They can really WALK THE LINE

WALK THE LINE is a biopic movie about great country legend, Johnny Cash. While largely ignored the last 25 years of his life, WALK THE LINE is more focused to the early career of the maestro and put a heavy emphasis on the relationship between him and the love of his life. Im not gonna talk anything about the movie, other than the performance of the two main star, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.

When playing Johnny Cash and June Carter, PHOENIX and WITHERSPOON undoubtly put the greatest acting that they’ve achieved.

The Chemistry is there, every single time! From the moment Witherspoon take a glimpse look at Phoenix, or the other way around , really can make you do a little nudge of smile in your lips. Its beautiful the way they handle themselves.

The Charisma. Im surprised the movie doesnt get exploded or blows to the smithereens because of the hot, raw, yet elegant sexual tension between them. I’ve never seen a kissing scene way more rewarding and satisfying than the 1st scene between the two of them.

These two can proudly stand between one of the greatest on-screen couple/character ever. I love them…

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