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You and Your Heart

You and Your Heart is the last single ever released by Jack Johnson, the surfer, filmmaker, often homeless look alike singer. The single is released at April 2010, but since that time, I never get tired listen of it, and would like to share my thought about that tunes to you guys, and hopefully, you can like it too.

Like all other Johnson track, You and Your Heart is a very windy, beachy, and catchy track. From the overly simple but upbeat opening guitar riff, to the very interesting but typically Johnson style of Bridge which ends the song, everything is so smooth and easy. The Bridge part after the second chorus definitely the strongest part of the song, cos it contains the breezy melodic almost rapping kinda part. But the real reason why I never got bored of this tunes, and why I put this song as Johnson favorite songs, because of the chorus’s lyrics..

Because You and your heart, shouldn’t feel so far apart
You can choose, what you’d take. But why you gotta break it and make it feels so hard

Its true, its so damn true. Sometimes, when you’re confuse with the way you live or the road you’re supposed to take in your life, all you had to do is look and search in your heart. Because its there. The passion is lying dormant in our heart. The answer is always there. And quite frankly, its my motto. I will always follows my heart no matter what’s black or white, true or false, left or right, fly or land, or whatever it is.

Enjoy the Breezy Music Video.

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The Top 5 Most Depressing Flicks

A lot of people think that movie’s only entertainment. It meant to be enjoyed, laugh, scared, sad, but thats it. But there are some movies that touch you and leave the impression in a very dark and depressing way. Sometimes, it even makes you regret why the heck you are watching it? But nonetheless, its a great movie indeed. And these are the top 5 in my opinion.

Ain’t cartoon supposed to be fun, cherish, and colorful? Who in the bluest hell made this sad beyond pain relieve movie? Grave of the Fireflies is the strongest anti-war movie ever. The movie is covering the sad story of the two orphan in World War II era Japanese with all the bombing from the ALLIES showing the true cost of WAR. Even though the movie can be classified as a WAR movie, the emphasis of this cartoon is more in the humanist showdown of themselves in a very dark position. Its honest and heartbreaking. After watching this movie, trust me, you’ll find yourself in a very dark mood.

A few years after lost her husband and daughter in an accident, the main character of the most unexpected good horror movie of all time is getting some encouragement from her old friends to rebuild her life again. What could be better then cave-exploring? This basic survival in the middle of nowhere movie actually offer nothing special from the plot, but the depressing part is, all the character in this movie is builds so damn good, that its sad for us to see them die one by one in a very tragic and gore kinda way. The relationship between the main character and Juno is depressing as hell too. The setting in a very narrow, thin, dark caves make the depressing atmosphere is felt to your bone too. And don’t forget the ending, it will leaves you angry, and sad in a way. IGNORE THE SEQUEL!

When you talk about depression in a silver screen, at one point the wind’s gonna blow to this movie direction. Its the ultimate movie of self-destruction, addiction, and delusional stand point. I remember the first, and the only time I’m watching this movie, it makes me sit and says “what the fuck”, repeatedly to myself. I’m not going to spoils the complicity of the plot. You guys better watched it by yourself, but prepare for the sick butterfly in your heart and brain after that. Oh, and Clint Mansell? One of the most depressing soundtrack ever!

The movie is open with a self narrative angry, crazy, lunatic Martin Sheen destroying some mirror in his room, and then he got a job, to hunt some ronin colonel in the jungle, out in the middle of Nowhere. unlike platoon which shows the pathetic sides of US Troops in Vietnam War in a bluntest way. Apocalypse Now is putting Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness in a brutal setting of Vietnam War. and thats where the Iconic Marlon Brando comes. even he’s only appear on screen for, I don’t know, around 20 minutes or so, the Colonel Kurtz is making this grey movie is even more grey with the depressing mind and thought that only crazy person can understand. I love this movie though, its the most watched movie in this list for me. I love the smell of the Napalm in the morning. But god, how freakishly weird this movie leaves the taste in your mouth.

