist, Vertu in your ear, thousands of dollar in your wallet, Armani’s jacket, Gaultier shirt, condom still hanging on your junk, and people will still nodding and smiling at you every time. You will not feel fear in this city. There’s no one will mug you. Every Police officer in Jakarta also is very dedicated person. They don’t take bribery, They never rest, and above all else, every single one of them is a model. So it will be hard for you to find some dirty, fat, smells like an anus, ugly cop.


6. Indonesia is a former Dutch Colony. So this is a great city to learn some Dutch. Even a better place than Netherland itself, because the people here is more friendly than ever. Indonesian Dutch and the real dutch is very different. Indonesian is more lethal, dangerous, bad ass, and yet touching. I give you 3 example of daily words that you can use to greet Jakarta’s citizens and can be found easily shouting off in the middle of silent traffic. Be sure to use it, because people generally will love you if you’re using their native language. “Anjing Lu”, means You’re cute like a puppy. “Goblok lu”, means You’re smarter than everyone else. “Ngentot Lu”, You’ll get laid tonight. And the phrase don’t judge the book by its cover really works in Jakarta. Like this guy in the picture below, believe it or not, even though he looks like chicken shit, he’s actually robin hood in disguise. He’s stealing all those corruptor money and give it to less fortunate people. Only in Jakarta this could happen.

Gayus Tambunan, the most famous "hero"


7. For all the guy who will be visiting Jakarta, don’t worry about girls.  Seriously, Jakarta’s is majoring in Hot Chick Department. That’s why every Miss Universe since 1998 is Indonesian, more specific, Jakartan. But for you guys who didn’t really have time to ensuing some old shitty romance, don’t worry, that’s why god create Azhari Sisters. Finding their number is easy, every pimp in Jakarta have their numbers. Foursome with sisters, how good is that???

PS : Happy Birthday!


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Rolling in the Deep

Everybody’s makes mistake. Everyone had made the wrong decision. Everyone had misjudged the person who used to be by their side. That’s what makes us Human, the most inconsistent creature ever walked this earth. Obviously, we cant just stand there, bowed down, and keeps regretting about everything that already happened. We can’t never turn back the hands of time. We can’t erase the scar that clawed deep in the wall of our heart.  We have to choose how to dealt with it. We have to choose the right decision about our next step. The number one option, and the most popular way is to throw away our anger and madness to the person whose responsible or ourself. The second choice is to swallow it, and hide everything in the deepest spot in our heart. But to tell you the truth, there’s actually a third option.

We have to let it go. Mistake is a mistake. Bad decision is a bad decision. Uncomfortable relationship is uncomfortable relationship. With only to let everything go, and make yourself realize that everything is already happened, we can put the engines on and moving forward.

No, we never always get what we want. We cant always get what we want.

Never think about things that you should have done. Never think about the hypothetical step that you should have take. Never think about you and your exes is almost got it all. To make  a good omellete, you have to break an egg first. Sometimes, things have to fall apart to make way for better things.

So, say goodbye to all the mistake and stupid decision that you’ve made, and wished all the best for all the exes wherever they are, whoever they’re with.

Do something with your life.

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The Aesthic Rules of Making a Mixtape/Compilation/Playlist

In this digital era, where the user of compact radio cassette almost gone, its easier for us, music lovers, to create some compilation or playlist that can range from casually selection of songs, to some abstract concept of mix linked by theme, mood, or even some particular artist which usually reflect the music taste of the makers.

Hear me not, making a mixtape wasn’t easy. There’s a lot of sacred rules and tradition that should be follow. Just like Nick Hornby said,

¤To me, making a tape is like writing a letter — there’s a lot of erasing and rethinking and starting again. A good compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do. You’ve got to kick off with a corker, to hold the attention (I started with “Got to Get You Off My Mind”, but then realized that she might not get any further than track one, side one if I delivered what she wanted straightaway, so I buried it in the middle of side two), and then you’ve got to up it a notch, or cool it a notch, and you can’t have white music and black music together, unless the white music sounds like black music, and you can’t have two tracks by the same artist side by side, unless you’ve done the whole thing in pairs and…oh, there are loads of rules ¤

And so, I’m making THE 10 point rules of  making a MIXTAPE. Follow it, and you’ll be fine.

