Crazy Stupid Love * 7.5/10


Let me start by saying that CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE really is a shock for me, on a few level. I never thought that it will be that damn GOOD. In Fact, I’m placing it as one of the best Romantic comedy-drama of all time. Why? Because never before I thought that a crowd pleaser flick can be as realistic as CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE, even though I’m still very generous in the word REALISTIC.

Steve Carell and Juliane Moore is husband and wife Cal and Emily, who started the film with the divorce between them. That situation forced Cal to enter the world of dating again after 25 years of marriage. Cal is being mentored by Jacob, a serial womanizer playboy patriarch that always exist in this kind of movie. Cal story of rediscovering his new found world, soon intersects with the story of his 13th years old Son, Robbie, who developed a feeling to his babysitter, the story of his ex-wife with her new so-called boyfriend, and another story of smart, young, beautiful, soon-to-be a lawyer, Hannah.

CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE is a star studded flick. Aside from Steve Carell and Juliane Moore, we have Kevin Bacon, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, and Emma Stone. But unlike most of star studded movies, CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE  script is not focused only on the main character. Every single actors in this movie get their chances and spot to shine. But of course, Steve Carell is the main attraction. I love this guy. For me, his bland looking expression and looks is a major weapon from him, and obviously, this guy is using it very well. But in CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE, Carell is in his peak performance. Carell brings his perfected dry wit to the proceedings but also a range of emotions which we don’t normally get to see from him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still playing a comic role, but this time he put some serious dramatic energy in it, to make the character not look phony. This is his best work After Michael Scott from The Office(Which is my all-time favorite character in sitcom). I love Carell chemistry with Juliane Moore Character. It is very believable that their characters had 25++ years of marriage. As an eye candy, Ryan Gosling served his purposed well. And so do Emma Stone. and extra kudos to Kevin Bacon and Marissa Tomei, even though their character didn’t really have much screen time, but basically, both of them is the scene stealer. Awesome casting!

The script is amazingly felt fresh even though the theme doesn’t feel new at all. If this were any ordinary movie, the rest of the plot would be obvious. But trust me, there are a couple of story twist that you really wouldn’t expect it at all. There are some moments that very touchy, there are some moments that very unexpectedly funny, there is one hysterical big scene that involved every cast, and there are even some moment when the script is trying to break the fourth wall. I laugh my ass off out of it.

What I don’t like is the soundtrack.  I think they should take a simplistic sweet way instead of going melodramatic with pop/acoustic track.

CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE, is an almost complete film that change my standard for Romantic Comedy/Drama Genre. it twisting standard romantic comedy into something that’s hilarious and refreshing. I can go on and on, or trying to find the weakness of this movie to critique, but I won’t. Come on, there’s no such thing as a perfect movie. And i never thought that i will ever say this, but for all the flaws that i dont mentioned, or will realize in the second viewing, i will not change the decision that i love CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE. and i will recommend it to anyone that i know, no matter who they are, or even what they are(LOL

The Perfect rare combination of Romantic, Reality, and Sweet!

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