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The Raid * 8/10

I told you all before, I’ve seen a lot of shit. And in terms of action movies, I’ve seen a LOT of SHIT. My favorite fighting scene in a movie of all time is the MMA/Pride influenced brawl between Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung in Sha Po Lang. Although the fight is still looks good now, it doesn’t meant shit in terms of extravaganza and WOW effect compared to The RAID.

I won’t tell you the story, because its so simple, forgettable, a bit idiotic in terms of logic, and actually belong in video game universe. But the reason we are watching UFC/Pride, soccer match, boxing match, aren’t for the plot right? We’re looking for an adrenaline rush. And The Raid is that kind of the movie. The acting is so trash and laughable its barely could be called acting. The plot twist is predictable and BLAH. The set and lighting looks so cheap and amateurish. The plot hole and inconsistency between all the small detail and sense of logic is nearly zero and BLAH. But when the fighting scene erupts, you’ll forget all those technical crap.

Holy Shit, every single fighting scene in this movie its like a mixture between last 40 minutes of HARD BOILED, every hand to hand combat in THE EXPENDABLES, bloody slasher in first KILL BILL, Jackie Chan last fight in the sequel of DRUNKEN MASTER, every single Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa’s movies, and Batman Arkham City. Only this time, there’s no such thing as quick camera MTV Generation cut. We can see all the slash, kick, punch, choke, very clearly in the screen. Its not realistic in terms of damage and skill, but its very satisfying and ground breaking. The fights choreograph very beautifully, menacing, and deadly. THE RAID is setting the bar very high and currently untouchable  in terms  of fighting scene. Its kicking Hollywood and Hongkong in their asses with that BAR.

 I get it, the director and producer probably decided want to sell the action, not all the other crap like story and acting. Probably the budget isn’t that much to began with. Its understandable and forgivable because The Raid is amaze me. This is how Indonesian movies should go by now, even though that sounds very optimistically dreamy. Probably the only thing that’s gonna go fly away high is Eko Uwais and the Director. Just like Tony Jaa’s and Thailand’s movies. The Majority of Indonesian cinema will still laid in the carcass trash bottom feeding horror comedy direct to DVD movie.  The Raid didn’t make me proud as an fellow Indonesian. It makes me feels more bad ass than any of those karate Jason Statham Jet Li Pokemon Michael Bay movies

8/10. Satisfying Guilty Pleasure Indeed!


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Is Tim Burton really sucks and overrated?

Everybody who loves watching movies knows who the fuck is Tim Burton. He’s the genius behind the so-called revolutionary pseudo-goth visual filled movies like Batman, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, Ed Wood, and lots other. He got  millions of fans. His movie made millions of dollar. Every single one of his movie is distinctive, unique, and quirky, in a good way, enough at visual department. But is he sucks? Is he overrated?

Yes, IMO Tim Burton is a glorified production set designer who doesn’t deserve the status as a visionary and shouldn’t be allowed near a movie set and his lover, Johnny Depp, ever again.

Burton makes 4 great movies. Batman, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, and Mars Attack!(I consider Mars Attack good because it doesn’t take itself seriously. Its a fuckin’ weird campy nightmare parody. People should realize and get that).

A bunch of mediocre ones like Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns and Bettlejuice.

And the rest of his movie is suck, soul less, and idiotic. Why? Because every script in all those movie is incoherent and filled with unimaginative character and story. Its like Burton only care for how gothic and emo Depp and his wife look in the screen, but rarely give a single fuck about what his character said or did. Burton need to fucking realize that a great visual style does not transform the movie to a pleasant journey for the viewer.  He’s not David Lynch, who always literally decided to punish his Audience, but at cared about every single detail from the story of his movie, even sometimes it doesn’t make sense.  In Tim Burton case, it doesn’t meant that I don’t understand or confused by the story, but its just felt STUPID. Burton is not a bad director, he’s just over overrated.  Tim Burton is a motherfucking visual genius. I admit that. However, the vast majority of his movie are not hurt by being put on mute.


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Quick Review : Part II

Cop Land(1997) 

Roger Ebert once says, Stallone is the Next Marlon Brando. Even though I never give a fuck about whatever that damn fat ass aid ever since he disrespecting video games, that guy is right. Giving the right condition, Stallone is a one damn fine actor. Cop Land is his greatest work and achievement as a serious actor. But what Hollywood do to him after this? They turned his back on him until 2008 where he’ playing Rocky Balboa for the sixth time! Even in a star studded cast full of heavyweight like De Niro, Keitel and Liotta, Stallone manage to stand tall and shakes the heaven. Solid, flawless, and fragile in a good convincing way. Try to compared Cop Land to the other best of its genre, like Mystic River or LA Confidential, you’ll find that this movie is still that damn good, probably better. 8/10


 This is Spinal Tap (1984)

I was born in 1984, and that makes me feel awesome because I was born in the same year when one of the most funniest movie of all time coming out.  That’s a perfect sentence to describe about how much I fucking love This is Spinal Tap. Fans of classic rock, wherever the hell you are , whatever shit you’re snorting right now, find this movie! From the damn absurb and perverted lyrics, to the hilarious scene involving Stonehenge and alien eggs, this is the access to the backstage of rock and roll life that we always wanted! Oh, and June Chadwick is hot as hell! 8/10.


