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Single Review : Not Giving Up On Love

This vocal trance collaboration between number one disc jockey in the world, Armin Van Buuren and oil painting babe comes to life look-alike, Sophie Ellis Bextor is damn good. This is vocal trance at its best. From the candy sweet piano melody opening, the upbeat drum into chorus inthe middle, to the magnificent final chorus this song figuratively blew my mind. The only minus point is the length. Its too short!

Armin didn’t go too far with his mixing and scratching. The composition that he made, making the already great track sounds even better. But Sophie’s voice is the angel tears that glued all of the particle and made this tunes brutally beautiful. Her voice is so frosty cold, elegant, and sophisticated. With that kinda voice, she really can’t go wrong in the dance track scene that she heavily induced since the first time she’s soloing in 1999. In the age of popular mainstream woman artist these day, Sophie look very old fashioned in a elegant and marvelous way compared to all the slut convention that Gaga, Kesha, or other meaningless pretentious women artist attends to. But trust me, if she keeps making single like this gold mine, she will never fall out of Vogue. Speaking about 1999, this track reminds me of her first single ever, her duet with Spiller. Groove Jet(this Ain’t Love).

If anyone even dared to compared this track to any song that Jlo, Black eyed peas, or any other sample stealing unimaginative so-called R&B slash hip hop artist, you’re better off and get something hard, shine it up real nice and stick it straight up your candy ass while thinking where the hell is your musical taste will be going, cos frankly, all the signs points up to the no good shit. Yea yea, people got their own taste, but what I’m blabbering about in the last paragraph is what people called opinion. and if you’re not down with that, Ive got two words for you, suck it!

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The Top 10 Worst Cover Song

80 : 20. The comparison between the bad cover song and awesome one. From 10 songs, there’s 8 bad ones. Choosing the best cover song is so hard to do, but to do the opposite, its like flipping your hands upside down. I can list 100 stupid cover song ever and still all the idiot song that occupy my mind doesn’t vanish yet. Like I said before, its hard to do justice for some really amazing and classic songs. There’s a bunch of copycaters artist that didn’t really know what to do, so they let the sunny side of creativity mind in their ass taking by performing, de-honoring the song that they covered and completely destroying it. And below is the 10 of the crappiest. And another bucket of idiotic cover after that.

Britney Spears doing I Cant get No (Satisfaction) by The Rolling Stone

First time I heard it, I almost puke. And when I hear it again as I’m writing it, my finger goes numb, and my head started to spinning. What a psychedelic effect huh? Ain’t nothing like a real thing eh? I don’t know why I’m listening to this crap.

All Saints doing Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This Barbie doll version of a badass song so awful it ruins the song forever. I want to erase the part of my brain that memorize the existence of this song. How dare they?

 Glee “Superstars” doing any Legendary Rock Song

My god. There’s nothing more than a nightmare than this. Okay, you can do the cover of some lamest band, like Maroon 5, Poison, Paramore, My Chemical Romance and others. But don’t tarnish the legacy of Queen, Van Halen, the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, AC/DC etc by performing the gayest and girliest cover yet. They even do THE DOORS for god sake. STOP RUINING ROCK for US! Nothing is sacred anymore. They managed to bring bad cover to a whole other hideous level. What a talent eh?

Sheryl Crow doing Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns ‘n’ Roses

I Love Sheryl. But she’s not perfect. her duet with Kid Rock is stupid. Her cover on the first cut is the deepest is lame. But Sweet Child O’ Mine is her biggest mistake yet. Nobody can sing like Axl. By replacing that high voice into a women throat, turn the song into some utterly gibberish pretentious rock slash pop music.  Probably she’s doing this for an elaborate joke.

Avril Lavigne doing Knocking on Heavens Door by Bob Dylan

Knocking is a perfect song by all means. I don’t think anybody could ever ruin it. Well, I guess I was wrong. Nicely done, Avril. You should stick to your what the hell career and stop covering songs. When you mess with a great song that everyone likes and makes anyone hates it, you know that you got skill. Jeez.


