Great Concept, Shitty Execution, PART II

Terminator Salvation

The Concept : Terminator  is always an intriguing  franchise for me. The first one is a good instant classic(who can forget the muscle dude from Austria pick an answer Fuck You Asshole to the doorman who thought that there’s a cat in his room?), the sequel is the ALIENS of the franchise, and Rise of the machines is an overcooked hamburger which felt like a B-movie. So when they’re announcing the fourth one, meh, who gives a fuck. Its just  another Hollywood trick to ruined my childhood memories and rip off people’s money. Especially when they’re putting the job in the hand of McG! What the frack? They can’t find any other decent director to put some dictatorism other than the director whose responsible for transformed the word CHEESY into ENEMA in Charlie’s Angel? Its Terminator! Even the title is sounded very BADASS! At least Jonathan Mostow  doing some manly flick before ruining Rise of the Machines. But then came the Salvation. They signed up Christian Bale to played John Connor! Im Sold! That news enough to make me put Terminator Salvation in the top of the food of chain because come on, Bale is not some easy peachy brainless actor. I shit you not, Bale’s probably the only actor whose never make a bad movie(At least for me). He even changed Batman voice into some psychotic taxi driver! I’m just kidding.  And when the movie is released…

The Execution :  Okay, even the first two Terminator wasn’t some Citizen Kane or Goodfellas in terms of script, but at least put some goddamn sense and logic in the movie man! What makes the first and second Terminator is terrifying is because the robot never put a hand on the Target! why? because the robot thing will fucking crush you at the very first time their put a wedgies on you! In Salvation, when the terminator out, they’re just tossing  John Connor around like some flies instead of breaking his neck or punching a hole through his body. Oh, didn’t I mention Kyle Reese? When the robots catch that brat, you know what they’re doing instead of killing him and ending the franchise? They put him in a room to jerk off by himself! I can go on and on and on, but the point is, What an idiot script! No wonder Bale went Berserk. Speaking of Bale, he’s the ultimate machine in this, literally. This is his worst movie yet. He’s not John Connor. He’s just some random delusional dude who do not think the best for the world. His mind is filling up with all the shit how to take down some terminator with angry mark and screaming like an old lady after that. But kudos to the looks they’re created in this movie, I love it. Probably that’s the only good thing in the flick beside Michael Ironside baddassery. Sure, they have Moon Bloodgod Topless scene, but it doesn’t show up in the theatrical version because of  pussyness that fucking PG-13  rating! Well I dig McG reason for not showing the scene(He says : “It was a soft moment between a man and a woman that was designed to echo the Kelly McGillis/Harrison Ford moment in Witness [but] in the end, it felt more like a gratuitous moment of a girl taking her top off in an action picture, and I didn’t want that to convolute the story or the characters.”), it makes sense. But at least show us some boobs before you’re torturing us more, man! Sam Worthington? Mediocre at best. Bryce Dallas Howard? She’s beautiful, but that’s ruined by the fact that every time she shows up, she always look like a Revlon model while other actor looks like working their asses in some oil refinery! talk about logic and sense, this movie really makes people who doesn’t realize it way more dumber than before. Geez.

From left to the right. SuperModel slash Tatoo artist slash pregnant Woman, Angry Soldier, Female soldier in Puberty

The Correction : Its easy. Put some logic in the script. Kick McG out of the director’s seat. Done. Trust me.

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