  1. Do not, I repeated it, DO NOT put a multi language mixtape. No matter how good the connection between the song. Unless, the song is voiceless, or instrumental. For example, you can put Ryuichi Sakamoto and Kevin Kern in the same mixtape, but you cant put Utada Hikaru and Mariah Carey in the same playlist.
  2. Always keep it under 80 minutes. Why? Because of the length of a CD or audio cassette. Who knows your mixtape will became famous and some DJ decide to use it. Besides, If the CD is too long, it’s possible some great tracks near the end will never be heard.
  3. Always pick the second strongest song as the opening track.
  4. Mashed Genre is good, but its a whole other level for a beginner to dealt with it. Try to avoid it, unless the genre is trespassing each other. For example, Punk Rock and Opera music, a big no no. But Soul and funk, a bit yes yes.
  5. Make sure the quality of the file/songs is in GOOD Condition. No noise, no extrapolar, no bad ending/start. For Mp3, 128 kbps in a crisp is a must-minimal.
  6. Making a time period. This rules can be expanded. For example do not mixed the dance songs from 2000 era with any dance song from 1980’s era, except you’re making the historical/autobiographical compilations. they never get along. It goes for rock, and pop too. But no so much for jazz and soul genre.
  7. Always put the chilliest song, or the most soothing song, at the end of the mix. that way, you wont get any complaint that the mix is an anti climax.
  8. Do not use more than a song from one artist at the same compilation, unless its a band mix. Pick another wide range artist to use.
  9. Consider the one whose gonna to listen to the playlist. Who are they? are they pop listener?
  10. Be Creative, rules are made to be broken.

  Happy mixtaping to all readers of this blog!

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You and Your Heart

You and Your Heart is the last single ever released by Jack Johnson, the surfer, filmmaker, often homeless look alike singer. The single is released at April 2010, but since that time, I never get tired listen of it, and would like to share my thought about that tunes to you guys, and hopefully, you can like it too.

Like all other Johnson track, You and Your Heart is a very windy, beachy, and catchy track. From the overly simple but upbeat opening guitar riff, to the very interesting but typically Johnson style of Bridge which ends the song, everything is so smooth and easy. The Bridge part after the second chorus definitely the strongest part of the song, cos it contains the breezy melodic almost rapping kinda part. But the real reason why I never got bored of this tunes, and why I put this song as Johnson favorite songs, because of the chorus’s lyrics..

Because You and your heart, shouldn’t feel so far apart
You can choose, what you’d take. But why you gotta break it and make it feels so hard

Its true, its so damn true. Sometimes, when you’re confuse with the way you live or the road you’re supposed to take in your life, all you had to do is look and search in your heart. Because its there. The passion is lying dormant in our heart. The answer is always there. And quite frankly, its my motto. I will always follows my heart no matter what’s black or white, true or false, left or right, fly or land, or whatever it is.

Enjoy the Breezy Music Video.

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The Day After Tomorrow

Do we realise about what’s really going on with our planet? For the first 4 months of 2011 we’re already experienced one deadly earthquake in New Zealand, massive floods in Australia, one of the biggest earthquake ever plus tsunamis in Japan, brutal blizzard in US. Do you think we made this all happening? Do you think we really destroying our planet? Check out this news. The ozone layer of our atmosphere is already damage to the most extent level.

We have to save the earth, or is this planet really needs some save?

I don’t think so. Humans only exist in this planet for roughly 2-5 millions years, while Earth’s age is around 7-8 billions year. Human is only a tiny blink dot in the middle grand saga of this planet history. We are nothing. This planet doesnt need to be saved. We are the one who needs to be saved from the planet. The more we try to damaging, extorting, ruining, clawing our fist deep inside the earth, the planet is going to act more violent than ever and by the time we realise it, we already in the verge of extinction.

So what should we do?

I dont know, I really dont know. Living everything to the fullest probably. Anyway, its just a thought. Dont take it seriously…

Somehow, peaceful isnt?

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The Wind Cries Mary

The title of the 1st post of this blog is taken from the famous Jimi Hendrix’s song, which is one of my favourite song of all time ..

I dont really have any specific reason why Im using that words except that the words sounds so catchy and meaningful..

The contain of this blog will range from music, videogame, movie reviews, or thoughts that I had, and sometimes, I will write any other subject too…

So, just check this blog daily for updates, cos basically Im tryin to make a livin from writing right now, and this blog will become my training ground for it..

please leave any comment, and try not to get insulted by reading any of my subjective writes…


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