Boyz II Men doing Money(That’s what I Want) by Barret Strong

The original song is grainy and too advanced for that era. Boyz II Men version actually a big setback. They arranged this legen, wait for it, dary song into a big pile of pop utterly crap. They put a lot of noise and treble, they give the touch of modern musical instrument in it,  but it doesn’t work! You cant replace the real motown effect of 1959. You cant touch that.

The Used and My Chemical Romance doing Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie

Seriously, I dont want to recommend this verison to people with suicidal tendencies. This shit really want to make you stab your ears with a fork, then take it and stick in your heart. Why? Because otherwise, you will live to tell the tale of this GARBAGE. OOT, But come on, what kind a band name themselves My chemical Romance?Hubris and Lack of Imagination.

Alien Ant Farm doing Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

Enough Said. Just see the stupid video and burn your monitor after that. Just like someone said before, “These disney so called ”rock bands” are an insult to everything that has to do with real rock”

Guns n Roses doing Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones

Sorry guys. I respect GNR. But why the hell they must cover this beast? This confirm the truth that no one, I meant no one should ever try to cover any of the Rolling Stones’s songs.  No one can sounded more pyschedelico than Mick Jagger and co.

Madonna Doing American Pie by Don McLean

A long, long time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile. And I knew if I had my chance that I could make those people run and maybe they’d be happy for a while.
But this cover made me shiver with every second it delivered. Bad version on the doorstep I couldn’t take one more step. I can remember that I cried when I hear about this shallow crap. Nothing could’ve touched me deep inside the day the music died when Madonna sing this song.

The other participant in the bucket full of piss are :

[Galactic Symposium: Cream “Sunshine of Your Love”], [Robbie Williams: George Michael “Freedom”], [Michael Buble: The Beatles “Cant buy me Love], [Michael Buble: Fred Astaire “The Way You Look Tonight”], [John Legend: Stevie Wonder “Dont You Worry About a Thing”], [Boyz II Men: Goo Goo Dolls “Irish”], [Britney Spears: Joan Jett “I Love Rock and Roll],[Diana Krall: Dusty Springfield “the Look of Love”], [Evanescence: Nirvana “Heart Shaped Box”], [Fallout Boy: The Police “Roxanne”], [Panic at the Disco:Radiohead “Karma  Police”],[MYMP: The Police “Every Little Thing she does is magic”],[Frank Sinatra: The Beatles “Something”], [Earth Wind and Fire: Jimi Hendrix “Voodoo Child’], [DJ Sammy:Bryan Adams “Heaven”], [Tori Amos: Nirvana “Smells like Teen Spirit”], [Westlife: Sarah McLachlan “Angels”],[Atomic Kitten:Blondie “The Tide is High”], [Barry Manilow: BJ Thomas “Raindrops Falling on My Head”]

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The Top 10 Cover Song of All Time

Imitation is the highest form of compliment? Is it true? I don’t really give a fuck. If you want to imitate, at least put something original into it, not just drop some useless/catchy/brainless sample here and there. Seriously, I love cover songs. But I hate cheap cover songs. Why? Why cover songs? Because I really can consider it as an art too. THE ART of COVER SONG. Today, the best ones are really getting harder to find, especially in the mainstream arena of music scene. Sure, we got a lot of cover song scattered around, but mainly, their sucks. And the other reason is the fun behind knowing the taste of the artist that do the cover song. We already know that John Mayer get a lot of Influence from Jimi Hendrix, or the real Audioslave is actually a combination between grunge sound of Soundgarden and Hip/funk/metal of Rage Againts the Machine, but what we really want to experience is what if these great musician bring out the best of them to perform other artist songs to their liking? And below, is the list of my magnificent ten, and a handful a lot of other in Honorable mention.

Bee Gees, To Love somebody by EAGLE EYE CHERRY

The softy/mellow ballads by the English trio is getting beautifully re-amped by EAGLE EYE CHERRY. They changed the good pop sound to the acoustic/trip song. Nicely done.

Dexys Midnight Runners, Come on Eileen by SAVE FERRIS

New Wave songs turned into a SKA infuse pop song by replaced the strings with a horn section. Genius.

