Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is a singer/songwriters/directors/surfers. In Indonesia, Jack Johnson wasn’t too popular. I don’t know whats the reason, even though all Indonesian is a sucker for such an easy approachable genre. His signature is his light, buoyant guitar skill, his warm and gentle voice, and a simplistic toward lyrics.

Its a shame that I’ve started to listened to  Jack Johnson only since 2007. Because I always like this kinda of Music. Easy listening but not cheesy semi pop/rock, simple  but not demeaning  lyrics, and the groovy or windy moods that only this genre(except reggae) can bring. Before 2007, I really never heard of his name before, and believe it or not, the person who introduces me to him, is the least person I’ve ever expected to bring music genre in front of me. My former boss whose favorite music genre is a very very awful and corny house /trance remix.

The first Johnson’s song that Ive heard is from his 5th album, Sleep through the static. The song is IF I HAD EYES. From the first time I listened to that intro catchy electro guitar strum, I already fall in love with this track. The mixing of Acoustic and blues with the sand gracing infusion over it is so soothing and easy to glide in to the background of my life, even today where my life condition is 180 degrees completely different than then.

After that, I started to look for more songs. I’ve downloaded and buy a few of them too. And after his discographies is complete, I realize, that Sleep through the static is his darkest work yet. All of the song from that album is so muddy and it takes some times and close listening to really get into it, because Johnson’s Voice is so light and minty in contrast to the gloomy overall mood that the album trying to achieve.  Although the previous album, In Between Dreams, isn’t the absolute opposite of the Sleep through the static, it is my one of my favorite album of all time. The laid back approach that Johnson choose in the album really paid well. BETTER TOGETHER and BANANA PANCAKES combo is a must listened and to every romantic beachy moody bum sandy wavy all over the world. BETTER TOGETHER is a sweet acoustic/folk tunes about love, as simple and sweet-tempered as that.  It is Johnson’s most iconic song and a fan favorite. While BANANA PANCAKES is a lazy acoustic song about reflecting our easy advance in a uneasy life where it always raining all the time. Just check this performance of his at Kokua Festival, one of the visit from 2010 Jack Johnson World tour, which amazingly one hundred percent of the tour’s profit has been donated to charity. The BETTER TOGETHER duet with Paula Fuga is amazing. That girl really knows how to use that beautiful voice of her.

Other notable songs from him : GIRL I WANT TO LAY YOU DOWN is downright charming and catchy, HOPE is a bit engaging and a very cool fuse of Reggae, soul, and Pop, I already told you my opinion about YOU AND YOUR HEART at my post below, ANGEL is thicker than water and a Mango Tree, TURN YOUR LOVE is a fun, harmonious hip tunes, and there’s a lot of other Johnson’s song that never makes me bored. That guy’s already produced 6 album, 2 soundtrack and a couple of extended play, so there’s enough material for us, fans of good music, to clawing our way to become Johnson’s supporters.

Listen to Johnson if you like : Jason Mraz, John Mayer.

Don’t listen to Johnson if you crazy mad about : Progressive rock, nu metal, etc

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