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Life of Pi * 8.5/10

After six months of hiatus from writing in this blog, Life of Pi makes me return. Yes, it is that DAMN GOOD! Life of Pi without a shadow of a doubt is my 2012’s best movie.

For those who haven’t read the book, most of the plot revolves around 3 main characters. One curious boy and a tiger on a boat, and the sea itself. A story about God. A story about what to believe. And a story about life. I won’t spoiler it anymore.

I don’t know who in the blue hell really responsible to this masterpiece. Whether its Yann Martell itself, the director Ang Lee, Michael Danna the composer, or even the teams whose responsible in special effect, they should be proud even though the box office wasn’t too good. Seriously, I never would have imagine that Life of Pi could be translated to the life action version. The story is too enchanting and words-oriented in capturing imagination. This story which isn’t blatantly cinematic didn’t exactly have a formula for a great film. But Ang Lee and his crew achieves the unachievable. If anyone thinks that the Ice Storm, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or Lust/Caution is awesome, wait till you see Life of Pi. Right from the first minute, on that soothing beautiful Indian song that accompanies opening credits, until the end where the glaring ambiguity soaks up, Life of Pi is amazingly well made.  Thank you universe for not letting that dick Shyamalan directing this movie!

Usually, I can be a bitch in terms of adaptation screenplay. I hate it so goddamn much when I can’t find baby eating cannibals in movie version of Cormac McCarthy. I despise Hollywood’s take of Constantine. I nearly kill someone when Son Goku is a white caucasian asshole. But somehow, Ang Lee’s version of Life of Pi is still in a good VIBE even after losing some important scene and violence that’s in the book. The narration is good, unique enough and makes you feels that you’re reading a giant storybook without ever seeing a single letter. I still missed the whole good wholesome feeling from the book when Pi tell us that the story is gonna have a happy ending from the first chapter, though.

Life of Pi is the ultimate audio/visual treat of the year. This is the only movie that I’ve recommended to be saw in 3D besides Avatar. I think this is the first time I’ve ever watched a movie where a visualization could be a huge part in the storyline itself. It is the most beautiful movie I have seen visually. Better than anything, I’ve ever watched before. Avatar, Avengers, American Pie, any porn movies, you name it. Why? Because unlike those movies which had no connection to reality, does not have the depth and a pure fantasy, the visuals in Life of Pi are more artistic, stirring and shot like an organic memory. It feels very much alive, breathing, and believable! And the soundtrack? Pure gold.

To watch Life of Pi is to observe how few films really consider their characters, how few consider the spiritual journey of the adventure they are undertaking into the unknown and hence the unexpected! It is not perfect, of course. The acting is decent at best, the needs of using English language is very questionable, but they’re just a minor bump that you won’t realize exist if you’re not an asshole like me. But trust me, If this is not the movie that will make you believe in god, it will definitely will make you believe in Ang Lee.  I wish there’s a movie like this when I was hitting my childhood back 2 decades ago. That would be a very magical treat for me..

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