Imagine this, George clooney and Quentin tarantino, teams up with Harvey Keitel and Juliette Lewis on kicking a lot of vampire’s ass in a Robert Rodriguez movie with cameo from Tom Savini, Salma Hayek, or Danny Trejo. Thats what FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is.

Clooney and Tarantino is the GECKOs, the legendary sadistic brothers whose on the run from Law, trying to  running their way to Mexico after series of murdering, raping and roberry. In their journey, they’re kidnapping “the born again priest” played by Harvey Keitel, and his two kids. Kate and Scott, played very ackwardly by Juliette Lewis and Ernest Liu. At first, the geckos only using the family as a hostage for some kind of safe bargain on their way crossing the border, but one thing led to another, the movie genre goes from hard boiled old school crime drama, into slasher survival gore movies. The brilliant thing, THE TRANSITION is really unexpected. In fact, all the 60 minutes from the total 108 movie duration is spent on the drama genre. It doesn’t mean that the first half of the movie sucks. It still have the quirky, detailed, funny script just like in every Tarantino/Rodriguez-esque movie, but when the gang is arrive at the TITTY TWISTER(Yap, thats the name of the BAR where all the vampire is resided, roughly translated as PUTING BELIUNG in Indonesian, although thats not what it really MEANS. Titty Twister is the act where you snap the nipple of someone, and twist it as hard as you can!), the movie really hit another whole kind of level. Im not gonna spoiler it, but the ending is awesome too.

Seth Gecko is the most badass character Clooney ever played! His tatoo, his gun, his smile, his vest, his brutality, everything translate into a big pile of MACHO MACHIATO! Its the hollyness of great guy without pecs, but cool. You will love every single presence of him in the screen. There’s even a character from a videogame series being made as a tribute of him! And Tarantino, what can I say? He’s a pervert, and nobody played a perfect pervert/nerd combination like this guy. There’s not much to say a lot about other actors, they didnt quite capture my mood to write anything about it. Although, Salma Hayek’s breast is WOW. Oh, and I love Tom Savini! The Legendary Make up artist is hilarious as the SEX MACHINE(Yeah, there’s a character called SEX MACHINE in this movie. The Character had a gun attached to his crotch for god sake!)


Ultimately, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is a helluva fun. Its honest, pure, funny, and refreshing in a way. The soundtrack can really put you in the mood for some road trip to the southern USA across the desert landscape(ZZ TOP, the GREAT STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, etc). This is the kind of movie that you put in your DVD player at Saturday afternoon with a bunch a guys with the cloud of weed in your cellings, although I watched this with my girlfriend, and she likes it. The sole purpose of this GODLY art is FUN, and FUN is all we get when we watching it. Of course its not perfect, the make up and effect is gross and slimy(but still its FUN!), the one sided character is dumb, but trust me, you’ll be wanting for more by the time the movie credits hits.

PS : DO NOT watch all the sequels, they’re sucks!, No Clooney in it…

There’s a lot of awesome line in this movie, but this one is really hit the notes,

Seth: So what are you, Jacob? A faithless preacher? Or a mean motherfuckin’ servant of God?
Jacob: I’m a mean, mhm mhm servant of God.

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