A Tale of Two Sister

A Tale of Two Sister is a 2003 Korean psychological drama with minor emphasis on horror genre. FYI, I rarely touch korean Cinema. I don’t know why but their movies and everything doesn’t click at all no matter how hard I give it a try. Their language and accent can be very annoying for me too. Probably because all that stupid korean pop rising. Its so disgusting. But A Tale of Two Sister is a very different case.

I’m not going to spoils the story, not because the story is sucks whatsoever, its because the story so damn great and i want you all the reader to fully enjoying’ it. I know know, the story doesn’t age well, but in 2003, this kind of story is a very rare breed. the twist is good  keeps on coming relentless. even the smartest detective wannabe whom always try to predict where the story of a movie goes will getting a nice surprise when the credit is rolling.

The movie cinematography is a fusion of Italian Horror  and Japanese  Horror style. Dark, gothic, and very ASIAN. The visual take can be overly too long and sometimes unnecessary or pretend to be complicated. It kinda grows on you. But by the time the movie’s ends, you’ll realize and understand that the movie cant be done with other style. Hollywood fails miserably when they’re trying to americanized this movie by remaking it.

An enjoyable movie. A few good scary moment. A memorable performance from everyone involved in it.  A magnificent story. Any other good korean movie like this?

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