Rolling in the Deep

Everybody’s makes mistake. Everyone had made the wrong decision. Everyone had misjudged the person who used to be by their side. That’s what makes us Human, the most inconsistent creature ever walked this earth. Obviously, we cant just stand there, bowed down, and keeps regretting about everything that already happened. We can’t never turn back the hands of time. We can’t erase the scar that clawed deep in the wall of our heart.  We have to choose how to dealt with it. We have to choose the right decision about our next step. The number one option, and the most popular way is to throw away our anger and madness to the person whose responsible or ourself. The second choice is to swallow it, and hide everything in the deepest spot in our heart. But to tell you the truth, there’s actually a third option.

We have to let it go. Mistake is a mistake. Bad decision is a bad decision. Uncomfortable relationship is uncomfortable relationship. With only to let everything go, and make yourself realize that everything is already happened, we can put the engines on and moving forward.

No, we never always get what we want. We cant always get what we want.

Never think about things that you should have done. Never think about the hypothetical step that you should have take. Never think about you and your exes is almost got it all. To make  a good omellete, you have to break an egg first. Sometimes, things have to fall apart to make way for better things.

So, say goodbye to all the mistake and stupid decision that you’ve made, and wished all the best for all the exes wherever they are, whoever they’re with.

Do something with your life.

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  1. E!

    are you sure, you never turn back the time? how bout pandora box?

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