Cold Fish

Inspired by a true event. Really? because if that’s really true, then Japanese society sure is a fuck up ones.

Cold fish is a Doom from the beginning tale about the ordinary life of Syamoto, a small tropical fish shop owner. He’s got a nice big breast young wife, and rules made to broken kinda of teenage daughter. His mental condition is a bleak one. He keeps swallowing all those sex desire and respect needy in his damn throat. Until some really weird coincidence cross his path into Murata, another owner of tropical fish shop, but a major one. The pushy and arrogance of Murata put his ordinary life in a right track, and somewhat ruining his miserable already tale by seducing his wife, taking his daughter, and above all else, making him a collaborator in a Gorefest.

Thank god I’m bad in describing a synopsis, because the whole is plot is the major power from this movie, and spoilers is ruining it. Seriously, this is the type of movies that slowly and steadily, tortured you with its gritty point of view. Two and a half hours running time is enough to put you in a furiously and provoking mood.

I love  how the script taking its time and slowly descents every character in this movie into hellfire. Except for the daughter and the fish, no one seems “normal” in this flick. Everyone is hiding their hideous scars in their basement. As the story goes on, I really enjoying their madness and bewildering qualities, especially that scene where Murata asked Syamoto to fuck his wife. Literally, he’s helping that luck sob with a thrust or so, hilarious.

A so-so editing.

I don’t like the huge indictment in the final scene. Its a coward scene. Felt like the stupid bloodier version of The Departed Final act, except sillier and better.

Unlike his previous sensational Suicide Club, Cold fish gore scene is more realistic. Ono didn’t making the gore act the sell point of Cold Fish, he’s actually incorporated the gore into a not-so believable tale of everyday sociopath.

This is one of the blackest comedy I’ve ever watched in my life.  Not for a weak stomach or people who think that movie is a pure enjoyable treat. Shocking? Sure, but not as a shocker as Visitor Q for example. I’ve seen more sinister Japanese movie than this one.

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