Amelie is a naive and innocent girl. Since a little girl, because of lack interaction with other person, she becomes entangled in her own wonderful and mystifying world that she created for herself. When she decides to live alone in the city, she became obsessed with the idea of helping and making other people happy. Not by doing great important life-alter experience or giving money, but by improving the little trivial things that other people having a problem with. By doing all the kindness, she realize that she need help too. And there she goes, wooing the love of his life with in a  witty way that only she can deliver.

Jean Pierre Jaunet is delivering the near-perfect craftmanship of a beautiful romantic story, funny comedy and, brilliant emotional journey. I love the distinctive style that he bring to the looks of the movie. Its like a huge crayon-pastel storybook for adult. From the brilliant, childish and somewhat creepy opening credits, the unique and quirkiness of every angle that the movie try to captured, to the overall Carnival feels that Jaunet try to create, everything is a match. Its the girl equivalent of the blandness and urbanized style of Fernando Merailles’s Cidade de Deus where you can expect a bum just showed up in the corner of your eyes with a gun in his left hand and weeds in right hand, you can expect Fred Astaire is dancing and singing at the road where the Paris gigli utopia that Jaunet try to created in this movie. I cant believe Amelie is coming from the same person who ruined Alien Ressurection.

I love the script. It is sporadic, sometimes preposterous, overly silly, and whimsical delight for the eye and ear. It never try transforming to some grand elaborate scheme. Even though at the middle of the movie the pace became too slow and boredom, all the detail in it can make all the cons scarce deep forgotten. Audrey Tutou gives a magnificent performance as the quirky, clever, but intensely shy Amelie. I’m enchanted to her.

I don’t like the special effect. I know they’re important part of the storyline, but I’m sure with all the imagination that Jaunet had, he can do better than just popping out computer effect just to make me wrenched.

Amelie is a movie you’re looking for if you want a diverting movie that isn’t populated by violence, stupid teens, and the standard moronic American script. This is an optimistic view on real life. Yes it is a weird film and yet I have found myself enjoying it. Finally, it has to be said, there is nothing inaccessibly ‘arty’ here, this is a very funny film. This is a film that can appeal to everyone, on several different levels, and really needs wider exposure to a larger audience.

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