The shadow is walking faster than him?

No doubt about it, Christian Bale is the triple A actor. Arguably, he’s the best, the most versatile actor in his generation. He’s already proof it by winning the oscar in his performance at the FIGHTER. I’ve yet to see that movie. But im not talking about his greatness, Im going to talk about how easy he can be overshadowing by his partner in crime at the main character built.

What am I talking about? I meant, a lot of actor is “accidentally” using him as the stepping stone to EVENMORE stardome when being cast with him at the first billed actor. Still dont know what Im preaching about? Here’s the list where bale’s performance is engulfed by the fire presence of other actor.

Everything is started with LAUREL CANYON, the 2002 movie which Frances McDormand Completely drown him with a marvelous performance. Then in same Year, the bald headed-badass-redneck McCoughney reduce Bale screen presence to almost zero in REIGN OF FIRE.  Then come the 3:10 FROM YUMA, well for this case you cant blame him, Russel Crowe’s character is a lot more interesting. Dont get me started about the Dark Knight, the movie’s title is Bale’s Character forgodsake. I still dont know how that underrated Worthington able to steal the spotlight from him at Terminator Salvation, but it happen! And last but not least, at Michael Mann’s Public Enemies.

See what I Meant? I only listed the flicks where he cast as the starring part. I still had a lot of movie to give you an example from, Little Women, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, The New World, or Shaft, but at that those movies, he’s not the main cast. The only thing he’s shinning through his first billed credit is at the Prestige.

So what? Doesn’t it shows that he’s a generous non-egoistical blockbuster actor? No, Im just pointing out that his performance doesnt goes well with the shadow that always running side by side with a lot of top actor. The CHARISMA. He lacks of it. Didnt believe it? Hell, i love Batman, but look at what Bale did with his altered voice to be Batman. Funny isnt it? Some people still mocking up his voice. But it doesnt matter, he’s still the best Batman of all time!

Bale is one of the rare actor that can only shines if the movie is very concentrated on him. Check out the Machinist, Rescue Dawn, Equilibrum, Empire of the Sun or American Pyscho,  you’ll learn why do i think he’s the greatest actor at his generation…

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