High Fidelity

If I want to make a list of the top 5 movie which shaping my life the most, HIGH FIDELITY would always be on the top of it. Its defines me as a person. Its define my love story. Its define my music taste. The first time I watched it at 2003, right at the start of my college time, I fuckin’ in love with the movie. For the next 10 years, this movie is always at the pack of my all time favorite movie. but when I re-watching it again for the gazillion time today, I realize that HIGH FIDELITY is responsible to my life more than any culture point that this 20th – 21st century has made. I always feel like an unappreciated scholar so I’m shitting on the people who knows less than me, which is everybody.

HIGH FIDELITY story is simple. Rob Gordon, played so fresh and careless by John Cussack, is a decent nothing to be wildered kinda guy whose just got broke up with his girlfriend and the rest of the movie is glorifying his journey of Love-life through the view of Music, Soul, Friendship, and brutal honest truth.

There are 3 strongest point of HIGH FIDELITY. The number one is off course lays in the beautifully real nothing but the truth script. Its like watching the real life people handling their own problem and matter in daily life. It could happen to you, It could happen to me, which in some kinda weird way already happen, it could happen to anybody. The dialog is so sneaky and enjoyable it will makes you laugh and gritily realize the truth behind it.

The second thing is the cast. John Cussack is playing his usual fresh-love to walk in the rain-impulsive engaging character. Its fun to watched him complaining about himself all the time, its like looking at yourself in the mirror, of how you always regretting the decision that you already made, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You can just go out with a BANG. The pairing of Jack Black and the unknown Todd Luiso is amazing and funny. Its the good cop bad cop rhythm that gives HIGH FIDELITY a lot of amazing moment. Kudos for Jack Black. This is his strongest performance of all time, his School of Rock character is only a shadow behind Barry Character. I didn’t forget the memorable supportive cast too, like the exotic reggae-singer Lisa Bonet, Catherine Zeta Jones, Tim Robbins, Iben Hjejle, or even the famous Cameo from Bruce “the Boss” Springsteen.

And last but least, the last strongest part is the soundtrack. Don’t be surprised by the amount of good beyond awesome music that can be hear in this flick. Velvet Underground’s who loves the sun, Marvin Gaye’s Lets get it on, The Beta Band’s Dry the Rain, Love’s always see your face, stereolab’ La Boob Osciliator and lots other. I don’t even mentioned the referenced to Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Peter Frampton, Bruce Springsteen, Stiff Little Finger, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kraftwerk, the Clash, etc etc etc. Too many music maestro in one movie. It feels like heaven.

HIGH FIDELITY is a rare-given brilliant yet cool movie. Its even better than the novel. This is the movie for the people who always identified himself with great music, and the story behind your life. HIGH FIDELITY offers you a very realistic approaching that honest cant be more good than this. But the real fact, that this movie isn’t about music, its about RELATIONSHIP. This is a fun FLICK, with A BULLET!

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