4 Great Movies that I Do Not Want to See for The Second Time

There were times where I’ve come across a movie that is extremely well made. The directing is top notch, the acting is unbelievable, cinematography, music and etc is blowing off the roof — and I recognize that it’s a great movie and an extraordinary piece of artistry —, but a the same time, it’s so disturbing(not in a gore kinda way), off putting, and and make me feel like a crap to the point that I would rather destroy the movie than endure it again.

These are the 4 masterpiece that made me scream in anger, feeling anxious and small, broken my ass and my heart, and at times questioning what’s the real motive behind these movies existence other than to make its viewer feel miserable.

The City of Life and Dead or Nanjing! Nanjing!(2009)

 This whole planet already knows the story of Nanking massacre, whether Japanese government denied it or not, so I don’t have to describe the whole plot. What makes this movie different than any other take on Nanking massacre, and the greatest thing about this movie, is City of life and death do not contained any political propaganda at all. It means, it doesn’t pick sides and no finger pointing. Its as anti-war as you can get. City of life and death truthfully, decides to show us how war could torn and destroy human no matter which sides they’re on.  Compared to any holocaust movie, the City of life and death can proudly standing on its own ground. Unlike the Nazi with the methodical killing, Japanese atrocities is cold hearted brutality. Its unthinking and unreasoning. It feels like when a group of hungry crocodiles eating a baby hippo. And this movie style is working well in transforming that kinda of atrocities to the silver screen. And even though the movie wasn’t that graphically violent, the pain that shows in every actor/actresses extremely shaking my emotion. Do not see City of life and death when you have a sunshine in your mind. This movie will step and take a dump out of it. It’ll make you angry because it certainly reflects much of the true nature of war. Which is horror.


Open Water(2003) 

 It tells the story of a young couple who decide to go scuba diving with a small group. However, their boat leaves them and they are stranded out in the middle of the ocean. Simple, yet effective. Like usual, Mr Shark is involved, but they’re there just for the cameo sake of it. The best thing, or worst thing in a good kinda way, from Open Waters is the film plays with your mind and with your greatest fears. To be alone in the middle of nowhere with just a tiny speck of hope. Another great thing about Open Water that it feels very amateur with unknown actors and documentary-esque shaky camera, but that what’s make this movie felt very realistic. Open Water is the first movie that make no reassured to us that afterwards that it was all in fun, for me. Open Open Water leaves no such outlet and is all the better film for it. Though I will never ever watched it again. It leaves a haunting and harrowing hole in my heart that I still could feel even today, almost ten years later. Because I love the deep blue sea…


 In The Realm of the Senses or Ai no korida(1976)

 In the Realm of the Senses is the only movie in my blu ray collection that I will never ever watched again, but at the same time, I will never ever sell. It’s an erotic fantasy turned nightmare because of some unhealthy sexual obsession. In The realm of The Senses is trying hard to disturb its viewer at how far sexual fetishes can going on. And damn, it really disturb me, because honestly, I am a pervert. A healthy and safe one. The movie makes me questioning the real meaning of sex fetish and obsession(and sometimes makes me staring weirdly on an egg). It’s a film about how our desires and obsession can withdraw us from society, reality, or even out own consciousness. Why I don’t want to see it again? Because it detracts the pleasure of sex out of me after I realize what this movie is really about.



 Hunger isn’t an entertainment. Hunger is a collection moving picture of a brutal and disturbing look at the extremes some people take to find justice. There’s not a single second exist in those 90 minutes that make me feel being entertained.  Hunger doesn’t mentally scarred me, or make feel nauseous whatsoever. Its just Hunger felt too bleak, ugly, grim and hopeless. And because of those three points its hard to imagine myself enduring another run of this movie no matter how good actually this movie is.

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