The Beatles, I Want to Hold Your Hand by AL GREEN

One of the most gifted purveyors of soul music transformed hobo-hobo fan favorite into a pure mind boogie soul tunes. Al Green makes the song barely recognized at the first minute.

Johan Sebastian Bach, Air on the G String, by KLAZZ BROTHERS AND CUBA PERCUSSION

Without a doubt, Air on the G String is one of the most popular classic suite ever. Majestic and Gallant. Klazz Brothers and Cuba Percussion turn it into a very very sweet, relaxing at the same time a deep and dark instrumental Jazz.

Disturbed, Down at the Sickness by RICHARD CHEESE

A nu metal totally hardcore to the core song get covered and becoming into some lounge/easy/semi-parody jazz? Nobody else in the world can do it better than Richard Cheese.

Stevie Wonder, Higher Ground by RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS

The famous guitar infused jazz on the original songs replaced by a a solid rock guitar string. Changing the mood from walking in the Sunday street to exploding yourself in a Mosh Pit.

Michael Jackson, Billie Jean by CHRIS CORNELL

When Cornell  hit the chorus with the lyrics “She’s just a girl, and says I’m the one”, I’ve decided that this is the best cover song ever on Michael Jackson songs. Brutally bluesy and angry.

Christopher Cross, Arthur’s Theme by PARIS MATCH

 This Japanese Jazz influenced Band bring the best out of boring aura of the song, and transformed it into a fresh bossa nova track. The voice in this version is so deep and gently weep the soul of jazz in my mind.

Etta James, All I Could do is Cry by BEYONCE KNOWLES

There’s something about this version that made me worship it. Obviously, Beyonce wasn’t the Reason. I never liked her. I still didnt know the reason why. But this song is The Highlight of Cadillac Records. Kudos for Beyonce.

The Beatles, The Fool on the Hill by SERGIO MENDEZ and BRAZIL 66

The original lyrics of this elevator song is psychedelic already. Sergio Mendez and her group added the  spin of a medieval journey in a BOSSA SONG. Nobody never done that before, and until now, nobody does that. Amazing.


[The Temptation, My Girl by Al Green], [The Guess Who, American Woman by Lenny Kravitz], [Oasis, Wonderwall by Ryan Adams], [Bob Dylan, All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix], [Prince, Nothing Compared to you by Sinead O’Connor], [Bob Marley and the Wailers, Waiting in Vain by Annie Lennox], [Steely Dan, Do it Again by Smashmouth], [The Jackson 5, I’ll be There by Mariah Carey], [Otis Redding, Respect by Aretha Franklin], [Bee Gees, To Love Somebody by Nina Simone], [Bee Gees, How Deep is Your Love by Take That], [Johnny Bristol, Hang on in there Baby by Gary Barlow], [Kathy Trocolli, Tell me Where it hurts by MYMP], [The Carpenters, I Wont Last a Day Without You by Sergio Mendez and Brazil 77], [The Beatles, Come Together by Aerosmith], [The Doors, Breakin Through the Other Side by Stone Temple Pilots], [Harold Melvin & Blue Notes, If You Dont Know me By Now by Simply Red], [The Isley Brothers, For the Love of You by Joss Stones], [The Isley Brothers, Don’t let me be Lonely Tonight by Eric Clapton], [Jimi Hendrix, Bold as Love by John Mayer], [Jimi Hendrix, The Wind Cries Mary by Sting], [Phil Collins, Againts all Odds by the Postal Service], [U2, In a Little While by Hanson], [Radiohead, Creep by Prince], [The Dubliners, Whiskey in the Jar, by Metallica], [The Skyliners, Since I Dont Have You by Guns and Roses or Simon And Garfunkel], [Stevie Wonder, As by George Michael and Mary J Blige], [The Rolling Stones, I Cant get No Satisfaction by Devo],[Roxy Bands, More than this by Charlie Hunter and Norah Jones]

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Rolling in the Deep

Everybody’s makes mistake. Everyone had made the wrong decision. Everyone had misjudged the person who used to be by their side. That’s what makes us Human, the most inconsistent creature ever walked this earth. Obviously, we cant just stand there, bowed down, and keeps regretting about everything that already happened. We can’t never turn back the hands of time. We can’t erase the scar that clawed deep in the wall of our heart.  We have to choose how to dealt with it. We have to choose the right decision about our next step. The number one option, and the most popular way is to throw away our anger and madness to the person whose responsible or ourself. The second choice is to swallow it, and hide everything in the deepest spot in our heart. But to tell you the truth, there’s actually a third option.

