Im Not Jesus Christ Mommy

This article is not a review. This is just some preview of a very interesting yet to be released movie that will come this summer, 6th May to be exact. Ive come across this movie at, and then found some really pushing button, breaking the rules synopsis that comes with the movie.

David is a boy that comes to life thru the human cloning project. At seven years old, the world his living in is full of wars, plague, famine and everything bad runs through it. The strange thing is, all the fact behind David’s cloning is getting more mysterious, mystical, and beyond belief. Why? Because he’s been cloned from the blood in the shroud of turin, which is, believe it or not, contain the blood of Jesus Christ, eventhough in reality it is still very debatable. so, David is the man-made, second coming of christ.

Isnt that plot great and very promising? I rarely watch this kind of movie, except the premise is really brilliant, but trust me, im going to be there at the first day this movie will hit our cinema. IF IT CAN MAKE IT going thru the LSF Indonesia and  because the stupid condition of our cinema makes me really doubt it will appear in the silver screen in this country.

And here’s the trailer….

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