Let the Right One In * 9.5/10


As you all may know, I’m a “huge” fan of Twilight series. So when another vampire movie arrive, no matter how hard I try, Twilight is the benchmark.

Let the Right One in is a romantic/thriller drama movie about vampire. It’s in the same genre as twilight series. But If Let the Right one in feels like a nice warm once in a decade A-Class poetry slash literature, Twilight feels and smells like chicken shit.

The story is simple and a bit of a cliche, but the execution and script is perfect. Oscar, a 12 year old who is incessantly bullied by his classmates met Eli, a strange vampire girl who moves in to the next door. And the journey began.

When I first heard about “Let the right one in”, I always thought it will be another failed attempt to translate a great vampire story to the screen. With movies like “Twilight” make a pussy out of Vampire myth, or how “I am Legend” ruins one of the greatest ending ever in a novel with that stupid stupid Hollywood style, Let the Right One in feels like cold breeze in your neck. It is different, powerful, memorable and beautiful.

Different because, Let the right one in has all the traditional and conventional vampire myth we’re accustomed to, and at the same time it present in an unconventional, low-key simplistic way which manages to capture me in my seat right from the start. The story felt like a water flowing from the river up to the sea. Very natural, cold and yet ambiguous(freaky gender revelation). As cliche as it is, Let the right one in still manages to blows me away with its predictable twisted brutal plot.

Powerful because of the two main leads acting. You can feel the depth and centuries of blood in Eli’s Eyes. You can feel swallow the pain and yet needing for revenge thought from Oscar smiles and heavy breathing. You can feel the misguidance and hungry for love from Eli. You can feel the error way but still rooting for them both. If all of that wasn’t a powerful acting then maybe Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison making a cardboard expression is for you.

Memorable because of the chemistry from Eli and Oscar. Its like fate. You just want both of them to be together in the end. Even after the movie ends, I still wondering what’s going to happen between those two. Will Oscar succumbs to the same fate as Eli’s “Father”? Will Eli ever loved someone again? Its been a long time since I felt like knowing and caring the hell out of a fiction character just from two hours journey with them.

Beautiful because of the movie take on cinematography and music. I don’t want to be sounded like a douchbag movie buff, but “Let the Right one In” deserve a hell of a praise in this two category. The shot is as cold as swedish suburban. Empty, deserted, and snowy. Its like the filmmaker transported us directly to the set and brings us the cold atmosphere. And the music, especially every time Eli and Oskar together, is downright sweet and romantic, even with all the blood flying all over the screen. I freakin love it.

What more can I say? Let the right one In is perfect. I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like about this movie. If all the vampire movie is like this, I can’t complain. This is a vampire movie where everybody should’ve seen instead of that “Twilight” shit. This is a Vampire movie which I classified as a masterpiece. This is my number one favorite vampire movie of all time by dethroning Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Goddamn Sweden. Ingmar Bergman, Lisbeth Salander and now this?

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