Michael Jackson is the STRANGER IN MOSCOW

The King of Pop Michael Jackson is one of the kind musician. There’s only a handful of musician that can stand in the same ground as him. He writes and sings a lot of greatest songs in the last century, and STRANGER IN MOSCOW, is the most beautiful, memorable, and brilliant tunes he ever produced.

The song started with a peaceful punch of sound. The melodies, the beat, and his voice is soothing and controlled, but magically, able to create this sanctum, haunting melody feelings, until the song reach three and half minutes, where it changing into a very powerful ballad infuse with the early slow R&B. His voice becaming angry, tortured, dominant, yet serene.  Nobody can match the intensity of angriness and alone like he bring in STRANGER IN MOSCOW.

The music video is awesome too. Michael walking through the streets with the slow motion effect of rain and people arround him. Black and white colours tone only made the video seems more noir and haunting, just like the song itself.


Stranger in Moscow is amazing. There’s not many artist in the world can create the eerie loneliness and mid-tempo tunes at the same time in one song. No doubt about it, this is Michael Jackson’s at his best. Rest in Peace Michael.

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