Is Tim Burton really sucks and overrated?

Everybody who loves watching movies knows who the fuck is Tim Burton. He’s the genius behind the so-called revolutionary pseudo-goth visual filled movies like Batman, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, Ed Wood, and lots other. He got  millions of fans. His movie made millions of dollar. Every single one of his movie is distinctive, unique, and quirky, in a good way, enough at visual department. But is he sucks? Is he overrated?

Yes, IMO Tim Burton is a glorified production set designer who doesn’t deserve the status as a visionary and shouldn’t be allowed near a movie set and his lover, Johnny Depp, ever again.

Burton makes 4 great movies. Batman, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, and Mars Attack!(I consider Mars Attack good because it doesn’t take itself seriously. Its a fuckin’ weird campy nightmare parody. People should realize and get that).

A bunch of mediocre ones like Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns and Bettlejuice.

And the rest of his movie is suck, soul less, and idiotic. Why? Because every script in all those movie is incoherent and filled with unimaginative character and story. Its like Burton only care for how gothic and emo Depp and his wife look in the screen, but rarely give a single fuck about what his character said or did. Burton need to fucking realize that a great visual style does not transform the movie to a pleasant journey for the viewer.  He’s not David Lynch, who always literally decided to punish his Audience, but at cared about every single detail from the story of his movie, even sometimes it doesn’t make sense.  In Tim Burton case, it doesn’t meant that I don’t understand or confused by the story, but its just felt STUPID. Burton is not a bad director, he’s just over overrated.  Tim Burton is a motherfucking visual genius. I admit that. However, the vast majority of his movie are not hurt by being put on mute.


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8 responses to “Is Tim Burton really sucks and overrated?

  1. riker van damme

    i agree with some of what you said, I am a big Burton hater, but do you read over you writing before putting it up? your grammar and spelling seems as if you went to some inner city ghetto school and dropped out. idiots like you are proof as to why the internet was a bad invention. it allows ignoramuses to spread their stupidity like a Chinese virus.

  2. you’re text has alot of errors, is incoherent, and your arguments are juste stupid.

  3. Blair Burl

    Tim Burton was raised in Burbank, California. He spent most of his childhood as a recluse, drawing cartoons and watching old movies (he was especially fond of films with Vincent Price). When he was in the ninth grade, his artistic talent was recognized by a local garbage company when he won a prize for an anti-litter poster he designed. ;

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  4. Rachel

    You curse too much and can’t even put them into a sentence correctly. Proofread your work before you publish it into your blog. Where is the proof?
    Burton does not just care about “how gothic and emo Depp and his wife look in the screen”. To me it seems you just stopped at Sweeney Todd. Some of Tim Burton movies are colorful such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Even Edward Scissorhands has much color. The only part that is really “dark” is the home of Edward. Those of us that like the story for what it is and the visuals for what they are like Tim Burton for that reason. If you want to see a bright non gothic non “emo” movies then go watch a chick flick because obviously Tim Burton is not for you.

  5. Don’t worry about all the Americans commenting. They only speak one language and can barely manage that. Their opinions don’t matter. They are self centered oxygen waters.

    • James

      Ok, just so you know, I am American and I can speak several languages myself. I would appreciate if you do not lump us all together like that. Thank you.

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