DiCaprio’s Crappy Beaches

DiCaprio is a great actor. He’s in the top ten list of my favourite actor. But before he enter that list, before he act at Catch Me If You Can, I largely ignored him. I never liked his movie and performance, and yeah, Titanic is Garbage.  This movie is one of it.

DiCaprio plays Richard, an American delusional brat who thinks that this world is still have the great unknown mystery beneath it. And guess what, he goes to Thailand to search for it. It shows, that AMERICANS, are so bad in geography and stuff. His journey bring him to some kind of secret society of weed smokers, paralell universe wannabe. The society that run away from reality, and thinks that the world is beautiful at their own feet. Of course, by the end of the film, they learned, that no matter how young, concluded, and free the society or hierarchy is, ultimately, everything will be ruined by human. The World is always falling apart.

The big problem of the movie is laying in the last 60 minutes. The movie starts good with the Thailand background and some kind of spiritual journey that Richard doing. But it falls apart, when the conflict of the society shows up. It became boring, and uninspired. Its like Danny Boyle couldnt find anythin breathtaking ever since the beach or lagoon is found. I dont like the relationship between DiCaprio’s Character, and Virginie Ledoyen’s. It is shallow, boring, unsexy, and wrong. Its just doesnt make sense for a guy like Richard ruining someone else’s relationship only to have some fucking sex. He’s a nice guy, not some animal backstabbing jerk. Virginie Ledoyen is hot. She’s got a very cool tanned skin that makes you belive that she’s an adventurer. Her performance? Bad bad and bad. Thank god she’s showing her breast.

The Beach is a bottom mediocre movie. The script full of stupid, boring, and embarassing moment and line(For example, the scene of DiCaprio’s Jumping around pretend he’s in the Videogame, and the night beach moment between his character and the girl who betray her boyfriend). Why do I watched it? Its because of the soundtrack! With the likes of Moby, All saints, Underworld, Blur, Orbital, filling the background music all over the places, its hard not to realize that this is one of the best soundtrack ever hit the silver screen.

Ignore the script, crappy acting, bad effect, and the unrelentless commercial about weeds, you’ll find yourself attracted to the combination of the great beachy moods and the soundtracks that will blows you away.

Two out five stars.

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