I remember reading Cormack McCarthy’s THE ROAD a couple of months before the movie is released, as I’m a fond of Post-Apocalyptic Genre. It was mesmerazing, deep, depressing, yet beautiful. and i really doubt that the filmmakers can translate it well to the screen, and then the movie comes. Its the perfect bleak vision of human in a Dark Ages. The setting, and the atmosphere really gets into your soul. It was Dark and brutally Apocalyptic. Combine that with the plot about blind hope, and faith.

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The TOP 6 Ambiguous Movie’s Ending.

For the one who hates spoiler, avoid this column, but i guess you already watched all the movie that I’m listed in this entry, I mean, who in the bluest hell is never saw BLADE RUNNER at this day of age?!! Its a crime against humanity!! Its a Joke.

There’s an old saying, that sometimes there are things that better kept hidden, or the classic proverb, TO ANSWER EVERYTHING WOULD TAKE A PISS TO THE WHOLE THING. But in the connection to the movie world, there are 2 kind of moviegoers, the one who loves and endorse the ambiguity of movie’s ending, and sometimes they’re making it like some kind of pretentious art. and the other is the one who hates it. They’re saying that they paying for some entertainment, not to raise another question in their mind.

Me? The best ending in silver screen that I’ve ever watched in my entire life is CAST AWAY.

So this is the short list of my favorite ambiguous movie’s ending.

The most recent movie in this list. The incredible storytelling, setting, and twist in this movie is ends with the ambiguity, is Cobb’s world is real or not? Does the wheel stop spinning or not? Even though Nolan itself already answer it, and the answer can be found by checking the clothes pattern of the kid, or how their face looks liked, a lot of fans still questioned it. And because of the grand scale of the movie, Inception is deserve to be here.

please don


Pan’s labyrinth is a masterpiece, no doubt about it. Nobody can create the magical world in a very believable setting like Del Toro. Pan’s Labyrinth is like a big giant children book’s with a very creepy add on. The ending? MAGICAL. Is the girl crazy delusional stressed out? Or she’s really the princess of the fairy tale world? The good thing, Del Toro provide the two answer in the movie itself, so for you guys who didn’t have time to think, you can choose which one you DO like.

is this real?or am I crazy?


Ah, Stanley Kubrick. The Grandmaster of Scheme itself. Nobody can make an ambiguous ending like Kubrick’s, anyone remember THE SHINNING? but 2001, is another league on its own. You know what, i CANT EVEN EXPLAIN the ENDING, you just have to watched the grand 25 minutes of the final scene. I think the whole crew is on crack when they’re making it. Actually, the ending wasn’t ambiguous at all if you catch it, but from a lot of people that I’ve known watching the movie, only a handful of it knows what it really meant.

Stargate?Wormhole? Or am I on crack?


The 3 version of the ending answer itself for the ambiguity of it. The Ambiguity of the movie shows in aspect all along the ride, and it all cultivating in one of the most intriguing question in the movie world. IS DECKARD A REPLICANT OR A HUMAN? Oh, I’m getting out of topic, but Rutger Hauer, is the Perfect Specimen. This is everything that i want from a movie. Enough said.


After the teasing, warm hug, unbelievable chemistry, and the most romantic adult/mature conversation in 80 minutes ever, the movie concludes itself with another ambiguity like the prequel did to us 10 years before. BEAUTIFUL. I hope Linklater made another sequel to this inspiring love story.

dance of the lifetime


Here comes the greatest movie’s ending ever. After 4 years stranded in the middle of the pacific, return home only to find that the love of his life is already moving on, chuck is decided to move his life into the venture of unknown, but first he have to finish the other reason why he still alive, THE PACKAGE. And after all is said and done, he standing in the middle of some crossroad, picking up the pieces of his life through the dust that the pretty lady left behind, with a very beautiful and emotional score from Alan Silvestri. Made us, the audience, realize that life must goes on, no matter what happen. The ambiguity is there, clear and smooth. That’s what makes CAST AWAY is the ultimate movie of answer for me. Ironic huh?

should i follow the hot chick?

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Im Not Jesus Christ Mommy

This article is not a review. This is just some preview of a very interesting yet to be released movie that will come this summer, 6th May to be exact. Ive come across this movie at, and then found some really pushing button, breaking the rules synopsis that comes with the movie.

