X-Men : First Class

Just want to say some of the things that gets the review section of my mind working up after seeing X-Men First Class :

  • I’m a huge comic book fans, but I’m not really a fan of X-men. Their history its too complicated and murky for me. But this movie did a very good job in establishing foundation that the 4 X- Men movie already had.
  • A blockbuster with brain it is.
  • Good Script by incorporating the Cuban missile crisis. Make it more believable. But feels kinda too rush at the end. They want the movie to end so badly, they’re not thinking a lot of logical consequences in here. But what the hell, its a mutant comic book movie, why put logic in it? Nothing really sparkling in the dialogue department though.
  • Mathew Vaughn did a really good job in making the wall between serious tone and campy one. If only he’s the one that directing Thor….
  • McAvoy doing decent acting as Xavier but sometimes he looks like having too much fun. Michael Fassbender wins here. I cant wait for his work in Promotheus. Their conversation in the chess table kind of makes me feels like watching De Niro and Pacino legendary face off in Heat, leveled down version.
  • Bad flying special effect. Banshee and Angel Salvadore suffer because of that.
  • January Jones as Emma frost is cold as a diamond. I love her expression.
  • *Spoilers* the Wolverine Cameo is amazing. One of the highlight of the movie.
  • Its the second best of X-Men Movie, after Wolverine Origins(I meant it, Singer’s take on X-Men is flat and boring. Ratner? Fuckfest)
  • I hate watching this great movie in an pirate R5 Quality, but I have no choice. Stupid Indonesian Cinematic Scene.
  • Its official, any movie with Michael Ironside in it, is getting a BADASS stamp.
  • I hope they’re really making this the first one of another trilogy, they really got some good thing going on in here.

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