Great Concept, Shitty Execution, PART I

In modern era, or should I say Internet era where information(and god forsaken SPOILERS) can travel as fast as the Wind Cries Mary, the secrecy of movie plot/concept/script is almost non-exist(sometimes even the ending got spoiled so easily in the net). I miss the day like when the sixth sense first comes out and blew my mind away with the ending. I miss the day where I found out that Robert De Niro fuck himself up with his shitload of wasted movies since the end of 90’s. I meant, the whole plot of PROMOTHEUS, the alien prequel, my most anticipated movie for 2012 is lying there waiting to be reading for the love of god! People need to put some respect to secrecy. But sometimes this act of freedom gives us a good load of insight to movie production. There’s a lot of great movie preview or spoilers or plot or stories or whatever you called it that really have a stupid execution. Its like waiting for a great sex for one night after months dry spell and then found out that you have to work your ass off until morning or you get fired. Whatever.  Here comes the first batch.


I Am Legend(2007)

The Concept :  I am legend is a huge movie. This is the biggest piece and budget that movie industry ever take on post-apocalyptic movie.  Come on, what can go wrong? Will Smith and Post apocalyptic contemporary take involving vampire? Its like putting Clint Eastwood in a samurai movie!

The Execution : Where do I start? The movie’s first 30 minutes is good and intriguing. I love the mysterious cloud that shroud the atmosphere. But after that stupid fake cheesy CGI vampire shows themselves, I cringe myself. 150$ Million Budget and the best thing they could put up on the silver screen is came from Playstation 2 type of generic monster that wasn’t even scary enough to put my heart pounding? BTW, Didn’t New York had like millions of people live in there? But the grand total of vampires that storming off the castle where the black dude and Brazillian chicks hide is only like fifteen? Where’s the logic in there? Okay, Will did put a very interesting effortless performance(His best yet) but that didn’t change the fact that the ending is didn’t make sense at all! The Bluray and DVD release did show us the alternate ending which a bit more decent than theatrical release, but come on. Even the original script where the former governor of California is the main star is have a better ending. This is like a primitive remake of the highly subtle OMEGA MAN ending.

The Correction : Change the ending. Use original actor for the Infected(I’ve seen the concept of the make up in the internet its better than bland CGI). Make it more massive and grandiosa, not half assed baked cake, the movie content and universe should’ve have like 2.5 hours long, instead it runs stupidly in 90 minutes time span.

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