David is a boy that comes to life thru the human cloning project. At seven years old, the world his living in is full of wars, plague, famine and everything bad runs through it. The strange thing is, all the fact behind David’s cloning is getting more mysterious, mystical, and beyond belief. Why? Because he’s been cloned from the blood in the shroud of turin, which is, believe it or not, contain the blood of Jesus Christ, eventhough in reality it is still very debatable. so, David is the man-made, second coming of christ.

Isnt that plot great and very promising? I rarely watch this kind of movie, except the premise is really brilliant, but trust me, im going to be there at the first day this movie will hit our cinema. IF IT CAN MAKE IT going thru the LSF Indonesia and  because the stupid condition of our cinema makes me really doubt it will appear in the silver screen in this country.

And here’s the trailer….

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Luc Besson Greatest Flick!

For me, THE FIFTH ELEMENT is the other version of PULP FICTION, but this time, its set in SPACE.  Im not going to explain further the story element here, because its really nothing special, and too corny and cheesy, but somehow that silly story is on the same journey with the colourful, rich, and very European Essence that Luc Besson bring to this movie.

Bruce Willis is playing his type of character. The one sided heroes, with a lot of ridiculous one-liner that seems popping out of nowhere, while Mila Jovovich is very fun to watch. Her line of clothing/costume in this movie is very cool, and funky, especially that band aid costume.

A Treat to My Eyes!

In Fact, other than stupid hair style of Gary Oldman character, everything is very glam, avant garde-kinda, futuristic style. Imagine if Ziggy Stardust or 1970’s Elton John style is used by everyone around you. Jean Paul Gaultier did the costume design, a big kudos for him. Aside Mila and Willis, Ian holm put his rarely comedy performance in this movie. And that Chris Tucker, my god his mouth is annoying. His character is the one who make this movie a lot more cherish than it was supposed to be. Its not a bad thing, but i think his character can be toned down a little bit. But the main star, and the scene stealer is none other than the chameleon Gary Oldman. His performance in this flick is so weird, and elegant. His third best after Count Dracula in 1991, and a junkie maniac in Leon(which isanother Besson flick). His character is like having his own story. There’s not even one scene between him and Bruce Willis.

Fifth element is fun. The Multiple plot is very neat. Its accidentally becaming the light tribute to the multiple cross path plot from Pulp Fiction, but it wasnt trying pretend to complicated, and the result is amazing. The Detail is awesome too. I can see that Luc Besson and his team put a lot of effort to design the world 300 years from now. The low sea level land, the floating-car, the technology, or even the music is so cyberpunk in a very vibrant and believeable set. I Love it. The first time I Watched it, i didnt find much to like about this movie, I thought it was just another MEH science fiction. But it was in the Year 2000. And now, 10 years after, the movie seems more delicate and connect to the future. This movie crawl his way into my 20 favourite science fiction ever.

Talk about Bad Hair Day...

The Best luc Besson movie ever! Move away Leon.

PS : Halo Saga From Microsoft is ripping of their one of their GUN DESIGN from this movie!

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The Day After Tomorrow

Do we realise about what’s really going on with our planet? For the first 4 months of 2011 we’re already experienced one deadly earthquake in New Zealand, massive floods in Australia, one of the biggest earthquake ever plus tsunamis in Japan, brutal blizzard in US. Do you think we made this all happening? Do you think we really destroying our planet? Check out this news. The ozone layer of our atmosphere is already damage to the most extent level.

We have to save the earth, or is this planet really needs some save?

I don’t think so. Humans only exist in this planet for roughly 2-5 millions years, while Earth’s age is around 7-8 billions year. Human is only a tiny blink dot in the middle grand saga of this planet history. We are nothing. This planet doesnt need to be saved. We are the one who needs to be saved from the planet. The more we try to damaging, extorting, ruining, clawing our fist deep inside the earth, the planet is going to act more violent than ever and by the time we realise it, we already in the verge of extinction.

So what should we do?

I dont know, I really dont know. Living everything to the fullest probably. Anyway, its just a thought. Dont take it seriously…

Somehow, peaceful isnt?