The Proposition(2005) 

Violent. Barbaric. Bloody. Magnificent. Those four words describe The Proposition entirely. On-screen rivals between the quiet but deadly Guy Pearce and the brutal but personal Danny Houston is amazing to watch. This is not the typical clean cut western. The Proposition is gruesome and nasty, exceedingly and essential. I didn’t really love it in the first viewing, but after I take back the seat and put more controllable adrenalin into my mind as I watch it, The Proposition knock off the 2007’s version of 3:10 to Yuma from the number 5 spot in the list of my favorite western movie of all time. 8.5/10.



The Grey(2012)

The first thing that I need to get off my chest from The Grey is the beautiful of its Cinematography. Cold crystal, brutal and stunning. On par with other snowy titles like Cliffhanger, the first part from the Descent, or A Lonely Place to Die. The movie itself is decent, but sometimes feels too pretentious. The filmmaker trying too hard to make a violent survival poetic movie involving Wolf. Full of illogical choice of stupidity. Liam Neeson is awesome like usual. The ending is respectable but too subtle. Passable, just don’t think of it as a perfect realistic movie when you watch it. 6.5/10.


 Fish Tank(2009)

I dig the use of a lot Fuck and Cunt words in this movie. It seems very appropriate with tones and themes that came along with Fish Tank, a not so-small movie that full with humanity. This movie is so unpredictable to read and guess because all the characters in it is very real and smooth acted. Especially the two main cast, Michael Fassbender, and newcomer(in 2009) Mia Jarvis. The Director is smart in using and combining honest sexual encounter, gritty hand held camera, powerful character, and harsh language into one package. Its hard to find its fault. Some people might think that fish tank is just another broken family movie, but trust me, fish tank is everything but that. 8.5/10

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Quick Review : Part I


A beautiful aching complex tragic story. Full of metaphors that I still don’t get very well. What the hell is this? An odyssey? A Dream? or  just an Idea? Very hard to watch because of the burden that lies in Javier Bardem’s character is felt so real, heavy and bleak.  The movie themes are posed as questions in regards to religion, human, and death. Surprisingly, there’s a few of haunting strange scenes involving ghost and spirit in this heavy drama. I love the gritty cosmopolitan and urban touch that laying all over the movies. Definitely better than 21 Grams and Babel, but more hard to swallow. Javier Bardem best work! 8/10.


  The Help(2011)

Powerful, powerful performance by Octavia Spencer and that crazy Jessica Chastain. Without those two, The Help would be a soulless movie about how a white girl help black people freeing themselves, which is actually still feels like it. Kinda sweet and heartwarming, but still feels like a chick flick. Totally overrated. The Ending is very Hollywood-ish and dumbed down.  Emma stone is hot though. An Oscar worthy in overall? My ass! Just buy the fucking book. 5/10.



I might think that the cancer drama is about worn out by now, but boy, i Love this movie. Seth Rogen basically playing himself as an annoying jerk and  the calming presence that Joseph Gordon Levitt always have is perfectly captured.  Obviously, somebody’s fight against cancer is not a comic laughable material, but 50/50 manages to take the subject with dignity, class and some a few satire dark comedy here and there.  One of the best in 2011. 8/10!


 Meek’s Cutoff(2010) 

Michelle Williams officially convinced me that she is a serious actress after Meek’s Cutoff. No, her work in that overrated Brokeback Mountain and Blue valentine doesn’t impress me at all.  Now, even though that Movie poster above will give you a false alarm about what Meek’s cutoff is all about, in its soul, Meek’s cutoff is still a damn fine western movie. And perhaps It is the only movie that I remembered ever watching makes me screaming loudly, “WHAT THE FUCK!”, when the credits rolls in. But in a good awesome way. Realistic and dusty. 8/10!




Fucking shitty CRAP. One of the worst thing that ever grace my screen since Twilight. What the fuck Mickey Rourke??? 1/10!



Another Masaki Kobayashi’s masterpiece. Way better and powerful than Kwaidan. The cinematography is gritty and crisp, the sets is wonderful and realistic, and of course, all the actors are spectacular. This is the type of movie that goes beyond the word great. A perfect movie to captured character studies and samurai life. A perfect movie to captured how revenge is eating you alive. And a perfect provoking movie even though for me as a viewer is very hard to decide which story, if any, tells the truth. Honor, Love, Loyalty, Lies, Revenged, politic, action, this movie tell us everything about all those damn things. 10/10!


 Fat Girl(2001) 

I want to say I Like Fat girl, but im still unsure. I Want to say, I hate this movie, but its so hard to hate this realistic,  truthful and shocking movie. But one thing for sure, Catherine Breillat is one damn fined filmmaker. She makes film that are meant to divide us. Whether you shout “Blasphemy!Heretic!” or “Genius!!” it points to her effectiveness. Seriously,  this is not an ordinary movie, where  the quite realistic nudity, sex scenes  and violence are not for meant to be fun. 7.5/10!


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Another Blog

I just want to tell you guys who speak Indonesian, I just wrote a new blog in Indonesian

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