6 Actually Good Old Dumb Movies That Everybody’s Shits On but I’m Not Ashamed to Liking it

Constantine(IMDB 6.7, RT42%)

 To enjoy Constantine, you need to set aside the adaptation of the comic book tag that follows behind Constantine(especially if you follow/read Hellblazer), then you’ll find a good 2 hours entertainment. Because there are some Major differences between the comic book and this version. For example, the comic book version John Constantine supposed to look like Sting, and the movie version is look like a douchebag who don’t give a fuck about anything except for himself.  Constantine is really a good movie. Rachel Weisz is always giving her 100% performance no matter what movie she’s acted act. The special effect is awesome. The concept of hell as a parallel dimension to our own world is freaking cool. The twisted story line about how you buying your way to heaven is not bad either. Well, at the end Constantine is another one of those movies that you either love or hate. Its weird that I chose to love a movie where Keanu Reeves and Shia Le Bouf kissing each other balls in it.

 Faster(IMDB 6.5, RT 42%)

 The best thing about this movie is that FASTER doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not. Its a good old action-vengeance movie. Nice gesture, intimidating performance, and action by The Rock. Believable story. Exceptional soundtrack. I don’t get why a lot of people didn’t catch FASTER yet, when they had time to watch abysmal movies like Twilight saga.

Predator 2(IMDB 6.1, RT 23%)

 Believe me or not, I consider Predator 2 to be a better movie than the first. Why? Don’t get me wrong, I still love the heck out of the first predator, but this movie has more action, more Predator, clearer gory scene, and CHARACTER. The first one seems too one dimensional in terms of protagonist(bunch of Tyranosaurus rex in human version), but Predator 2 had more fun character for us to watch, especially Danny Glover, Gary Busey, and Bill Paxton(Paxton is the only actor get killed by a Terminator, Xenomorph, and Predator). Don’t forget the Urban Jungle setting. This movie depiction of L.A is very distinctive and unique. Its hot, dirty, and gritty. It felt like a comic book.

The Relic(IMDB 5.4, RT 32%)


This movie is the result when you put Tom Sizemore in the main starring role, surprisingly, its good. Its the good old ~monster on the loose killing everyone until some smart ass blow it~ movie. Even though the story  could be mistakenly as a B-movie, The Relic is way better and classier. Why? because Stan Winston deal with creature effect. The STAN WINSTON. The two main characters chemistry is good too. I love the connection between Sizemore and Ann-Miller character which doesn’t force a romantic involvement. It felt so refreshing.

 Deep Blue Sea (IMDB 5.7, RT 57%).


A lot of critics and people that I’ve known said that Deep Blue Sea is unoriginal. Off course it is unoriginal! Its a shark movie! Except for Jaws, there’s no original movie that tells us about Shark eating human. Deep Blue Sea is a big, a bit dumb, loud, and go out with a bang movie. Its filled with cardboard stereotypical character too. It’s Renny Harlin’s. What do you expect? But this is my favorite Harlin’s movie, even bested Die Hard 2. Why? Because it is fun like hell! Oh, and it contains one of the most powerful and shocking death scene involving Samuel L. Jackson and his infamous rants.

Congo(IMDB 4.7, RT 21%)

 Congo is definitely not a masterpiece. Its dumb, stupid, cheesy, and quite possibly the worst Chricton adaptation for like,ever. But strangely, I love this movie for an unknown reason. Probably, because of the story of the lost city of jinx? Probably because that I had an achiles’s heel in African’s setting movie? or probably because of the awesome final 10 minutes involving killer gorilla and laser weapon? I don’t really know, but I still think Congo is a good movie, an enjoyable and quirky one.


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2 responses to “6 Actually Good Old Dumb Movies That Everybody’s Shits On but I’m Not Ashamed to Liking it

  1. atothewr

    The Relic – Stan Winston did the effects = awesome. Own it.

    I also own Constantine which is also a great movie.

    Nice post.

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