Breakout Character

Breakout character is the unofficial term for the most outstanding, popular and interesting character in a TV show eventhough sometimes, the character wasn’t the main character in that Series. The character is sometimes being syndicated to the huge success of the show. But at the same timethe character itself is a double edge sword for the actor, because generally, its very hard to get out from that stereotype, so the image of the character can become the image of the actor too.

And this is the list of the 3 most memorable breakout character in the TV series for me

Blair Waldorf at GOSSIP GIRL, played by Leighton Meester.

I’m a guy. I’m not a huge fans of GOSSIP GIRL, but I’m a huge fan of Blair Waldorf. Why? Her performance is awesome. Its like a combination of Audrey Hepburn, Young Miranda Richardson’s Merryl Streep at the DEVIL WEARS Prada. I love it. She’s hot, she’s breathing fire out of her mouth, she’s stylish, sometime she can become the most perfect anti hero for this utterly crap 21st century soap opera of teen life. I only watched GOSSIP GIRL for her performance only. Don’t Judge Me!


Sheldon Cooper at THE BIG BANG THEORY, played by Jim Parsons

The only person you can imagine having Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, Hypochondriasis, Mysophobia, narcisstic,  geniuses, in one single human is Sheldon Cooper. This character is amazing. You can root for this guy, feel sorry for him, or even sometime hate him for his wrong treatment to his closest friends. And who can forget his memorable soft kitty tunes even though the song is only contains like 4 words of something, his disturbing smirk, or her amazing chemistry with his neighbor, Penny. Even Golden Globe already fallen to this guy’s lap.

Barney Stinson at HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, played by Neil Patrick Harris

No doubt about it, Barney Stinson is the King of Breakout Character. He’s a charming, bastardly coward but very likeable, an amazing catchphrase sprinkler, funny and witty Character. His popularity is very amazing, he already got 3 books-published, a couple website, and his own stupid blog.  even though all the main character at HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is amazing too(especially that giant Marshall), but Barney Stinson is the backbone of the series. I cant imagine this sitcom without his appearance. his popular “have you met…..” is very very useful too. I get some number at bar using that lines.

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  1. seriously, no Hank Moody?

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