Quick Review : Part III

The Descendants(2011) 

Decent, but not special, touchy and pretty logical movie. Clooney is a hit and miss for me.  Love his work at From Dusk till Dawn, the Perfect Storm and Solaris, but other than that, BLAH. The Descendants did nothing for me other than just simple plain movie. I doubt the movie will be much memorable if the setting, music, and atmosphere wasn’t in Hawaii or Hawaii-esque. The ending is brilliant by the way. Neither sad or happy and teach us, human, that no matter how bad things is going around us, there’s always a bright side out of it.



  Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol(2011)

Surprisingly good and effective. There’s something annoying but interesting came out from Tom Cruise every time his face shows up. I’m laughing at the screen when “A TOM CRUISE PRODUCTION” shows up. Cool gadget. Cool opening scene. Powerful Paula Patton. Simon Pegg as a comic relief is irritating. Flaws logic(how could there’s  no single person/guest make some kind of report to the security when Tom Cruise climbing that tallest building in the world? He didn’t climb wall, he climb glasses! With other guest inside of it. Because its the tallest building in the planet! get the logic?). Splendid action scene. Oh, and I watched this after the Raid, surprisingly again, i found this flick is better than The Raid.  Money says everything right?




The Divide(2011)

Filled with plot holes, characters potrayed as an idiot and illogical decision. Very bleak, uncomfortable, dirty and disturbing atmosphere. Makes me somehow questioning human conscience. I went in with no expectation, and the movie really flabbergasted me in terms of where it was ended and predictability. The science fiction genre is ended in about 50 minutes, and replaced by thriller with a little drop of torture porn. Love it.




Survival Style 5+(2005) 

Original. Daring. Surreal.  Bizzare. Fun. Insane. Why? I won’t spoil the story but let me just tell you the main characters in this movie. A gang of thieves with very homo erotic members, a British professional assassin whom always asked somebody “what is your function of your life”, a middle age guy whose being hypnotized to act like a bird, an immortal girl who always trying to killed and to be killed by her husband. is that enough?




Roman Polanski weakest movie ironically is the most star studded one. Filled with heavy weight of acting like Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, and Christoph Waltz, Carnage is failed to connect with me. Its too pretentious and in the same place, simple. Its like, Roman trying too hard to make a  heavy but not too heavy comedy, but he failed. The plot  is too shallow and blah for me to take it serious. Its like watching some random group uninterestingly complaining and whining about their life, but this time they cost us.  Well, what can I say. It is a Carnage.




The Ghost and the Darkness(1996) 

I always loved a monster/hunt movies no matter how bad/stupid the movie is.  Well, to tell you the truth, The Ghost and the Darkness is far from Bad and Stupid. It tells us a very convincingly and realistic take on Tsavo Man eater. The real case where 2 lions devouring a lot of humans in Tsavo(obviously). Michael Douglas is always interesting to watch. The Lion is cool. But Val Kilmer. Hmm, what can I say. Even the Lion is acting better than him. Other than Kilmer miscast, the production value from this flick is good and enjoyable enough as your Saturday night movies with a popcorn. Do not put your expectation high by the way.


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