The TOP 6 Ambiguous Movie’s Ending.

For the one who hates spoiler, avoid this column, but i guess you already watched all the movie that I’m listed in this entry, I mean, who in the bluest hell is never saw BLADE RUNNER at this day of age?!! Its a crime against humanity!! Its a Joke.

There’s an old saying, that sometimes there are things that better kept hidden, or the classic proverb, TO ANSWER EVERYTHING WOULD TAKE A PISS TO THE WHOLE THING. But in the connection to the movie world, there are 2 kind of moviegoers, the one who loves and endorse the ambiguity of movie’s ending, and sometimes they’re making it like some kind of pretentious art. and the other is the one who hates it. They’re saying that they paying for some entertainment, not to raise another question in their mind.

Me? The best ending in silver screen that I’ve ever watched in my entire life is CAST AWAY.

So this is the short list of my favorite ambiguous movie’s ending.

The most recent movie in this list. The incredible storytelling, setting, and twist in this movie is ends with the ambiguity, is Cobb’s world is real or not? Does the wheel stop spinning or not? Even though Nolan itself already answer it, and the answer can be found by checking the clothes pattern of the kid, or how their face looks liked, a lot of fans still questioned it. And because of the grand scale of the movie, Inception is deserve to be here.

please don


Pan’s labyrinth is a masterpiece, no doubt about it. Nobody can create the magical world in a very believable setting like Del Toro. Pan’s Labyrinth is like a big giant children book’s with a very creepy add on. The ending? MAGICAL. Is the girl crazy delusional stressed out? Or she’s really the princess of the fairy tale world? The good thing, Del Toro provide the two answer in the movie itself, so for you guys who didn’t have time to think, you can choose which one you DO like.

is this real?or am I crazy?


Ah, Stanley Kubrick. The Grandmaster of Scheme itself. Nobody can make an ambiguous ending like Kubrick’s, anyone remember THE SHINNING? but 2001, is another league on its own. You know what, i CANT EVEN EXPLAIN the ENDING, you just have to watched the grand 25 minutes of the final scene. I think the whole crew is on crack when they’re making it. Actually, the ending wasn’t ambiguous at all if you catch it, but from a lot of people that I’ve known watching the movie, only a handful of it knows what it really meant.

Stargate?Wormhole? Or am I on crack?


The 3 version of the ending answer itself for the ambiguity of it. The Ambiguity of the movie shows in aspect all along the ride, and it all cultivating in one of the most intriguing question in the movie world. IS DECKARD A REPLICANT OR A HUMAN? Oh, I’m getting out of topic, but Rutger Hauer, is the Perfect Specimen. This is everything that i want from a movie. Enough said.


After the teasing, warm hug, unbelievable chemistry, and the most romantic adult/mature conversation in 80 minutes ever, the movie concludes itself with another ambiguity like the prequel did to us 10 years before. BEAUTIFUL. I hope Linklater made another sequel to this inspiring love story.

dance of the lifetime


Here comes the greatest movie’s ending ever. After 4 years stranded in the middle of the pacific, return home only to find that the love of his life is already moving on, chuck is decided to move his life into the venture of unknown, but first he have to finish the other reason why he still alive, THE PACKAGE. And after all is said and done, he standing in the middle of some crossroad, picking up the pieces of his life through the dust that the pretty lady left behind, with a very beautiful and emotional score from Alan Silvestri. Made us, the audience, realize that life must goes on, no matter what happen. The ambiguity is there, clear and smooth. That’s what makes CAST AWAY is the ultimate movie of answer for me. Ironic huh?

should i follow the hot chick?

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