We have to let it go. Mistake is a mistake. Bad decision is a bad decision. Uncomfortable relationship is uncomfortable relationship. With only to let everything go, and make yourself realize that everything is already happened, we can put the engines on and moving forward.

No, we never always get what we want. We cant always get what we want.

Never think about things that you should have done. Never think about the hypothetical step that you should have take. Never think about you and your exes is almost got it all. To make  a good omellete, you have to break an egg first. Sometimes, things have to fall apart to make way for better things.

So, say goodbye to all the mistake and stupid decision that you’ve made, and wished all the best for all the exes wherever they are, whoever they’re with.

Do something with your life.

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The Essential History of John McClane’s Life

According to the Historian, John McClane is born August 11, 1954. He’s an Irish American. After 30 Years of service as the protector of Innocent (NYPD, LAPD, or Homeland Security), he can be described as foul-mouthed, wisecracking  cop with an itchy trigger finger, as well as an Iconic and essential American hero, the toughest and luckiest sumbitch ever hit the face of the earth  and also always the wrong person at the wrong time, at the wrong place, at the wrong circumstances.

He’s a very proud and stubborn man. probably that’s why his marriage is falling, and even his own daughter didn’t want to use his last name, instead choosing Gennero, her mother’s last name.

In 1988, Christmas eve, after being seperated for the first time because of his wives moved to Los Angeles several months earlier to pursue a career and he cant let go the cases that he’s been dealing with in NYC, McClane decided to visited his family in LA. at that time, his wives already becaming a successful general affair manager in one of most profound company in the world, the NAKATOMI Corporation.  Unfortunately,  Hans Gruber, the incredibly tricky and suave thief, initiates his plan to steal $640 million in bearer bonds and takes the Nakatomi Company employees, including Holly, hostage, posing as terrorists to draw attention away from the theft almost simultaneously with McClane Arrival. After a long night battle, the nudity, drug use, continual profanity, and extreme violence all over the place, McClane is killing the terrorist one by one, and eventually throw Hans Gruber’s Ass from the 32th floor of Nakatomi Plaza.  After that, His marriage is back on track, and our hero is riding in a limo, kissing his wife passionately with a background of Nat King Cole’s let it snow let it snow let it snow.

2 Years later, another Christmas Eve, Another bunch of idiotic terrorist is ruining his life. Even though McClane already promoted to lieutenant, become a national hero, getting featured in the people magazine, it still doesnt make him a right to piss in other people’s home even when McClane discovers that mercenaries have seized control of Washington Dulles International Airport, and take control of the airport’s communications also threaten to cause plane crashes unless their demands are met. But the terrorist doesn’t realize that when you put John McClane’s wife in another danger, no matter what conspiracies that they made with the  active military unit, you’ll get an ass kicking, and a special 3 words cursing from McClane. Another failed attempt.

Like I said before, John McClane is invincible. Even a failed marriage, another step to becoming a full blown alcoholic, and getting suspended from the police corps, doesn’t getting in the way of McClane burns the hell out of Simon Gruber, Hans Gruber’s Brother in 1995.  But this time, McClane wasn’t alone. He’s being helped by Zeus Carver, a black racist guy who at the first time doesn’t want to get involved with the SIMON SAYS game, but decided to do it after being deceived by McClane. Their Interaction is gold.


12 years later, he’s already divorced with Holly. But McClane is in another wrong place, when he saves the life of nerd geeky hacker Matt Farrell. They soon discover that another group of superficial stupid terrorists are conducting a firesale and are systematically taking out the nation’s infrastructure. Check this out, he survives against group of mercenaries hunting him in a helicopter across the Washington DC’s street, a kungfu bitch, an exploding power plant, and off course the cool F-35B Lightning II one on one mortal kombat style battle. How god is this guy? But he’s getting older. He’s not the John McClane that I’ve want to become. He’s grow softer in this time. There’s not a single  fuck, shit, or any profanity can be caught at this time. he doesn’t even saying his catchphrase out loud. I’m disappointed.

