Michael Learns to Rock the top 10 of his songs.

Michael Learns to Rock(MLTR) is a danish pop-soft rock band. Actually, calling them a rock band is an error. They should change the name into Michael Does Not Rock. Their musical style is simple, straight forward, somewhat down-right cheesy, easy listening but have found favor with Asian music listeners. Almost 99% of all their song goes to something like this. Verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, instrumental solo, chorus. Cliche, but sure. Their genre is evolved into what came to be known as “adult contemporary” or “easy listening”, a categorization that bore less overt rock influence than its forebear. After 20 years of their existence, they never followed any trend. Their latest single is still in the same path as their first single. Why do you have to change the winning formula if people’s always buying your record? Am I right? This band is my guilty pleasure. I grow up with their song.  A great under appreciated band. And here’s their top 10 single in my mind. No particular order.

Out of the Blue, 1993(Colours)

From the sweet electronic pom pom intro, to the powerful bridge, I never get tired of this song. I Love when Jascha changed a word in the final chorus to make it more like some story with a climax. In fact, this is the only song that I never delete from my iphone playlist since i buy it 3 years ago. Their finest work? Probably not, but definitely my favorite.

Romantic Balcony, 1997(Nothing to Lose)

Beautiful haunting melody. Their darkest work yet. It feels like you’re really standing  in some romantic balcony, alone, watching your love one leave.


 Digging Your Love, 2001(Blue Night)

This is one of the greatest under appreciated MLTR’s work.. They managed to keep the sweet and romantic tones of their style in an upbeat pop-rock song. The Youtube doesn’t even have a video of it. What a shame people.

Breaking the Rules, 1996(Played on Pepper)

Jascha started this heavy influenced police sirene track with a soft and tender voice, but when he reach the first chorus, he screaming. Not angry. Not wild. but in a controllable pitch, trying to give the listener to understanding of breaking the law with a conscience. Ah, good old 90’s era. Where have you gone?

Final Destination, 2004(Michael Learns to Rock)

I’m a sucker for this kinda of music. The combination of overly catchy chorus and lyric and the warm electic keyboard effect all around the track.

Breaking my Heart, 1996(Paint my Love – Greatest Hits)

Listening to this song really wants to make you to grab the hands of your love one, dancing together in a very sweet tender sway, and whispering to them not to do what the song described in a light mood feeling.

The Actor, 1991(Michael Learns to Rock)

Their third single, and arguably their most famous song. Their finest work ever too. This is the song that defined MLTR.  Its aging very well. When I listened to this track today, I don’t get the feeling that this song is created in the same era as Jascha Richter hair style in the music video.

Stuck in the Heat, 2001(Blue Night)

This semi pop-new wave track is refreshing in term of MLTR’s song history. Sure, they got some upbeat soft- rock, lots of ballads, but theres none for a song like Stuck in the Heat.  The add lib at the end of the track is a nice touch too.

25 minutes, 1993(Colours)

There’s a reason why this song is a fan favorite in a concert, radio airplay until now. The tracks is a high escalating regret song. With a simple melody, sad lyrics, and angry chorus, MLTR created a depressed and yet a nice sing-a-long lullaby. I can imagine some parent singing this song to their child before sleep and teach them that love sucks and try don’t be late in your any important task, even 25 minutes can ruin a whole man’s life. Nobody make a song like this anymore.

I Wanna Dance, 1993(Colours)

This is the most romantic MLTR song, but even for a lot of their devoted fans, this song is largely unknown. A deep soul-pop heavy Motown influenced song is so sweet to listened to when you trying to hold someone in your arms and dancing, preparing for the most sweetest moment in your dearly love.

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