11 Reasons Why THE AVENGERS Arguably is the Greatest Superhero Movie of All Time

Before reading the 10 reasons, I would like you guys to know that I never considered THE DARK KNIGHT(2008) as a superhero movie. Because when Christopher Nolan manage to bring the superhero world to the reality with his take on Batman, he doesn’t make a superhero/comic book movie. He made one of the best thriller/action movie of all time. Another one is, I’m not a marvel fanboy. But even though Batman is my favorite superhero of all time, Off course I do prefer Marvel than DC. But The Avengers wasn’t really my liking. Cap, Hulk, Thor, and Iron man felt too stiff for me. So here’s the 10 reason. OH, i forgot, SPOILER ALERT!

  • Fun. The Avengers is fun. It is a crowd-pleaser through and through right from the first minute. It is really a roller coaster ride that make you hold your breath, smiling, laughing, and being entertained. My inner geek heart jumping up and down in those two hours.
  • It manage to beat the unfairly pretty high expectations that I had going into the cinema.Seriously, ever since Samuel L.Jackson appear in the post credit scene at the first Iron Man back in 2008, the hype for the Avengers is began. And somehow, marvel manage to overcome the hype and even make the movie is better than the hype.
  • Hulk. This is the perfect way to capture Hulk. Mark Rufallo felt too comical for Bruce Banner. I prefer Edward Norton. But when Banner turning into his green, muscle bound, earth smashing alter ego, He’s the rock star of the Movie.
  • The Joke. What can I say? Its Josh Whedon. From “Puny god…”, to the “He’s Adopted….”. Amusing. This is Whedon at his best.
  • Josh Whedon himself. This guy did it. Now he can laugh at and give the middle finger to the studio who canceled his firefly. Among every people that involved in this awesome movie, his task is the heaviest. But somehow, he didn’t ruined it by being a director. He make it great by being a fans.
  • It felt like a comic book. I felt like reading the Civil War, or ultimate avengers, except that its in flesh and blood! Its like a dream come true when Thor vs Hulk goes one on one. 5 years ago, I wouldn’t never expect that this movie is really happening. I know I’m smiling very hard when that scene is finally arrived.
  • The interaction between the main heroes(Stark, Rogers, Banner, and Thor). Effective, brilliant, and truthful to the comic. It really felt very organic and flesh. Cap and Stark is really never getting along very well. Hulk and Thor small rivalry. The small talk between them. I just don’t want it to be end. This is the ace up the Avengers sleeve. Its not some just heavy CGI action movie. Cut out the action and I’d still want to see this movie.
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki. This is the powerhouse acting of this Avengers. I love his facial expression. I dig his hair and costume. I love his cockiness. Nobody should play Loki beside Tom Hiddleston.
  • Robert Downey Jr. What can I say. Dude was born to play Tony Stark.
  • Action scene and special effect. That last 20 minutes is incredibly BAD ASS! Very very satisfying.
  • The Middle Credit Scene. ITS THANOS. This is the best credit scene ever in Marvel history. This could open the gate to other awesomeness that another Avengers will bring to us!

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