Dan in Real Life * 6/10

Dan in Real Life opens with columnist Dan, single father of three girls, raising them like the every movie cliche dad he is, traveling to a family gathering after a quick introduction each of his daughters. Right after that, he meets a woman who he’s instantly attracted to, but who turns out to be his brother’s girlfriend. And that’s where the “chaos” begin to pick up.

The Role of Dan Burns, a newspaper advice columnist, a widower, and a controlling father seems like born to be played by Steve Carell. Dan Burns is like the carbon copy of all Carell character in other movie. Decent guy with a subtle loneliness, sweet but sometimes can be selfish and irritating. But nonetheless, he did a nice job as usual. His brother’s girlfriend, Marie, played by Juliette Binoche. Believe or not, she’s playing herself in this movie. From that thick European accent, to that pretentious European biography, everything around her is screaming, why in the blue hell Marie is falling in love with Dan? Her chemistry with Carell is almost zero. I don’t like it. But somehow I guess it sells. I can tell by how critics seems to like this movie.

By overall design and story, Dan in Real Life is very mainstream. From the typical soft and peaceful location that accompanied by some fantastic music by Sondre Lerche, to the light hearted tone and the existence of a perfect family without a single dysfunction between all the members, Dan in Real Life is everything that you want in this kind of flick that you’ll enjoy as THE movie before you sleep companion, just so you can have a nice dream. Because Dan in Real life is so dreamy, fluffy and completely unrealistic.

If you can completely suspend your disbelief for two hours, then perhaps you’ll enjoy this sentimental so-called romantic-dramedy. Don’t get me wrong, Dan in real Life by no means is not a BAD movie. Dan in Real life is like Kentucky Fried Chicken. The taste is good, but still, its a junk food.

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