Schwarzenegger Greatest One Liner – Part I

If there’s an Oscar for the most bad-ass meaningless one liner in a movie, Arnold probably already bring a dozen with him. Nobody in this planet can uttering memorable words and stick it in your ass like this guy. Not even the king of smart mouth John McClane himself. Watching his movie is like waiting a new version of Oxford Dictionary in Baddassery.  You just know that Arnold will say some words that will inspiring you, every president in all country and the rest of the world. NASA probably make his words in Total Recall as a pathway or wisdom to Mars.


 “Stick Around”, from PREDATOR

 Thanks to the dude in some random Tumbler for this awesome GIF.  Arnold is walking slowly looking for some thugs to kill when this nameless asshole sneak up behind him. Instead of blowing his ass with an M16 he’s dragging around, he’s throwing a big fucking knife thru the chest, and saying the words that I could only say after knifing some bastard in Call of Duty(I’m pathetic, I know). Ultimate MOFO.


 “Fuck You Asshole”, From THE TERMINATOR

A lot of people doesn’t really remember it, but i think this is the first badass words from Arnold one liner greatest streak. So, when the Terminator stay in a cheap hotel room(I don’t know why), some random cleaner guy knocking his door and asking is there a dead cat in the room. The Terminator is choosing an answer(showing up in the screen like some high school exam paper) Fuck You Asshole out of nowhere. The funniest thing is, he’s saying it with a very funny thick Austrian accent combine with cold persona of The Terminator. Hilariously stupid!


 “Get to the Choppah!”, From PREDATOR

Some weakling in AVP:Requiem trying to mimic this old testament liner and coming out as a big stupid pun. Nobody should ever attempted to saying this line beside the Governah himself. In Predator, when the Hispanic without a bra hottie trying to take a gun and shoot the predator, Arnold is kicking the gun and shoot at the predator itself. Why? Because nobody, I meant NOBODY should ever get a spotlight and bad ass moment other than the big guy. The Predator off course dodge it like a million bucks, and shoot Arnold with the plasma caster. Arnold feeling burnt and wasted, famously screaming the words to the girl to take a hike and let him bleed the motherfucker predator himself.


 “Tonight, Hell Freezes Over!”, from BATMAN AND ROBIN

Yea, this nipple

Even in a movie where they’re showing Batman is ice skating with Robin while his nipple is erecting, Arnold still can deliver us some hot damn words out of nowhere as iconic(And Moronic) as his character in this movie.  Schwarzenegger is mad because of some random chick tripping on her way and freezing? How lame is that? Schumacher is always the guy to blame.


“Hasta La Vista, Baby”, From Terminator 2

Seriously, who in this god green earth who actually never saying this word after watching Terminator 2? Its like putting Gloria Estefan in a steroid muscle name Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Every movie with Cameron and Schwarzenegger in it is a gigantic epic proportion of one liner quote laying out of nowhere.

To be Continued

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