The Raid * 8/10

I told you all before, I’ve seen a lot of shit. And in terms of action movies, I’ve seen a LOT of SHIT. My favorite fighting scene in a movie of all time is the MMA/Pride influenced brawl between Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung in Sha Po Lang. Although the fight is still looks good now, it doesn’t meant shit in terms of extravaganza and WOW effect compared to The RAID.

I won’t tell you the story, because its so simple, forgettable, a bit idiotic in terms of logic, and actually belong in video game universe. But the reason we are watching UFC/Pride, soccer match, boxing match, aren’t for the plot right? We’re looking for an adrenaline rush. And The Raid is that kind of the movie. The acting is so trash and laughable its barely could be called acting. The plot twist is predictable and BLAH. The set and lighting looks so cheap and amateurish. The plot hole and inconsistency between all the small detail and sense of logic is nearly zero and BLAH. But when the fighting scene erupts, you’ll forget all those technical crap.

Holy Shit, every single fighting scene in this movie its like a mixture between last 40 minutes of HARD BOILED, every hand to hand combat in THE EXPENDABLES, bloody slasher in first KILL BILL, Jackie Chan last fight in the sequel of DRUNKEN MASTER, every single Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa’s movies, and Batman Arkham City. Only this time, there’s no such thing as quick camera MTV Generation cut. We can see all the slash, kick, punch, choke, very clearly in the screen. Its not realistic in terms of damage and skill, but its very satisfying and ground breaking. The fights choreograph very beautifully, menacing, and deadly. THE RAID is setting the bar very high and currently untouchable  in terms  of fighting scene. Its kicking Hollywood and Hongkong in their asses with that BAR.

 I get it, the director and producer probably decided want to sell the action, not all the other crap like story and acting. Probably the budget isn’t that much to began with. Its understandable and forgivable because The Raid is amaze me. This is how Indonesian movies should go by now, even though that sounds very optimistically dreamy. Probably the only thing that’s gonna go fly away high is Eko Uwais and the Director. Just like Tony Jaa’s and Thailand’s movies. The Majority of Indonesian cinema will still laid in the carcass trash bottom feeding horror comedy direct to DVD movie.  The Raid didn’t make me proud as an fellow Indonesian. It makes me feels more bad ass than any of those karate Jason Statham Jet Li Pokemon Michael Bay movies

8/10. Satisfying Guilty Pleasure Indeed!


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3 responses to “The Raid * 8/10

  1. Raltair

    Really cool review indeed, but could you leave some note for foreigner? like “I’m a native speaker and watched this film without subtitle” or something like this. we already knew, they only read subtitle to understand the story and our perspective about this film quality as native speaker, is not totally same with them. Especially in acting and just make sure enough, they understand why we judge it really bad. Sincerely your fellow native speaker.

    • Noted. But a lot of my friend(foreigner ones) actually think that the acting is kinda sucks too. The only great thing about The Raid is the fighting Scene. But your opinion totally make sense. I will make some change. Thanks bro. Follow my blog if you can. Its nice to know fellow Indonesian read this blog.

  2. jetlisista

    A totally must see movie of this year. If you dont have enough money to buy the ticket or the 14 lucky theatres are far as heaven from your block so no cash enough for flight, save your lunch pennies, go selling your dog, beg your mom since I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this to be watched before some hollywood dudes shoot for its remake…

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