The Top 5 Most Depressing Flicks

A lot of people think that movie’s only entertainment. It meant to be enjoyed, laugh, scared, sad, but thats it. But there are some movies that touch you and leave the impression in a very dark and depressing way. Sometimes, it even makes you regret why the heck you are watching it? But nonetheless, its a great movie indeed. And these are the top 5 in my opinion.

Ain’t cartoon supposed to be fun, cherish, and colorful? Who in the bluest hell made this sad beyond pain relieve movie? Grave of the Fireflies is the strongest anti-war movie ever. The movie is covering the sad story of the two orphan in World War II era Japanese with all the bombing from the ALLIES showing the true cost of WAR. Even though the movie can be classified as a WAR movie, the emphasis of this cartoon is more in the humanist showdown of themselves in a very dark position. Its honest and heartbreaking. After watching this movie, trust me, you’ll find yourself in a very dark mood.

A few years after lost her husband and daughter in an accident, the main character of the most unexpected good horror movie of all time is getting some encouragement from her old friends to rebuild her life again. What could be better then cave-exploring? This basic survival in the middle of nowhere movie actually offer nothing special from the plot, but the depressing part is, all the character in this movie is builds so damn good, that its sad for us to see them die one by one in a very tragic and gore kinda way. The relationship between the main character and Juno is depressing as hell too. The setting in a very narrow, thin, dark caves make the depressing atmosphere is felt to your bone too. And don’t forget the ending, it will leaves you angry, and sad in a way. IGNORE THE SEQUEL!

When you talk about depression in a silver screen, at one point the wind’s gonna blow to this movie direction. Its the ultimate movie of self-destruction, addiction, and delusional stand point. I remember the first, and the only time I’m watching this movie, it makes me sit and says “what the fuck”, repeatedly to myself. I’m not going to spoils the complicity of the plot. You guys better watched it by yourself, but prepare for the sick butterfly in your heart and brain after that. Oh, and Clint Mansell? One of the most depressing soundtrack ever!

The movie is open with a self narrative angry, crazy, lunatic Martin Sheen destroying some mirror in his room, and then he got a job, to hunt some ronin colonel in the jungle, out in the middle of Nowhere. unlike platoon which shows the pathetic sides of US Troops in Vietnam War in a bluntest way. Apocalypse Now is putting Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness in a brutal setting of Vietnam War. and thats where the Iconic Marlon Brando comes. even he’s only appear on screen for, I don’t know, around 20 minutes or so, the Colonel Kurtz is making this grey movie is even more grey with the depressing mind and thought that only crazy person can understand. I love this movie though, its the most watched movie in this list for me. I love the smell of the Napalm in the morning. But god, how freakishly weird this movie leaves the taste in your mouth.

I remember reading Cormack McCarthy’s THE ROAD a couple of months before the movie is released, as I’m a fond of Post-Apocalyptic Genre. It was mesmerazing, deep, depressing, yet beautiful. and i really doubt that the filmmakers can translate it well to the screen, and then the movie comes. Its the perfect bleak vision of human in a Dark Ages. The setting, and the atmosphere really gets into your soul. It was Dark and brutally Apocalyptic. Combine that with the plot about blind hope, and faith.

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