You and Your Heart

You and Your Heart is the last single ever released by Jack Johnson, the surfer, filmmaker, often homeless look alike singer. The single is released at April 2010, but since that time, I never get tired listen of it, and would like to share my thought about that tunes to you guys, and hopefully, you can like it too.

Like all other Johnson track, You and Your Heart is a very windy, beachy, and catchy track. From the overly simple but upbeat opening guitar riff, to the very interesting but typically Johnson style of Bridge which ends the song, everything is so smooth and easy. The Bridge part after the second chorus definitely the strongest part of the song, cos it contains the breezy melodic almost rapping kinda part. But the real reason why I never got bored of this tunes, and why I put this song as Johnson favorite songs, because of the chorus’s lyrics..

Because You and your heart, shouldn’t feel so far apart
You can choose, what you’d take. But why you gotta break it and make it feels so hard

Its true, its so damn true. Sometimes, when you’re confuse with the way you live or the road you’re supposed to take in your life, all you had to do is look and search in your heart. Because its there. The passion is lying dormant in our heart. The answer is always there. And quite frankly, its my motto. I will always follows my heart no matter what’s black or white, true or false, left or right, fly or land, or whatever it is.

Enjoy the Breezy Music Video.

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