Single Review : Not Giving Up On Love

This vocal trance collaboration between number one disc jockey in the world, Armin Van Buuren and oil painting babe comes to life look-alike, Sophie Ellis Bextor is damn good. This is vocal trance at its best. From the candy sweet piano melody opening, the upbeat drum into chorus inthe middle, to the magnificent final chorus this song figuratively blew my mind. The only minus point is the length. Its too short!

Armin didn’t go too far with his mixing and scratching. The composition that he made, making the already great track sounds even better. But Sophie’s voice is the angel tears that glued all of the particle and made this tunes brutally beautiful. Her voice is so frosty cold, elegant, and sophisticated. With that kinda voice, she really can’t go wrong in the dance track scene that she heavily induced since the first time she’s soloing in 1999. In the age of popular mainstream woman artist these day, Sophie look very old fashioned in a elegant and marvelous way compared to all the slut convention that Gaga, Kesha, or other meaningless pretentious women artist attends to. But trust me, if she keeps making single like this gold mine, she will never fall out of Vogue. Speaking about 1999, this track reminds me of her first single ever, her duet with Spiller. Groove Jet(this Ain’t Love).

If anyone even dared to compared this track to any song that Jlo, Black eyed peas, or any other sample stealing unimaginative so-called R&B slash hip hop artist, you’re better off and get something hard, shine it up real nice and stick it straight up your candy ass while thinking where the hell is your musical taste will be going, cos frankly, all the signs points up to the no good shit. Yea yea, people got their own taste, but what I’m blabbering about in the last paragraph is what people called opinion. and if you’re not down with that, Ive got two words for you, suck it!

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