Nobody can come close to the bad asses image that McClane Created. Not even Rambo, or the marvelous Chuck Norris himself(don’t Kill me Chuck). McClane is more than a stereotypical action hero. He’s vulnerable. He’s real. He’s Gritty. He’s the perfect mix of cocky arrogance and stone-cold heroism, and I really hope, that someday, he will get involved in another accident, even though he himself doesn’t really want it. But there’s no one else want to do it besides him. That’s why he’s always stay at the top of my favorite action hero of all time.

Yippie Ki Yay, Motherfucker!

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Before Sunrise – Before Sunset

You know, there’s always a movie in your life that made you come back to watched it again and again and again, and eventually you realize that you already see that flick for gazilionth time. But the weird thing is, the more you watched it, the more you like it. And each time you see it, you always find some new reasons to love the movie even more than before. There’s always a new and interesting POV that you get from that movie. Die Hard, Predator, The Dark Knight, Cast away, Blade Runner, High Fidelity, Collateral. All is in my list. But none of that movies can be even compared to the total hours that I spend in front of Before Sunrise/Before Sunset combo. This is the main reason why I think movie universe is magic. This is the reason why I want to write some script. This is the reason my I’m becoming this romantic yet a cynic person. and above it all this is the reason why I love my life.

The first movie, Before Sunrise, is a 1994’s production. The story is simple. Two people, a guy from America, and a French fat girl, meet at the train across the Europe, they attracted to each other, and spend a day in Vienna, Austria. Mainly talking, even though at the end of course sex is getting involved(off screen).

The Second movie, Before Sunset, is the sequel, made in 2004. The time lapse in the real life between the movies is happening at the plot too. Its the culmination of the ambigous ending that the prequel had. But this time, the location is in Paris.

For you who never watched this two movie before, you’re lucky. You don’t have the big bad agitated feeling to really want to know whats going on after Before Sunrise ends. The Sequel is good. Very good in fact, that no other movie sequel is better than Before Sunset. The most powerful aspect from both of this movie, is the CONVERSATION. It is so remarkable and fascinating, kinda make you feel that this two character is really exist in the real life. Before Sunrise conversation is amazing, but the sequel is better, because the character is wiser. The conversation and script isn’t always about only points and meaning, it is also becoming the medium of plot wise, communication, avoidance, self inflicting pain(mentally), confusion or even eroticism in words, unspoken or not. But conversation is meaningless if the character chemistry is non-exist, but Ethan Hawke and Julie Deeply chemistry is beyond magnificent. They’re nail it. At the end of the before sunset, even all the cynic will think that this two person is having a real relationship in the world.

 I love how Before Sunrise is slowly forwarding the small relationship between the two. I love the way every time they lay eyes to each other. I love how they let themselves very open and truthfully in the sequel. I love how Before Sunset make the chemistry is more passionate, real, and human. Ethan Hawke best performance ever. He is so relaxed, down to earth and cool, make me stay behind him all the time. Meanwhile Julie deeply is honest and raw, nothing exceptional, but that’s what human look like, am I right? Both of this movie is as good as it gets that you’ll ever see in terms of conversation, character, and chemistry.

The most romantic movie ever? Yes. Hard.

This movie serves as a testament to human nature, how people’s views change, and the little inconsistencies that make us who we are. Anyone that has ever met someone they “kind of like” and wanted to find out more about them will know what this film is about. This is missed opportunity, this is chance, this is the roll of the dice and the one that got away. The universal response on viewing this film will be a deep down, soul aching desire to watch yet another sequel in another nine years time. Any film that can haunt its audience in this way is deserving of its title of Masterpiece. I can go on and on, but it will make you, the reader, boring. Just find this great movies. You wont regret every second you spend with it.

Six out of five stars. Yep, I meant it.



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Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is a singer/songwriters/directors/surfers. In Indonesia, Jack Johnson wasn’t too popular. I don’t know whats the reason, even though all Indonesian is a sucker for such an easy approachable genre. His signature is his light, buoyant guitar skill, his warm and gentle voice, and a simplistic toward lyrics.

