Au Revoir Taipei *7.5/10

Kai, a lovesick young man, wants to leave Taipei in hopes of getting to Paris to be with his girlfriend. Kai spends long nights in a bookstore studying French, where Susie, a girl who works there, begins to take an interest in him. After one extraordinary night, Kai finds the excitement and romance he was longing for are already right there in Taipei.

I directly copy paste the synopsis up there from Wikipedia. Why? Because there’s nothing special with Au Revoir Taipei Script or storyline. Everything is so simple, fluffy and ordinary. There’s no dynamite explosion, emotion engaging, robot fighting, beer drinking scene at all. But that’s the beauty of it. Au Revoir Taipei manage to made me enjoying the hell out of this not so-realistic but cute romantic comedy. Is it because of the little charms that glows out of the girl who played Suzie? I don’t know. Is it because of the Taipei setting of the movie, which the director successfully made it as the replacement of the long overrated romantic Paris? I don’t know. Or is it because when this movie is played on my screen, I was alone in Saturday night without my girlfriend beside me? I don’t know. Quite frankly, there’s nothing really-really magnificent that came out from Au Revoir Taipei. The acting is a little bit sucks(except for Suzie) and somehow made all the actors like a glorified clueless idiots. The music is so typical. The story is predictable, stupid, and a bit dragging on in the middle. But I still found myself liking this movie. I don’t get it. And believe it or not, this so-called easy going movie won the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival 2010, the Jury Award at the Deauville Asian Film Festival in France, the Audience Award at the 2010 San Francisco Asian American International Film Festival the Golden Durian  Award at the 2010 Barcelona Asian Film Festival, and Best Narrative Feature at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas. Where did that come from?

Au revoir Taipei probably the first movie that was so mediocre, it becomes good, that I love. And perhaps becoming the only movie that works like a pointless charm that I never want to get rid of for me. Just throw away all your cynical point of view that came from lightweight movie when you watch Au Revoir Taipei. And probably, you’ll feel the same way that I feel, and starting to recommending this movie to the most of the people that I know.


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6 responses to “Au Revoir Taipei *7.5/10

  1. anonymous

    may i borrow it lek?? tau kan siapa gue? 😀

  2. mau donks….masuk indo ga nih movienya?

  3. anonymous

    may i borrow your PC then? wkwkwk 😀

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