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They can really WALK THE LINE

WALK THE LINE is a biopic movie about great country legend, Johnny Cash. While largely ignored the last 25 years of his life, WALK THE LINE is more focused to the early career of the maestro and put a heavy emphasis on the relationship between him and the love of his life. Im not gonna talk anything about the movie, other than the performance of the two main star, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.

When playing Johnny Cash and June Carter, PHOENIX and WITHERSPOON undoubtly put the greatest acting that they’ve achieved.

The Chemistry is there, every single time! From the moment Witherspoon take a glimpse look at Phoenix, or the other way around , really can make you do a little nudge of smile in your lips. Its beautiful the way they handle themselves.

The Charisma. Im surprised the movie doesnt get exploded or blows to the smithereens because of the hot, raw, yet elegant sexual tension between them. I’ve never seen a kissing scene way more rewarding and satisfying than the 1st scene between the two of them.

These two can proudly stand between one of the greatest on-screen couple/character ever. I love them…

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Imagine this, George clooney and Quentin tarantino, teams up with Harvey Keitel and Juliette Lewis on kicking a lot of vampire’s ass in a Robert Rodriguez movie with cameo from Tom Savini, Salma Hayek, or Danny Trejo. Thats what FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is.

Clooney and Tarantino is the GECKOs, the legendary sadistic brothers whose on the run from Law, trying to  running their way to Mexico after series of murdering, raping and roberry. In their journey, they’re kidnapping “the born again priest” played by Harvey Keitel, and his two kids. Kate and Scott, played very ackwardly by Juliette Lewis and Ernest Liu. At first, the geckos only using the family as a hostage for some kind of safe bargain on their way crossing the border, but one thing led to another, the movie genre goes from hard boiled old school crime drama, into slasher survival gore movies. The brilliant thing, THE TRANSITION is really unexpected. In fact, all the 60 minutes from the total 108 movie duration is spent on the drama genre. It doesn’t mean that the first half of the movie sucks. It still have the quirky, detailed, funny script just like in every Tarantino/Rodriguez-esque movie, but when the gang is arrive at the TITTY TWISTER(Yap, thats the name of the BAR where all the vampire is resided, roughly translated as PUTING BELIUNG in Indonesian, although thats not what it really MEANS. Titty Twister is the act where you snap the nipple of someone, and twist it as hard as you can!), the movie really hit another whole kind of level. Im not gonna spoiler it, but the ending is awesome too.

Seth Gecko is the most badass character Clooney ever played! His tatoo, his gun, his smile, his vest, his brutality, everything translate into a big pile of MACHO MACHIATO! Its the hollyness of great guy without pecs, but cool. You will love every single presence of him in the screen. There’s even a character from a videogame series being made as a tribute of him! And Tarantino, what can I say? He’s a pervert, and nobody played a perfect pervert/nerd combination like this guy. There’s not much to say a lot about other actors, they didnt quite capture my mood to write anything about it. Although, Salma Hayek’s breast is WOW. Oh, and I love Tom Savini! The Legendary Make up artist is hilarious as the SEX MACHINE(Yeah, there’s a character called SEX MACHINE in this movie. The Character had a gun attached to his crotch for god sake!)


Ultimately, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is a helluva fun. Its honest, pure, funny, and refreshing in a way. The soundtrack can really put you in the mood for some road trip to the southern USA across the desert landscape(ZZ TOP, the GREAT STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, etc). This is the kind of movie that you put in your DVD player at Saturday afternoon with a bunch a guys with the cloud of weed in your cellings, although I watched this with my girlfriend, and she likes it. The sole purpose of this GODLY art is FUN, and FUN is all we get when we watching it. Of course its not perfect, the make up and effect is gross and slimy(but still its FUN!), the one sided character is dumb, but trust me, you’ll be wanting for more by the time the movie credits hits.

PS : DO NOT watch all the sequels, they’re sucks!, No Clooney in it…

There’s a lot of awesome line in this movie, but this one is really hit the notes,

Seth: So what are you, Jacob? A faithless preacher? Or a mean motherfuckin’ servant of God?
Jacob: I’m a mean, mhm mhm servant of God.

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