The Day After Tomorrow

Do we realise about what’s really going on with our planet? For the first 4 months of 2011 we’re already experienced one deadly earthquake in New Zealand, massive floods in Australia, one of the biggest earthquake ever plus tsunamis in Japan, brutal blizzard in US. Do you think we made this all happening? Do you think we really destroying our planet? Check out this news. The ozone layer of our atmosphere is already damage to the most extent level.

We have to save the earth, or is this planet really needs some save?

I don’t think so. Humans only exist in this planet for roughly 2-5 millions years, while Earth’s age is around 7-8 billions year. Human is only a tiny blink dot in the middle grand saga of this planet history. We are nothing. This planet doesnt need to be saved. We are the one who needs to be saved from the planet. The more we try to damaging, extorting, ruining, clawing our fist deep inside the earth, the planet is going to act more violent than ever and by the time we realise it, we already in the verge of extinction.

So what should we do?

I dont know, I really dont know. Living everything to the fullest probably. Anyway, its just a thought. Dont take it seriously…

Somehow, peaceful isnt?

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