The Top 10 Cover Song of All Time

Imitation is the highest form of compliment? Is it true? I don’t really give a fuck. If you want to imitate, at least put something original into it, not just drop some useless/catchy/brainless sample here and there. Seriously, I love cover songs. But I hate cheap cover songs. Why? Why cover songs? Because I really can consider it as an art too. THE ART of COVER SONG. Today, the best ones are really getting harder to find, especially in the mainstream arena of music scene. Sure, we got a lot of cover song scattered around, but mainly, their sucks. And the other reason is the fun behind knowing the taste of the artist that do the cover song. We already know that John Mayer get a lot of Influence from Jimi Hendrix, or the real Audioslave is actually a combination between grunge sound of Soundgarden and Hip/funk/metal of Rage Againts the Machine, but what we really want to experience is what if these great musician bring out the best of them to perform other artist songs to their liking? And below, is the list of my magnificent ten, and a handful a lot of other in Honorable mention.

Bee Gees, To Love somebody by EAGLE EYE CHERRY

The softy/mellow ballads by the English trio is getting beautifully re-amped by EAGLE EYE CHERRY. They changed the good pop sound to the acoustic/trip song. Nicely done.

Dexys Midnight Runners, Come on Eileen by SAVE FERRIS

New Wave songs turned into a SKA infuse pop song by replaced the strings with a horn section. Genius.

The Beatles, I Want to Hold Your Hand by AL GREEN

One of the most gifted purveyors of soul music transformed hobo-hobo fan favorite into a pure mind boogie soul tunes. Al Green makes the song barely recognized at the first minute.

Johan Sebastian Bach, Air on the G String, by KLAZZ BROTHERS AND CUBA PERCUSSION

Without a doubt, Air on the G String is one of the most popular classic suite ever. Majestic and Gallant. Klazz Brothers and Cuba Percussion turn it into a very very sweet, relaxing at the same time a deep and dark instrumental Jazz.

Disturbed, Down at the Sickness by RICHARD CHEESE

A nu metal totally hardcore to the core song get covered and becoming into some lounge/easy/semi-parody jazz? Nobody else in the world can do it better than Richard Cheese.

Stevie Wonder, Higher Ground by RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS

The famous guitar infused jazz on the original songs replaced by a a solid rock guitar string. Changing the mood from walking in the Sunday street to exploding yourself in a Mosh Pit.

Michael Jackson, Billie Jean by CHRIS CORNELL

When Cornell  hit the chorus with the lyrics “She’s just a girl, and says I’m the one”, I’ve decided that this is the best cover song ever on Michael Jackson songs. Brutally bluesy and angry.

Christopher Cross, Arthur’s Theme by PARIS MATCH

 This Japanese Jazz influenced Band bring the best out of boring aura of the song, and transformed it into a fresh bossa nova track. The voice in this version is so deep and gently weep the soul of jazz in my mind.

Etta James, All I Could do is Cry by BEYONCE KNOWLES

There’s something about this version that made me worship it. Obviously, Beyonce wasn’t the Reason. I never liked her. I still didnt know the reason why. But this song is The Highlight of Cadillac Records. Kudos for Beyonce.

The Beatles, The Fool on the Hill by SERGIO MENDEZ and BRAZIL 66

The original lyrics of this elevator song is psychedelic already. Sergio Mendez and her group added the  spin of a medieval journey in a BOSSA SONG. Nobody never done that before, and until now, nobody does that. Amazing.


[The Temptation, My Girl by Al Green], [The Guess Who, American Woman by Lenny Kravitz], [Oasis, Wonderwall by Ryan Adams], [Bob Dylan, All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix], [Prince, Nothing Compared to you by Sinead O’Connor], [Bob Marley and the Wailers, Waiting in Vain by Annie Lennox], [Steely Dan, Do it Again by Smashmouth], [The Jackson 5, I’ll be There by Mariah Carey], [Otis Redding, Respect by Aretha Franklin], [Bee Gees, To Love Somebody by Nina Simone], [Bee Gees, How Deep is Your Love by Take That], [Johnny Bristol, Hang on in there Baby by Gary Barlow], [Kathy Trocolli, Tell me Where it hurts by MYMP], [The Carpenters, I Wont Last a Day Without You by Sergio Mendez and Brazil 77], [The Beatles, Come Together by Aerosmith], [The Doors, Breakin Through the Other Side by Stone Temple Pilots], [Harold Melvin & Blue Notes, If You Dont Know me By Now by Simply Red], [The Isley Brothers, For the Love of You by Joss Stones], [The Isley Brothers, Don’t let me be Lonely Tonight by Eric Clapton], [Jimi Hendrix, Bold as Love by John Mayer], [Jimi Hendrix, The Wind Cries Mary by Sting], [Phil Collins, Againts all Odds by the Postal Service], [U2, In a Little While by Hanson], [Radiohead, Creep by Prince], [The Dubliners, Whiskey in the Jar, by Metallica], [The Skyliners, Since I Dont Have You by Guns and Roses or Simon And Garfunkel], [Stevie Wonder, As by George Michael and Mary J Blige], [The Rolling Stones, I Cant get No Satisfaction by Devo],[Roxy Bands, More than this by Charlie Hunter and Norah Jones]

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