Drive * 10/10

Drive is a solid proof that a magnificent movie only need good story and character, with a little touch of unique art direction. Do not expect any kind of explosion zombie Rambo versus predator Michael Bay-Esqued MTV generation when you watched drive. Comparing Drive to, for example, any of the Fast and Furious flick is like comparing Bjork and Kate Perry. Just put your ass  in your seat, and enjoy the 100 minutes of another one of the kind experience that movie cinema rarely produce nowadays.

Ryan Gosling is playing the driver with no name who obviously, really like to Drive. He’s very talented in it. The first time we saw this guy at the movie introduction with a funky font, He’s some kind of wingman for a robbery. And then he did some stunt works involving car. And then he worked as mechanic. His life is circling around automobile. And like most of guy in this world, things goes downhill when a woman came into his life, introducing him to what we called, INTIMACY and brings out the real deal out from his soul.

Visually, this movie is stunning. Its the perfect combination of 80’s neon, black-white erotic Noir thriller, and any Michael Mann movies based on City of Angels. I’m not afraid to says that Drive is a heavy influenced artsy movie. You can catch various subtle haunting and weird visualization, in a awesome way,  all over the place. Just watch it, and then you’ll know what I meant. And don’t be surprised by the amount of gore and violence in it. It’ll hit you like a thunder in a blue wide clear sky. The retro induced soundtrack is also playing a big part in this movie styles, its like tiny sparks that made a beautiful fireworks complete.

And boy, Ryan Gosling. Where do I start? Seriously, I misjudged this guy. DRIVE is his point of no return for me. I doubt I’ll ever hate him in any performance after Drive. No, I don’t like his work in blue valentine, Crazy stupid love, or even the Notebook. Why? Because he’s bland and blah. Like a fucking rock. But drive changes it all. This darkly brilliant little bastard is charming and mysterious as hell. He’s like the modern version of Client Eastwood’s the Man with no Name. Imagining any actor to play his part is impossible.

Drive is already an Instant Cult Classic in my mind. The Cult that deserve the title as the best movie of 2011. And believe me, Driving is never been so Beautiful.


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2 responses to “Drive * 10/10

  1. awrenfro

    So true. Wish more people saw it this way. I did a review on it myself.

    • Yeah. Ryan Gosling really surprised me. That damn jacket, that stupid toothpick, that subtle body language, everything about that dude works well. I can’t imagine any other actor playing that role except for him.

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