Prometheus *7/10


So after all those hype. After all those theories and assumptions. After all those waits since, probably, 2002 right after James Cameron starting to work on the pre-production and decide to abandoned it because of AVP, does Prometheus worth it? Does Prometheus live up to the Hype?

Sadly, no.


Now, don’t get me wrong. Prometheus is a great movie. Prometheus is an awesome movie. But the impact will be lesser than Alien and Blade Runner. Because as much as I want to LOVE this movie, my feeling is never crossing the line of just liking it. Why? Because the main point of making an Alien prequel is to answer the question of who the fuck is space jockey or for casual viewer what in the blue hell is sitting in those derelict in the first Alien? And, sadly, Prometheus answer that question in a worst unimaginative, and sometimes one-liner, explanation and because of that, creating another bigger question ahead just for the sake of franchising out of Prometheus.

Story? This is the real reason why Prometheus becoming my most anticipated movie of all time. I don’t care if Ridley Scott is hiring kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, as long as he answer all the Alien fanboy question in my head. But gawd, there’s nothing more disapointing than the storyline and script  in Prometheus. The plot hole is like a land mine that you can’t avoid. Even a casual inexperienced moviegoers will find a lot of stupid things to point. Things like(SPOILER ALERT): Why the fuck does no one even think about what to do with Shaw’s offspring? Especially David. Because of Weyland? What about Vickers?  Did she never went back to her pod even just for taking a pee? OR OR, things like how in the blue hell that mohawk dude and biologic nerd can get lost in the first place. The freakin Janek can guide them with the all those sophisticated map, and to make things worse that mohawk dude is the one who preparing and mapping the entire site. OR OR, things like how that cardboard box Holloway going THE alcoholic way in a ship in the edge of the universe just because GOD is presumably already DEAD? that doesn’t make sense at all! OR OR, why the fuck Vickers and Shaw is running in a straight line! How stupid are they?  I can go on and on and never stop pointing all the silly and unimportant stuff in the Prometheus if i want to, but its not worth it because probably nobody will read it. In this term, Prometheus felt flat, soulless and rushed in some part, and i don’t even start on the plot hole on Alien mythology yet. Ridley Scott once says that he want to scare the shit out of us, and quite frankly there is no real sense of terror or suspense. We can blame editing, Landelof and Scott’s ambiguity in this area. There’s gotta be a director’s cut coming out a few years from now. Ridley Scott always do that.

But gawd, Prometheus is pretty. This is by far the most sophisticated, beautiful, and epic movie in terms of visualization. From those amazing landscape opening, the interior of pyramids(we can call it that) and Promethus,  to the exterior desert of LV 223, there’s nothing to complain. This is Ridley Scott in his best and probably no single director in this world can touch him in this area. The 3d works flawlessly too. Watching Prometheus in IMAX is worth the money.

Predictably, Fassbender is the acting powerhouse. The script really stay behind him in terms of acting creativity. That scene where he roaming around Prometheus alone is magnificent. His way of walking, or the way he talked is very unique and methodical. Way better than Winona Ryder, in the same league with Henrikssen and Holm, or arguably better. Noomi Rapace? Good. Elba and Theron? Better than I expected, good chemistry, but the script didn’t allow them to soaring away. Guy Pearce? Hideous make up, forgettable character. Others are unimportant cannon fodder. Weak, weak and weak.

The Creatures? I hate that giant squid facehugger. The creatures life cycle didn’t make sense and kinda ruins Xenomorph mythology. I hate the engineer. It ruins the mystical effect of Space Jockey. Its just a giant dude in the suit. Sigh. Although I love the last creature that they showed in the ending scene. The Xenomorph ancestor. Feral and beastly. HR Giger definitely didn’t have a hand in Prometheus creatures department.

Now, for the final words. I do like Prometheus. I will watch it again for the second, third, and countless times more. But not because this is a masterpiece. not because Prometheus is memorable. But because I’m a blind Alien fan. I will support everything with Xenomorph in it, no matter how awful the product. For the casual people who wants to start following Alien franchise or knowing only a little about the franchise here and there, Prometheus can be very hard to swallow because It’s vision and definition is unclear. So just enjoy all those pretty scene.

For the fact, I’m watching it with my girlfriend, and my other two friend. Except for me, the others doesn’t really understand what the heck is Prometheus is all about. My girlfriend is asking me what the hell is that giant dude? what the fuck is he doing in the opening scene? And my two other friend is leaving the IMAX with a huge grin in their forehead.

Now I understand why Ridley want Prometheus to be PG Rating so it could make more money…Sigh..

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  1. I didn’t think it was that bad. In fact, I thought it was a fine prequel and well worth a secondary place in the franchise, perhaps on the same level as Aliens. It’s just an Alien prequel. Why do we need to build it up to be more than that? Alien was, is, and always will be the masterpiece. This is just a spin-off. Why did anyone ever believe it was going to be the ‘be-all and end-all’ of the Alien franchise?

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