The Skin I Live In * 9/10

As a stranger to Pedro Almodovar’s films(and Spanish cinema ) and a devoted hater to almost every single of Antonio Banderas’s work, I found myself confusingly in love with The Skin Live In. Okay, The Skin I live In script sometimes probably too hyperbolic and too tragic to be true, but in other section, The Skin I Live in is a very rare visual banquet of acting, twisted story and sophisticated work of cinematography. Its very hard for me not to be engrossed to the depth of this movie, no matter how hard I try to despise and ration it, because of how brilliantly the script playing with my emotion and guts to almost every minute of it.

Dr. Robert Ledgard is a world renown plastic surgeon. He claimed that he’s watching and involved in three out of nine face transplant operation in the world. What the world doesn’t know, that this guy is a mad slash genius scientist. He does a lot of shit that makes Dr Frankenstein looks like your regular dentist. But that wasn’t happened without a cause. His life, 24/7 , full of psychos that roaming all over his mind and creating all the tragic incident which led him to crafting one of the most sickest and disturbingly beautiful, in away, plastic surgeon that I’ve ever watched.

I can’t do justice in describing The Skin I Live In whole plot. The  movie covers a lot of theme, from sexual assaults, psychological trauma and sex, trans genesis, sexual orientation confusion, illegal drugs, obsession revenge and betrayal, murder and even the truth behind Yoga or fuck up sexual fetish. You just have to saw it. And by the end of the movies, its hard to pick sides. You just don’t know who do you want to root to survive and  riding the sunset with happiness in the end.

I never thought that I would say this, but finally I found a movie where Antonio Banderas is doing a very good job playing a reasonable mad man and believable character without inflicting a self parodying of himself in English language. There’s something cool, cold, fishy and mysterious that comes along with his fake facial expression. He’s like a cross between Bruce Banner and Sid Vicious.  Playing against him is Elena Anaya as Vera, the Walking Mannequin. This girl is magic to watch. Her movement explicitly moves in a subtle hideous way. Without going into spoiler, Elena Anaya played two character convincingly with that kind of body language. I love her.

Solid technical aspect. Dark, efficient, and unpredictable story. A decent combination of Thriller, Drama, and bit of Science Fiction. What more can I say about The Skin I Live In? Its the only movie that make me realize how fuck up this world really is because of how we violate and twist every single aspect of human life in the name of science and personal vendetta. Five out of five stars!

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