Before Sunrise – Before Sunset

You know, there’s always a movie in your life that made you come back to watched it again and again and again, and eventually you realize that you already see that flick for gazilionth time. But the weird thing is, the more you watched it, the more you like it. And each time you see it, you always find some new reasons to love the movie even more than before. There’s always a new and interesting POV that you get from that movie. Die Hard, Predator, The Dark Knight, Cast away, Blade Runner, High Fidelity, Collateral. All is in my list. But none of that movies can be even compared to the total hours that I spend in front of Before Sunrise/Before Sunset combo. This is the main reason why I think movie universe is magic. This is the reason why I want to write some script. This is the reason my I’m becoming this romantic yet a cynic person. and above it all this is the reason why I love my life.

The first movie, Before Sunrise, is a 1994’s production. The story is simple. Two people, a guy from America, and a French fat girl, meet at the train across the Europe, they attracted to each other, and spend a day in Vienna, Austria. Mainly talking, even though at the end of course sex is getting involved(off screen).

The Second movie, Before Sunset, is the sequel, made in 2004. The time lapse in the real life between the movies is happening at the plot too. Its the culmination of the ambigous ending that the prequel had. But this time, the location is in Paris.

For you who never watched this two movie before, you’re lucky. You don’t have the big bad agitated feeling to really want to know whats going on after Before Sunrise ends. The Sequel is good. Very good in fact, that no other movie sequel is better than Before Sunset. The most powerful aspect from both of this movie, is the CONVERSATION. It is so remarkable and fascinating, kinda make you feel that this two character is really exist in the real life. Before Sunrise conversation is amazing, but the sequel is better, because the character is wiser. The conversation and script isn’t always about only points and meaning, it is also becoming the medium of plot wise, communication, avoidance, self inflicting pain(mentally), confusion or even eroticism in words, unspoken or not. But conversation is meaningless if the character chemistry is non-exist, but Ethan Hawke and Julie Deeply chemistry is beyond magnificent. They’re nail it. At the end of the before sunset, even all the cynic will think that this two person is having a real relationship in the world.

 I love how Before Sunrise is slowly forwarding the small relationship between the two. I love the way every time they lay eyes to each other. I love how they let themselves very open and truthfully in the sequel. I love how Before Sunset make the chemistry is more passionate, real, and human. Ethan Hawke best performance ever. He is so relaxed, down to earth and cool, make me stay behind him all the time. Meanwhile Julie deeply is honest and raw, nothing exceptional, but that’s what human look like, am I right? Both of this movie is as good as it gets that you’ll ever see in terms of conversation, character, and chemistry.

The most romantic movie ever? Yes. Hard.

This movie serves as a testament to human nature, how people’s views change, and the little inconsistencies that make us who we are. Anyone that has ever met someone they “kind of like” and wanted to find out more about them will know what this film is about. This is missed opportunity, this is chance, this is the roll of the dice and the one that got away. The universal response on viewing this film will be a deep down, soul aching desire to watch yet another sequel in another nine years time. Any film that can haunt its audience in this way is deserving of its title of Masterpiece. I can go on and on, but it will make you, the reader, boring. Just find this great movies. You wont regret every second you spend with it.

Six out of five stars. Yep, I meant it.



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2 responses to “Before Sunrise – Before Sunset

  1. willy

    And the ending is so awkward, it just at the moment doesn’t have any point

  2. There’s a neat story in one of Roger Ebert’s books about the storyline from the film coming to life. I wrote about it here:

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