Experienced the Jimi Hendrix Electric of Bold as Love

Jimi Hendrix is always going to be my number one favorite Guitarist of all time. This is the guy who responsible for creating the greatest guitar anthem of all time.  Hendrix and his electric guitar is like Rambo with guns. They can’t be separated and godly compliment each other. Some of the greatest guitarist after him probably outdoing his technical skill(like Eddie Van Halen) but nobody terraforming Rock like he did.  His work influenced and shaping the rock music Industry. Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Funk Rock, Acid Rock, you name all the genre in the Rock bucket, there’s nothing that this guy didn’t touch and put a little spin from himself and at the same time managed to convinced the whole world, that this is Rock at its Best! He’s goddamn right. He even do a heavy influenced with Rock Jazz track sometimes. Trying to explained his songs in words is like trying to translate something that was coming from a higher place from us mortal beings. Just open your ears wide, absorb the riff, feel the breath of life that he’s induced, the madness of his solo, and the psychedelic effect after that.

Its inevitably that I will posting something about this perfectionist Rock god someday or somewhere. Heck, even the name of this Blog is taken from one of his song, The Wind Cries Mary. So this is the 10 of his greatest work IMO, in particular order.

10. The Wind Cries Mary 

I really dig the Curtis Mayfield influenced in this track. It somehow feels like a semi Soul-Rock combustion. Some people consider Castle made of Sand is better, but i pick Wind Cries Mary. Why? Castle Made of Sand is too pretty for me.

9. Crosstown Traffic

Hendrix is cross referencing sexual arousal with traffic jam in the Lyrics. But the most powerful part is the solo. Its like groping your girlfriend in the red light. Nice.

8.  Purple Haze

The intro is so psychedelic to my ear sometimes I forget that this is only a song. My head always started to shaky and bouncy whenever or wherever this track is playing. The campy comedy that Hendrix put is funny too. Kinda make you guessing which lyric he’s gonna sing. Kiss the guy beside him? Kiss the guy upstairs in heaven? or Kiss the Sky?

7.  Hey Joe

This is an upgrade version of the Wind Cries Mary.

6. Spanish Castle Magic

 How to travel to Spanish Castle Magic? Using a Dragonfly. If you know what he meant, weed is the savior. Damn, I love this song. its like a Hardcore version of Carlos Santana’s Black Magic Woman.

5. Third Stone from the Sun

This Acid Rock-Jazz Instrumental song is immortal. I never felt that its a song that was made over 30 years ago. I’m a huge jazz guitarist fans. Lee Ritenour, Charlie Byrd, John Pizarelli, you name it. But for me, this track is the greatest instrumental guitar jazz track of all time, even though its really not a jazz tunes. Listened to the weird alien voice, its interesting.

4.  Izabella

Izabella is a hot-track-rod funk rock song. The rock guitar riff is crazily modified to be included in a funk song. But like usual, Hendrix goes in rampantly madness when his solo came up. Hot damn!

3. All Along the Watchtower

What can I say? Even Bob Dylan himself is saying this is Jimi Hendrix’s Track. Playing this song after Hendrix died weirdly like playing some kind of Tribute for him. The solo part is haunting.

2. Come On (Let the Good Time Roll)

I think a lot of artist is sampling this track whether they realized it or not.  from the Southern Rock, Jazz, or even Disco. This is one of the proof why Hendrix is a humble genius.

1. Voodoo Child(A Slight Return)

Masterpiece. From the Bad ass Intro, the mountain chop, the craziest/manliest/marvelous/elegant solo, until the end, this is the song that defined mankind greatest achievement in Rock music History. Enough Said. Just listen and enjoy. A lot of people says that Jesus will come back and save the world.  I believe that Jimi will come back and blow to the smithereens all those stupid kids/guys in puberty with eyeliner who pretend playing rock and redeem us by rockin’ his song again.

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