Back in 2001, I still remember getting very excited waiting for Serendipity. Why? Probably because its another John Cussack movie. Probably because ever since I watched You’ve got mail and An affair to remember, I do had a thing with romantic flick with New York as the setting. Probably because back at that time, in my mind, New York is the most amazing and romantic city because I just started to listen to Jazz(until it replaced by some random utopia city in mind). And boy, I really do grow up. Because right now for me, Serendipity is just another romantic comedy full of walking cliche without any real depth that accompanied by a great soundtrack.

Jonathan Trager is just another ordinary man with a girlfriend, and Sara Thomas is just another British girl with a boyfriend. At the height of the Christmas shopping, fate introduces them to each other. At first, Jonathan is the only person between them that believe that there’s something like destiny bring them together. But after some stroke of fate, Jonathan and Sara decide to go out on town together, ice skating on the central park, talking about Cool Hand Luke and how beautiful Sara is(probably he’s just saying that to getting in her pants). But another stroke of fate separate them and changing their mid life crisis into some pursuit of ultimate love and destiny.

Like all every romantic drama comedy out there, the most important ingredient of the genre is the chemistry between the main characters. And Serendipity hit that. John Cussack is refreshing and charming as always. Even when he doesn’t have his singing in the rain scene like he always did in all of his movie. I love how Cussack define the anxious , subtleness and unrealized gloomy appearance that he put in the mixture movement of his chin and puppy eyes. It really makes me believe that he has cold feet all the time. And Kate Beckinsale is surprisingly changing into this catchy lovely girl with her sweet squeaky cute British accent that went along really well with her character. The chemistry between them is there. I do believe that they’re made for each other. I do believe that last scene of this movie will be between both of them, holding hands or kissing. But what I don’t believe is the light hearted and easy breezy way that fate bring them together. Its just too random, uninspiring and quite frankly boring. I know the filmmaker can do better than this. They should make it more serious and jazzy, instead of comedy and cheesy. I mean come on, the character are too nice, their faces are too beautiful or handsome, the city are too neat and clean, the scene are too sweet. Put some gritty realization into the boot will you?

By any means, Serendipity is not a terrible film. The Soundtrack is good(Its Alan Silvestri), the supporting cast is decent, and New York is New York, culmination of the American dream. Serendipity is a very adorable movie to watch if you had some popcorn or loved ones by your side. But no more than that. 10 years ago, I can easily put Serendipity in my top 20 flicks of all time, but now it probably barely reach the top 500. I learn how to critique a movie effectively and objectively, by not letting feeling and emotion in the way of film watching. But is this a good thing? Or am I turning into some mindless dark machine that did not realize that the point of all movie is selling us THE FANTASY?


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3 responses to “Serendipity

  1. I can’t really explain why I still love this movie, despite seeing many better films since. I think part of the appeal is how “nice” the characters are? It’s pure fantasy escapism, with no villains.

    I won’t lie. Whenever I’m unhappy, this movie perks me up. When I’m happy, it makes me happier.

    I got some stick for including it in my favorite NY films :p:

  2. Well, i used to have the same feeling like you too. Using serendipity as some kind of escape mechanism from the harsh reality of my world(and my country). But the last time i watched serendipity is 5 years ago, and now, when I’m watching it, all i feel is this sense of grittiness that tingling my heart that made me realize that there’s no such thing as serendipity. I know, i know. Its a movie. But what the hell, everything is gone downhill for this last five years…so perhaps my feeling right now is reflecting to the way I feel watching some flicks..

    thanks for commenting, I will checking your blog..

  3. Thanks for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

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