Why Do I Love Pro Wrestling?

A lot of my friends always keep asking me the same question since 2002 when they catch me watching wrestling. “Why in the blue hell do you love wrestling? You’re such a snob in terms of entertainment, some people even consider you as an elitist. But why do you love the heck out of something which was a pointless act of scripted fake fighting with stilted, insipid dialog, boring story lines and awful, straight to DVD, porn movie level acting?” To answer that question, you have to know what wrestling is all about first. Because trust me, I used to have an ignorant view of pro wrestling as a garbage bin of entertainment . But now, I’m officially proclaiming myself as a Smark, since 2002.  A Smark is a wrestling fans who knows what goes on behind the scenes and all the shits around it, but still enjoys watching all the events.

A lot of dude in my generation started to love wrestling since the Attitude era in 1998-2001(some guys even love wrestling since Hogan and Savage era). It is the period where wrestling reach its peak popularity in the world. The era where Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock rules. At that time I’m in high school, but I hate wrestling so damn much. Wrestling is silly. Wrestling is fake. Wrestling is full with a bunch of moron love to asking audience to get ready for some ass kicking sucka, and a weirdo who love to raising his eyebrow all the time and saying pointless catchphrase like smell whatever the shit he was cooking. And to top it all, a lot people loves it. I try to love wrestling at that time, but I can’t. It’s too phony for me. There was this one morning which I still vaguely remember, I heard some of my friends talking about how The Rock being cheated in his match after hit by a chair. I was like, jezz guys. You do know that it was scripted right? But then, summer 2002 came along..

 In 2002, wrestling popularity is in decline for an unknown reason. In my country, the popularity goes from hero to zero. Nobody watching wrestling anymore, nobody talk about wrestling anymore. And then one night, I started to flipped over some local channel, and surprised that there’s one channel that still playing wrestling stuff.  Okay, so I think, why not watching it? Why don’t I try to enjoy myself and laugh at the fake sport that nobody want to watch anymore? But boy, that cheap thought really hit my candy ass. In television that night, there was this huge guy called Brock Lesnar. He was big, but not gigantic. He looks intense and powerful, but not crazy and insane. And he’s kicking Hulk Hogan’s ass, and even manage to make that old man bleeds. Who in the green hell is this guy? Why I never heard of him before? This Brock character felt so realistic. And it turns out, that guy is fighting towards the championship, against The Rock after that. Suddenly, I feel like a little boy again. I want to cheer anyone whose going fighting against Brock Lesnar. I want to see his ass getting kicked. And I really expect The Rock will do the job, but I’m wrong again. Brock Lesnar totally destroyed The Rock. Completely. I still don’t get it. Why the household important very famous VIP dude like The Rock let some green virtually unknown guy destroy him even though all of this is fake? In Movies you don’t let Tom Cruise being spitted in the face by Dakota Fanning right? Why?

And that’s the starting line. After that summer. My entertainment life never felt the same again.  I learned that they’re really bleeds in a match. I learned that there’s a real life persona, and there’s a ring persona, and sometimes the same wrestler, is the same person in the real life. I learned that when a billionaire, the owner of WWE, is sacrificing his head to be struck by a chair by his employee is a pure gold entertainment. I learned that the Rock really is the most electrifying guy in the whole entertainment( I’m not kidding you, I enjoyed the hell out of any Catherine Breillat’s movie, I’m a huge fan of Charlie Parker, Dave Brubeck, Dexter Gordon, and in the same time, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is my Idol and favorite person in the earth).

But wait a minute, all those rampant nonsense talk above doesn’t really answer the question about why do I love wrestling? Its just the way I explained to you guys what makes wrestling is GOLD and interesting in my mind. The Answer is, because I love being entertained, and I had a better respect to a wrestler, than to any other kind of profession in Entertainment World. Because these guys really is putting over everything in his life for the sake of entertaining the fans. They’re sacrificing their own family to be on road all the time(there’s no break or off season in wrestling universe, unlike any other seasoned sports). They’re sacrificing their own health and body just to get respect from the fans. How unselfish was that? Okay, sure, wrestling is faked and scripted, but so is virtually everything else on TV and silver screen, right? When you see Jurassic Park, you don’t think that the lawyers dude really get chewed by a T-rex while taking a dump right? In movies and any other acted shows, you can take a wrong scene, and retake it. But there’s no retake in pro-wrestling match. Once you make a mistake, it is done. And sometimes, the payment is a serious injury or even life. Even better than movies, sometimes the only thing that’s being scripted in the wrestling match is only the outcome or the result. The way to get to there, is purely improvisation, only it’s live, and dangerous, because 60 percent of all the moves itself was not fake and really connects. It’s a soap opera men can proudly watch without being embarrassed about it. It’s still a guilty pleasure trash Non-Cannes material entertainment, but still I’m getting entertain by it, and what’s wrong with that?

And what do I love in Wrestling?  The Atmosphere, The Athleticism, The Adrenaline, The crowd, the Respect, The Moves, The Match, The Risk, The Character. There’s nothing like watching 68 thousand people cheering The Rock and Hulk Hogan when they’re fight. There’s no feeling in the world that could match the excitement and fire when Shawn Michael kicking out of Undertaker’s Tombstone three years ago. As much as I love movies and video games, there’s no such thing like that in those two medias. And also, now I do smell what the The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, the best in the present, future and past, and if y’all don’t like me you can kiss the peoples ass is cooking…

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