Top 5 out of nowhere surprisingly good movie

Sometimes, when you searching for a flick to watch, you come across into some title that you know at the very heart from the combination of stupid “catchy” title, the cast which practically unknown or a bunch of mediocre B-lister, the not so good director, or the story that is so “brilliant” or typical, made you already know that the movie’s gonna be sucks for life even before you watched it. For example, every Uwe boll’s movie,  every game adaption-movie, any WWE production title except when The Rock’s in it, any stupid remade-remake movie that didn’t make sense(any idiot behind THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL), pointless and moronic 10000 BC, and a lot other movie.

 But in other hands, at some other time you come across into some title that practically unknown, full of good cast, mysterious storyline and director, makes you decide to give it a shot, and the result, sometimes is beyond decent. Surprisingly good. or Enjoyable. Usually, this kind of movies is fall on independent company road, but some aren’t. And here’s my top 5 pick for this shocker.


It was summer 2005. After holding my current girlfriend at that time hand’s for the first time when we’re watching’ INTO THE BLUE. The clock is still ticking at 1700 PM. We both thought that there’s still a lot of time to spend. We don’t want to go back to our house, so we decide to watch another movie at theater. We randomly choose THE DESCENT. Yes, the first reason why I’m watching the DESCENT is so I can made out with her. But after the movie has been rolling for 15 minutes, both of us completely lost our will to making out because the awesomeness on screen.

  • I never though a B horror movie with no premise at all could tangled me like that.
  • I never though the story will engaged me so much that i give an applause after it.
  • I never though the ending will be so broken and unexpected like that.
  • I never though that a movie could cause me a temporary claustrophobia
  • I never though a british horror movie could sneak up into one of my favorite horror of all time.
  • I never though that the decent becoming the only movie that i constantly pop into my bluray player every time new people come to play or spend time at my place.


Except for the unknown Idris Alba and Michael Early(For me), Takers main cast is consist of a lot actors or recording artist that pretend they’re an actor that I don’t like,  even though I tried to. Matt Dillon(thank god his moustache is absent, I hate that thing so much it made me completely biased of every Dillon’s performance with that stupid little patch on his top lips), The babyface emotionless Paul Walker, the drama queen officially ruined Darth Vader image in my mind Hayden Christensen, the latino next big thing but falls to B-lister Jay Hernandez, two rappers which I never care to know before this flick, Chris Brown and T.I.

But Surprisingly(as expected), Takers is a good heist-urban movie in recent era. the editing is cut, fast, and efficient. The overall acting is decent. The Style is there and cool. The Music is nice. At the beginning,  I’m afraid that Christensen is  kinda miscast in here, but in the end, his character is quite memorable though the screen time is less. One of the Guilty Pleasure? Far from it. Its a very niche yet fresh good action movie. There’s nothing really special about this movie, but sometimes decent without over exposure is a very enjoyable treat.


I always love horror movie. I don’t know why, there’s an art behind sitting on your own in the sofa at your place, completely dark around you except from the television set, a very loud volume ticker, and a good horror movie. its good to test your adrenaline. The Exorcism of Emily Rose not a fully-horror movie. In the very core, its a court-case movie. But quite frankly this is one of the most disturbing and scariest court-case flick.

Why Emily Rose in the list? Because when I went to watch it, I’m expecting some good cheap scare-tactic, and what I found is a surprisingly good plot, script, and strong performance from everyone’s in it that rarely finds in a horror movie. In other word, its very believable.


At first the idea of watching two people, walking around the street of Vienna for a day, talking about their life, random topic, poetry, love, and bla bla bla, in a movie seems boring. There’s no giant beaver destroying a bridge in Before Sunrise. There’s no any emotion exploding all over the screen in Before Sunrise. The plot is nothing but a conversation thru the day. but it gets me. it is the most romantic movie I’ve ever watched. for all the dreamers out there, try it. you wont regret it. This movie is responsible for my love of French new wave cinema.

GI Joe – The Rise of the Cobra

Even before the movie is released back in 2009, there’s a rumor swirling  arround about people walking out from the screening. The rumor was denied by the studio, but god, what a powerful thing internet has became. I lost my will to see this movie. I never see the original GI Joe comics, or cartoon, but the plain style of blacky blackyness is already put my hard on dick at action movie at loss when I saw the trailer. It was bad, freakin’ bad. Then comes summer 2010. The DVD is out, and I don’t have anything to do. so i decided to put some meaningless time to watch the meaningless movie. it turns out good. Going in without expectation make this movie the ULTIMATE GUILTY PLEASURE. Its freakishly enjoyable. Its stupid, but stupidly fun!

The real trick is like what everybody says, NEVER JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER. and quite frankly that words can be applied to the movie world too….

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