Cast Away

For me, Cast Away is the last movie ever crafted by Robert Zemeckis. Seriously, I dont consider The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol a real movie. I hate those three. Its like answering the false acquisition of Zemeckis only pigeonholed himself to the type of director that only interested in special effect and stuff with the FALSE ANSWER. For all we know, if Robert Zemeckis want, he can deliver a powerful, emotional, movie-type spirited journey like he does with Forest Gump, Contact, and his best work ever, CAST AWAY.

Everybody already know the plot of CAST AWAY. Its a tragically beautiful Robinson Crusoe-esque type of movie. Few films go so deeply or for so long into one man’s psychic solitude and what he must construct for himself psychologically when isolation and deprivation is imposed upon him. And Tom Hanks, is the right person to play Chuck Nolan. His performance in this movie is outdoing Forest Gump a whole different Level. Forrest Gump doesn’t hold up as well to repeated viewings as Cast Away. From the moment Chuck land in the island, everything is changing. There’s no background music except waves and winds. There’s no ‘real’ conversation except for a few grumpy scream and delusional way to socializing human in desolate area. There’s no other character except a dead man’s body and a volleyball. Its real, deep, and magnificently well crafted. The shot is great and endearing, its like you are there watching Chuck Nolan struggling trying to make his own way back home to civilization.

Alan Silvestri is my favourite movie composer ever. He’s so versatile, he can make the mediocre What Women Want into some touchy romantic movie thru his score, he can transform the tribal music in predator into some menacing form of Alien Music. There’s nothing he can’t do. But Cast Away scores is his best work yet. Listen to that ending score, or when Chuck Finally leaves the island, watching the horizon slowly eats the silhouette of it.

The best thing about this film are the subtle, yet present symbolic events or images that convey the notion that although we might seem alone- we never are. It might take a second viewing to notice these, but they are there, like the ending. The real Cast Away. One of the best ending ever in the history of modern cinema.

Is this movie that perfect? No, there’s still minor flaws here and there. The plotline once Hanks is saved from the island really left something to be desired. Without giving too much away, I will say that the story seemed to become very tense although it leads to a great magnitude ending. But its still a minor flaws that won’t change my opinion that Cast Away is one of the finest work from human kind in terms of spiritual journey and movement that shot you right in your knees without you even realizing it,  but then make you know that the pain that shows up is how you supposed to deal with life. Amazing

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