The Soundtrack of Your Life

I’m Back!

Have you ever had a very special moment or clarity in your life and hopefully that there’s soundtrack/songs accompanies you in that significant moment like in some movies? Guess what, everybody does! So, this is the top eight list of the  most glorified moment and the perfect popular song to be used in that occasion.


The Situation : You’re going to your best friend’s funeral and all this time you’re falling in love with his girlfriend. A real life blessing in disguise

The Perfect Song : Queen – We Are the Champion

The most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time :  “No times for Losers, Cause we are the champions of the world”

Thanks for everything, now I'm taking her.


The Situation : You’re swimming alone in the sea. The closest beach line is like 60 meters from you. You’re discover a huge fin belong to 15 foot great white shark swimming towards you

The Perfect Song : Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are

The most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “When I see Your face, there’s not a thing that I would change. Cause You’re amazing. Just the Way You Are”


 The Situation : When You are hanging out alone in some random mall(or cemetery), and getting stupidly jealous over all other people who going out with their loved one

  The Perfect Song : Richard Cheese – Down with the Sickness

The most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Why Cant You just fuck up and die and get down with the sickness!



 The Situation : After breaking up with your boyfriend and finally admitted to yourself that you are indeed a lesbian in a moment of Clarity.

The Perfect Song : The Gypsy King – Bamboleo

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : Babele, Bembele, bembele(????)

Welcome to the Club


The Situation : You just had a traffic accident. You’re waking up in the bed of some random hospital filled with random hot and slutty nurse and then finding out that both of your hands and feet is still there. But your junk is gone like the wind, and replaced by a tasteless random pipe.

The Perfect Song  : Jamiroquai – Canned Heat

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Dance! Nothing Left for me to do but dance” and “I used to buy my faith in worship. But then my chance to get to heaven slipped

This pipe is your "little" brother


 The Situation : After getting fired from your work and finding out that you don’t have any saving at all and also knowing that from here and now out, your future is bleak at best.

The Perfect Song : Kool and the Gang – Celebration

  The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Celebrate Good time Come on!!!


The Situation : You’re probably depressed over the end of twilight franchise. You’re missing Robert Pattinson so damn much and You’re sitting alone in your apartment. Gun in your right hand. Deathly toxic made from the combination of Blackmamba+Sidewinder+King Cobra
poison in your left hand. You’re looking over the balcony and suddenly recognize something. That you’re living in the 48th floor.

The Perfect Song : Van Halen – Jump 

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Go Ahead and Jump!

I Love Edward Cullen!!!


 The Situation : You just decapitated somebody’s head because some pointless debate over the use of Condom. Is it against god rules or not?

The Perfect Song : U2 – Stuck in the Moment

The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “I’m not afraid of anything in this world!”



The Situation : You’re currently writing a very promising novel. A lot of your friend already read the premise and think that it will be probably getting a Pullitzer award, movie adaptation and endless stupid sequel. The novel is around 200 pages, and when your reaching the pages of 198, your laptop battery is exploded and destroying the laptop. And there’s no such thing as a back up file. The file is gone. Oh, and to make things more easier,  you’re ignoring the warning that the laptop give you about heat a few minutes earlier.

The Perfect Song : Enya – Only Time

  The Most memorable Part/Lyrics for that time : “Who can say where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only Time


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