Its a shame that I’ve started to listened to  Jack Johnson only since 2007. Because I always like this kinda of Music. Easy listening but not cheesy semi pop/rock, simple  but not demeaning  lyrics, and the groovy or windy moods that only this genre(except reggae) can bring. Before 2007, I really never heard of his name before, and believe it or not, the person who introduces me to him, is the least person I’ve ever expected to bring music genre in front of me. My former boss whose favorite music genre is a very very awful and corny house /trance remix.

The first Johnson’s song that Ive heard is from his 5th album, Sleep through the static. The song is IF I HAD EYES. From the first time I listened to that intro catchy electro guitar strum, I already fall in love with this track. The mixing of Acoustic and blues with the sand gracing infusion over it is so soothing and easy to glide in to the background of my life, even today where my life condition is 180 degrees completely different than then.

After that, I started to look for more songs. I’ve downloaded and buy a few of them too. And after his discographies is complete, I realize, that Sleep through the static is his darkest work yet. All of the song from that album is so muddy and it takes some times and close listening to really get into it, because Johnson’s Voice is so light and minty in contrast to the gloomy overall mood that the album trying to achieve.  Although the previous album, In Between Dreams, isn’t the absolute opposite of the Sleep through the static, it is my one of my favorite album of all time. The laid back approach that Johnson choose in the album really paid well. BETTER TOGETHER and BANANA PANCAKES combo is a must listened and to every romantic beachy moody bum sandy wavy all over the world. BETTER TOGETHER is a sweet acoustic/folk tunes about love, as simple and sweet-tempered as that.  It is Johnson’s most iconic song and a fan favorite. While BANANA PANCAKES is a lazy acoustic song about reflecting our easy advance in a uneasy life where it always raining all the time. Just check this performance of his at Kokua Festival, one of the visit from 2010 Jack Johnson World tour, which amazingly one hundred percent of the tour’s profit has been donated to charity. The BETTER TOGETHER duet with Paula Fuga is amazing. That girl really knows how to use that beautiful voice of her.

Other notable songs from him : GIRL I WANT TO LAY YOU DOWN is downright charming and catchy, HOPE is a bit engaging and a very cool fuse of Reggae, soul, and Pop, I already told you my opinion about YOU AND YOUR HEART at my post below, ANGEL is thicker than water and a Mango Tree, TURN YOUR LOVE is a fun, harmonious hip tunes, and there’s a lot of other Johnson’s song that never makes me bored. That guy’s already produced 6 album, 2 soundtrack and a couple of extended play, so there’s enough material for us, fans of good music, to clawing our way to become Johnson’s supporters.

Listen to Johnson if you like : Jason Mraz, John Mayer.

Don’t listen to Johnson if you crazy mad about : Progressive rock, nu metal, etc

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A Tale of Two Sister

A Tale of Two Sister is a 2003 Korean psychological drama with minor emphasis on horror genre. FYI, I rarely touch korean Cinema. I don’t know why but their movies and everything doesn’t click at all no matter how hard I give it a try. Their language and accent can be very annoying for me too. Probably because all that stupid korean pop rising. Its so disgusting. But A Tale of Two Sister is a very different case.

I’m not going to spoils the story, not because the story is sucks whatsoever, its because the story so damn great and i want you all the reader to fully enjoying’ it. I know know, the story doesn’t age well, but in 2003, this kind of story is a very rare breed. the twist is good  keeps on coming relentless. even the smartest detective wannabe whom always try to predict where the story of a movie goes will getting a nice surprise when the credit is rolling.

The movie cinematography is a fusion of Italian Horror  and Japanese  Horror style. Dark, gothic, and very ASIAN. The visual take can be overly too long and sometimes unnecessary or pretend to be complicated. It kinda grows on you. But by the time the movie’s ends, you’ll realize and understand that the movie cant be done with other style. Hollywood fails miserably when they’re trying to americanized this movie by remaking it.

An enjoyable movie. A few good scary moment. A memorable performance from everyone involved in it.  A magnificent story. Any other good korean movie like this?

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